Memorial Day Newspaper Articles of Interest

Franklin Gazette, 23 May 1884

The following programme will be carried out on Decoration Day, May 30th, and it is expected that the residences and business places in our village will be properly decorated. The graves will be decorated in the morning by a committee. The following is a list of soldier dead reposing in our cemeteries as compiled for the committee, and if any names are omitted in it, friends are requested to notify Commander H. B. Meigs, in order that they may be added to it:

Cemetery Street Cemetery
        Chas. Durkee
        F. F. Wead
        W. D. Brennan
        F. C. King
        A. Lindsay
        Sidney Langdon
        George Lyman
        Chas. Powell
        John Williamson.
        John Beatty
        E. F. Hill
        William Holden
        J. B. Gates
        Chas. Greeno
        D. F. Greeno
        Wm. Hastings
        Daniel J. Hill.
        Frank Hughes
        Wm Kerry
        L. S. Leonard
        Alfred Lincoln
        Wm. G. McChesney
        George T. Paddock
        George W. Thompson
War of 1812:
        F. P. Allen
        L. Stewart
        Gen. Clark Williamson
        Samuel Smith

Webster Street Cemetery
        Henry Remington
        -- Darling
        -- Dickey
        Darius Fisk
        Thos Rae
        Josiah Simonds
        Lucius A. Simonds
        Shubal Simonds
        Nelson P. Wood
War of 1812:
        Daniel Perry
        Ellias Watkins
        S. C. Gleason
        Leonard Conant
        Enos Wood.

Catholic Cemetery
        John Burns
        John Bush
        Thos. Clark
        Michael Clerkin
        -- Downs
        Peter Dumas
        Joseph Dunn
        John Enwright
        -- Hamilton
        -- Lalime, 2d.
        Julius Lalime
        E. Lowell
        Peter Martin
        John McCaffrey
        P. McGivney
        Patrick Murphy
        J. B. Perkins
        Paul Premo
        Richard Slattery
        H. Tracy

Fort Covington Sun, 24 Jun 1948

Legion Decorates Soldier's Graves

The American Legion committee on decorating graves memorial Day placed flags on the graves of the following named persons in the four cemeteries of Ft. Covington. The committee found it difficult to locate all of the graves, in many cases with no markers to guide them.

Some soldiers are laid at rest in far off corners of the cemeteries - some in paupers' field - and so it seems there mst be some records giving a list of the veterans and their places of burial.

The American Legion would like to have everyone with any knowledge of those buried in Fort Covington, Bombay and Westville, write the Legion. The Legion in turn will place markers at the respective graves at nominal cost, thus beautifying the cemeteris and at the same tiem showing respect to those who had been faithful servants to both God and Country.

St. Mary's Cemetery
Amos Arell
Stephen Barney
Frank Boyea
James Black
Thomas Canfield
John Christian
Romeo Gardiner
Jerry Gratton
Louise Gratton
John Hence
William G. LaBrake
Thomas Marshall
James McKenna
Thomas Mulverhil
Edward O'Donnell
Frank Robideau
George Santimaw
Francis Thebert

Cemetery Near School
Norman Bean
Albert Billings
Seth Blanchard
Solon Broadwell
Thomas Chisholm
John Saunders

Elmwood Cemetery
Karl Creighton
Myra Ellsworth
Joseph French
Levi Gleason
Lillian Kelley
William Macdonald
Marion P. Merrick
William Mitchell
James Morris
Albert Nevins
Emery Thompson

At St. Mary's Church
Francis Larock
Alexander Shorette