1890 Veterans Census

Donated by John Austin

listed alphabetically

Census takers in 1890 were required to collect information on any man living in their district who had seen service during the Civil War. A fire destroyed almost the entire 1890 census for the whole country, with only a few sheets surviving. However, the veteans census was kept in another place and so survived unharmed. A statewide index of this veterans census has been published for New York, but all it gives is the name of the soldier (or his widow) and the place of residence. In this list, the entire citation for each man is listed, and wherever possible, those which in the original only had a widow’s or soldier’s name were annotated as to what unit he served with. The handwriiten census itself is comprised of over 100 pages which are arranged by towns. Researchers may view the microfilm at the Malone library, or any of the larger libraries in New York. Copies may also be ordered from the National Archives or the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. Several names are nearly illegible, and every effort was made to transcribe them faithfully, but mistakes were inevitable.