Various Barney Families

Researched and submitted by Lisa Slaski

The following is not complete, and there may be some errors and certainly some omissions. If you have information to add or correct, please contact me!

I have tried to piece together some of the various Barney/Bernier families that resided in Franklin county starting in 1850. I have not tried to get every single one, but rather, I started with those that appeared earliest in the county. This family is French Canadian, and there are members of the family that lived in surrounding counties, including in Canada. These are the ones that came earliest and for whom many resided for long periods of time in the county and likely have many descendants today still within the county.

The spelling of the Barney name in French Canadian is Bernier, but in many English documents they are found as Barney. Their first names too, are often different between their French Canadian names and the English names they used on many documents. Many members of the early family were not literate (perhaps just not literate in English?), so spellings of names on documents may have been up to the person recording the information and this would account for many variant spellings.

I will likely add more to this in the future, as I know that there are at least a few more Barney families in Franklin county, that came into the county in later years, that do not appear yet here.

In 1850, one of the oldest members of the family, Joseph BERNIER/BARNEY, appears in Fort Covington. He is the father of the first 3 families of Barney's listed next. The last family is that of Peter BERNIER/BARNEY. Some say that he is another son of Joseph, b. in 1811, but I have not yet found conclusive evidence that this is so, and as the earlier records place his age with a birth date more around 1803, I have not connected him to Joseph of Fort Covington in 1850.


1850 US Federal Census, Fort Covington, Franklin, NY
Joseph Barny, 68, laborer, C. E. (Canada East); Judah, 58, C. E.; Flora, 20, C.E.

Family No. 1: Descendants of Moise BARNEY

1. MOISE/MOSES BARNEY was born on 17 Mar 1818 in L'Acadie, St-Luc, Canada, a son of JOSEPH BARNEY and JOSEPHTE-CHARLOTTE LARRIVEE. He died on 12 June 1895 in Malone, Franklin, NY. He married MARIE/MARY PASCAL, daughter of ANTOINE PASCAL. She was born 1820.


Early Vital Record
Barney, Joseph born May 19, 1847 father: Moses Barney mother: Mary

1850 US Federal Census, Constable, Franklin, NY
Moses Barney, 28, laborer, C.E. (Canada East); Mary, 26, C.E.; Mary, 5, C.E.; Joseph, 3, C.E.; Moses, 1, C.E.

1860 US Federal Census, Constable, Franklin, NY
Moses Barney, 39, day laborer, Canada; Mary, 36, Canada; Mary, 16, NY; Joseph, 13, NY; Moses, 10, NY; Stephen, 8, NY; Flora, 6, NY; Delia 3, NY; James, 1, NY;

1870 US Federal Census, Constable, Franklin, NY
Moses Barney, 49, farm laborer, Canada; Mary, 48, keeping house, Canada; Flora, 16, NY; Delia, 13, NY; James, 12, Canada; Emily, 8, NY; Ezra, 2, NY; Antoine Pascal (male), 72, Canada.

1875 NYS Census, Constable, Franklin, NY
Moses Barney, 54, Canada, farm laborer; Mary, 49, Canada; Florence, 21, Franklin; Delia, 18, Franklin; James, 16, Franklin; Emily, 13, Franklin; Ezra, 8, Franklin.

1880 US Federal Census, Constable, Franklin, NY
Moses Bernier, 59, farm laborer, Canada; Mary, 57, keeping house, Canada; Israi, 12, at school, NY.

Children of MOISE BARNEY and MARIE PASCAL are:
1.1. MARY BARNEY, b. 3 Feb 1843, m. GEORGE CLEVELAND.
1.2. JOSEPH BARNEY, b. 19 May 1847, m. VICTORIA PROULX.
1.5. FLORENCE BARNEY, b. 12 Nov 1853, Hogansburg, NY, m1. CHARLES SULLIVAN; m2. JOSEPH BURKE.
1.6. DELIA BARNEY, b. 30 Oct 1858, d. 28 Nov 1920, Malone, NY, m. MANLEY PRESTON.
1.7. JAMES EDWIN BARNEY, b. 12 Feb 1859, Constable, NY, d. 14 Mar 1936, Malone, NY, m1. HONORA TUCKER, m2. MARY DAME.
1.8. EMILY BARNEY, b. abt 1862.
1.9. ISRAEL/EZRA BARNEY, b. 22 Mar 1868, Constable, NY, m. abt 1890 to MARY ANDREE GENDRON, moved to Syracuse.

1.2. JOSEPH BARNEY was born 19 May 1847, a son of MOISE BARNEY and MARIE PASCAL. He was married about 1877 to VICTORIA PROULX. She was born Jan 1856.


1880 US Federal Census, Malone, Franklin, NY
Joseph Barney, 29, laborer, NY; Victoria, 20, NY; Ida, 7, NY; Annie, 1, NY.

1900 US Federal Census, Burke, Franklin, NY
Joseph Barney, May 1848, m23, NY; Victoria, Jan 1856, m23, 9/6, Canada; Lotta, Sep 1886, NY; Edward, Sep 1888, NY; Henry, Nov 1892, NY; Ray, Oct 1894, NY; Elsia, Oct 1896, NY.

1905 NYS Census, Constable, Franklin, NY
Joseph Barney, 65, US, farm laborer; Victoria, 50, Canada (French), house work; Edward, 16, US, day laborer; Henry, 12, US; Ray, 10, US; Mary E., 8, US

1910 US Federal Census, Chateaugay, Franklin, NY
Joe Barney, 63, m2-30, NY, no occupation; Victory, 53, m2-30, 9/6, NY, washwoman, private family; Lottie J., 23, m1, 11, NY; Eddie, 21, NY, helper, mill; Henry, 17, NY; Ray, 15, NY; Elsie, 13, NY

1915 NYS Federal Census, Chateaugay, Franklin, NY
Victoria Barney, 55, US, house work; Raymond B., 21, US, common laborer; Lottie E. Jordon, daughter, 27, US, house work

1920 US Federal Census, Chateaugay, Franklin, NY
Victoria Barney, 55, widowed, NY, servant, private home; Arther Martin, son-in-law, 31, NY, draftsman, mills; Elsie, daughter, 23, NY

Chateaugay Record and Franklin County Democrat, 21 Jan 1927
        Mrs. Victoria Barney passed away at her home on Foundry street at 4 o'clock Monday afternoon after a ten days illness with pneumonia, aged 76 years. She had been a resident of this village for the past fifteen years and was known as a faithful and industrious woman.
        She is surivived by two daughters, Mrs. H. J. Green, of Worcester, Mass., and Mrs. Jerry Martin, of this village, and three sons, Henry, of North Brookfield, Mass., Edward and Ray Barney.
        Funeral services were held Wednesday morning at St. Patrick's church, rev. J. J. Dean officiating.

1.2.1. IDA BARNEY, b. abt 1873.
1.2.2. ANNIE BARNEY, b. abt 1879.
1.2.3. LOTTIE J. BARNEY, b. 3 Sep 1886, d. Jun 1922, m. GEORGE JORDON.
1.2.4. EDWARD BARNEY, b. 24 Sep 1887, Constable, Franklin, NY.
1.2.5. HENRY DAVID (or DAVID HENRY?) BARNEY, b. 26 Nov 1892.
1.2.6. RAYMOND BARNEY, b. Oct 1894.
1.2.7. ELSIE BARNEY, b. Oct 1896, m. JERRY MARTIN.

1.2.3. LAURA/LOTTIE IDA BARNEY was born 3 Sep 1886 and died on 8 May 1922. She was married to GEORGE JORDAN.


The Malone Farmer, 17 May 1922
Jordan - In Chateaugay, May 8, of tuberculosis, Mrs. Lottie Jordan, wife of George Jordan, aged 34 years.
        Besides her husband she leaves her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph.

1.2.7. ELSIE BARNEY was born Oct 1896 and died 26 Apr 1950. She married JERRY MARTIN.


Chateaugay Record and Franklin County Democrat, 28 Apr 1950
Mrs. Elsie Martin Died Wednesday
        Mrs. Elsie Martin passed away at the Alice Hyde Hospital at Malone on Wednesday morning. She was admitted to the hosptial last Sunday morning where she underwent a major operation from which she failed to recover.
        Mrs. Martin was born in Constable, 51 years ago, the daughter of the late Joseph and Victoria (Prue) Barney. She made her home in this area all her life.
        Survivors are one daughter, Mrs. Thelma Labrake, of Syracuse; three brothers, David H. Barney, of Worcester, Mass.; Ray and Edward Barney of Syracuse; one grandchild; two nieces; and one nephte. A brother-in-law, George Jordon, who has made his home with her for a number of years also survives.
        Funeral services will be held at St. Patrick's Church on Friday morning and burial will be made in the Catholic cemetery.

1.3. MOISE BARNEY was born about 1849, a son of MOISE BARNEY and MARIE PASCAL. He first married ROSALIE PROULX. She was born abt 1855, and died 1886 in Constable, NY. He then married MARCELINE PRISCILLA LAFLEUR 24 Aug 1888 in St-Anicet de Huntingdon, daughter of JOSEPH LAFLEUR and LOUISE HART. She was born abt 1871.


1875 NYS Census, Constable, Franklin, NY
Moses Barney, 22, Franklin, farm laborer; Rosey, 20, Canada.

1880 US Federal Census, Constable, Franklin, NY
Moses BARNEY, 25, farm laborer, NY; Rose, 25, keeping house, Canada; John, 4, NY; Fanny, 1, NY.

1900 US Federal Census, Constable, Franklin, NY
Moses E. Barney, Jun 1852, m25, NY, Carpenter; Merceline, Jul 1873, m11, 5/3, Canada, 1890/10; Ida M., May 1885, NY; Alfred N., Jul 1889, NY; Fred W., Jul 1891, NY; Mable M., Jan 1896, NY

Malone Farmer, 26 Jun 1935
Moses Barney Passes from life at Constable.
        Moses Barney passed away at his home in Constable Monday morning, aged 82 years. Mr. Barney's health had been impaired for the last ten ears and he had suffered an attack of pneumonia. He was a son of the late Moses and Mary Cleveland Barney.
        Mr. Barney was a carpenter by trade and was a very highly esteemed member of the community.
        Mr. Barney was first married to Miss Rose Prue and to them were born one son Orie Barney, of Lake Placid, and three daughters, Mrs. Fannie Reed, of Holyoke, Mass.,; Mrs. Samuel Dufore, Owls Head, and Mrs. Joseph Hart, of Cornwall, Ontario. After the death of his first wife, Mr. Berney was united in marriage with Miss Priscilla LaFleur and to them were born four sons, Alfred, Fred, and Orie all of Lake Placid, and George of Brooklyn; and three daughters, Mrs. Ralph Hufsey, of Cleveland; Mrs. Henry Vananni, of Buffalo, and Miss Ruth Barney of Cleveland.
        Mr. Barney is also survived by two brothers, Ezra Barney, Syracuse, and James Barney, Potsdam, and many grandchildren.

The Malone Farmer, 30 Apr 1930
April 28 - The funeral of the late Mrs. Moses Barney, whose remains were brought from Buffalo accompanied by her son, Alfred Barney, was held from St. Francis' church on Friday morning. The temporary pastor, Rev. Fr. Rolland officiated. The interment was in the church cemetery in the family plot. Mrs. Barney, who had been residing in Buffalo for the past twelve years, died in a hospital there, the result of heart disease and complications. She had been a hard working woman, posessed of genial disposition and devoted to her children and was liked by all who knew her. She lived in Constable many years and was 60 years of age. Beside her aged husband, Moses Barney of this village she is survived by seven adult children and four stepchildren.

The Malone Farmer, 23 Apr 1930, Wednesday
Word has been received here by relatives of the death of Mrs. Moses Barney which occurred Sunday in a Buffalo hospital.

1.3.1. CHARLES JOHN BARNEY, b. 8 Aug 1876, d. 13 Nov 1896.
1.3.2. MARY ANNA FANNY BARNEY, b. 22 Feb 1878, m. about 1892 to JOHN REED, of Holyoke, MA (1935).
1.3.3. MARY CORA BARNEY, b. 12 Feb 1880, m. about 1914 to SAMUEL DUFORE.
1.3.4. HENRY ORIN BARNEY, b. 1882, m. JENNIE HART, October 11, 1909, Constable, NY, of Lake Placid (1935).
1.3.5. MARY IDA BARNEY, b. 1884, m. JOSEPH HART, of Cornwall, Ontario (1935).
1.3.6. LEO BARNEY, b. 12 Jun 1886, Constable, NY, d. young.
1.3.7. ALBERT BARNEY, b. June 12, 1886, Constable, NY, d. young.

1.3.8. ALPHONSE/ALFRED BARNEY, b. 28 Jul 1889, Constable, NY, WWI veteran, m. 15 Jan 1913 in Constable to HELENA TUCKER, b. Lake Placid.
1.3.9. FRED NILLAR BARNEY, b. 26 July 1891, Constable, NY, of Lake Placid (1935).
1.3.10. JAMES HENRY BARNEY, b. 28 Feb 1894, Constable, NY, d. young.
1.3.12. MARY AMABLE/MABEL BARNEY, b. 4 Jul 1896, Constable, NY, m1. 11 Jul 1916 in Constable to WILLARD SMITH, m2. RALPH HUFSEY, of Cleveland, OH (1935)
1.3.13. GEORGE ARTHUR BARNEY, b. 12 Jul 1901, Constable, NY, lived in Buffalo, Cleveland OH, Brooklyn NY.
1.3.14. LAWRENCE BARNEY, b. 12 Oct 1903, d. 2 Feb 1954, m. GRACE.
1.3.15. RUTH BARNEY, b. 1908, lived in Buffalo, and Cleveland, OH, not married in 1935.
1.3.16. STELLA BARNEY, b. 1912, m. HENRY VANANNI, of Buffalo (1935).

1.3.1. CHARLES JOHN BARNEY was born 8 Aug 1876, a son of MOSES BARNEY and ROSALIE PROULX. He died on 13 Nov 1896. One newspaper article recorded his name improperly as "Jos.", rather than John.


The Chateaugay Journal, 19 Nov 1896
John Barney, an industrious, bright young man of Constable, and employed as section hand on Dr. Webb's road, was instantly killed Friday afternoon by an engine backing down with a loaded gravel train. He was the son of Moses Barney, of Constable, and was brought up in that town. He was steady and honest and had many friends who were grief stricken when learning the news. There were two trains moving at one time, one train was empty cars going south, the other loaded and on the main track going north. The section men were working on the main track and when the train came near all got out of the way except Barney, who evidently only saw the empty train. The boss shouted to him but too late, and he was struck by the tender and thrown under the wheels which cut off a part of his head. Barney was 21 years old and cast his first vote on Nov. 3d. All who knew him have the most sincere sympathy for his parents who are prostrated with sorrow.

The Malone Farmer, 20 Nov 1896
Jos. [sic] Barney, aged 21 years and a son of Moses Barney of Constable, was instantly killed in the St. L.&A. yard at Cosntable on Friday afternoon of last week. He was employed as a section hand on the main line when a loaded gravel train backed down at the same time that a train of empty gravel cars was going south on a siding. Barney saw the latter but evidently did not notice the engire of the loaded train in time to save himself, although a section boss shouted a warning to him as the others reached a place of safety. He was thrown under the wheels which passed over his head, killing him instantly. The young man was sober and industrious and a general favorite with his associated and all who know him.

1.3.8. ALPHONSE/ALFRED BARNEY, b. 28 Jul 1889, Constable, NY, WWI veteran, m. 15 Jan 1913 in Constable to HELENA TUCKER, b. Lake Placid. He married second to???


Adirondack Daily Enterprise, 25 Aug 1977
Lake Placid - Alfred W. Barney, 88, a resident here for more then 65 years, passed away at his home on Balsam Street Wednesday morning.
        He was born in Constable on July 29, 1889, the son of Mose and Priscilla Lafleur Barney.
        Mr. Barney was an Army veteran of World War I. He had been a caretaker in a private camp in the area.
        He is survived by his wife Mazie Patterson Barney of Lake Placid; two daughters, Mrs. Louis Kilburn and Mrs. Frank (Bessie) Marrs, both of Lake Placid; five sons, William, Calvin, hoover and Wayne all of Lake Placid and Gene of Champlain; two sisters, Mrs. Cora Dufore of Owl's Head and Mrs. Ruth Casey of Dundee, Fla.; 27 grandchildren, 21 great grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.
        Friends may call at the Clark Funeral Home today at 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. There will be an American Legion prayer service this evening at 7:30, followed by a Bible Vigil service at 8 p.m.
        Funeral services will be Friday at 11 a.m. at the Adirondack Community Church, the Rev. William G. Vigne officiating. Burial will be in the North Elba Cemetery.
        Mr. Barney was a member of the Lake Placid American Legion Post 326 and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

1.4. ETIENNE BARNEY was born 1852 in NY, a son of MOISE BARNEY and MARIE PASCAL. He was married first to MATHILDE, who was born about 1856. About 1886, he was married second to CAROLINE LAFLEUR. By 1900, Caroline was


So, this family was a bit difficult to piece together, and there might be some missing children. Confusion arises in the records, as Stephen's second wife, Carrie, remarried several times and records sometimes use one or another of her married names, rather than her actual maiden name. Also, both Ellen/Ella and Carrie, daughters of Stephen and Mathilde, used Carrie as their mother's name on some records. I've mixed in all the records for the family (children and grandchildren as well as the parents) in this sectionto show these records all in one place. Even so, it's still a bit confusing.

1875 NYS Census, Constable, Franklin, NY
Stephen Barney, 23, Franklin, farm laborer; Matilda, 19, Canada.

1880 US Federal Census, Constable, Franklin, NY
Steve BARNEY, 24, farm laborer, NY; Matilda, 23, keeping house, Canada; Carrie, 1, NY.

1900 US Federal Census, Plattsburg, Clinton, NY
Carrie Sherlick, Feb 1868, m.17, 5/3, New York; Joseph S., Jun 1884, Canada; Charles, Mar 1890, New York; Sherdian, Oct 1893, New York

Gardner, Worcester, MA, Death Certificate
Heywood Hospital, Carrie E. (Lafleur) Clark, 154 Washington st., divorced, d. 5 Dec 1915, b. 1866, in Canada, unknown parents, burial in Constable, N.Y. date of burial 7 Dec 1915, informant Charles A. Stewart, Bridgeport, CT

The Malone Farmer, 15 Dec 1915
The remains of Mrs. Stephen Barney formerly a resident of Malone and Constable, were brought here from Springfield, Mass., for burial on Saturday. The deceased was a sister of Mrs. Moses Barney of this village.

Massachusetts Marriages: Stephen Barney's eldest two daughters
Jun 16, 1910 - apparent double wedding:
        Roy A. Avery, 22, son of Wallace and Clara Dyer Avery, 1st marriage to Ella Barney, 24, daughter of Stephen and Carrie Stuart Barney, 1st marriage, both of Worcester, MA
        Lawrence Dyer, 21, son of Walter W. and Wealthy Sweet Dyer, 1st marriage to Carrie Barney, 23, daughter of Stephen and Carrie Stuart Barney, 1st marriage, both of Worcester, MA.

Massachusetts Marriages: Carrie's son Sheridan
30 Dec 1912 Town of Douglas, MA: Sheridan Wilbert Stewart, 20, 1st marriage, of Worcester, Carpenter, b. Malone, NY, parents James and Clara Laflour Stewart to Gertrude Lena Lunn, 22, 1st, of Worcester, b. Nova Scotia, parents Robert and Eliza Agnes Loveday Lunn.

Massachusetts Births: daughters of Lawrence and Carrie Barney Dyer
        3 Jan 1912, Worcester, MA, Mary G. Dyer, parents Laurence and Carrie Barney Dyer, parents both born in New York.
        4 May 1913, Worcester, MA, Martha Dyer, parents Lawrence and Carrie Barney Dyer; Lawrence born in New Yokr; Carrie born in Malone, NY.

Vermont Marriages: children of Roy and Ella Barney Avery
        Clara May Avery, age 18, b. Watertown, NY, daughter of Roy Joseph Avery (born in Bangor, NY) and Ella Etta Stewart (born in Constable, NY), married on 26 Oct 1929, Manchester, VT to Edward Joseph Beauregard, Jr., her first marriage.
        Joseph Louis Avery, 22, b. Deer River, NY, a son of Roy A. Avery (b. Bangor, NY) and Ella E. Stewart (b. Dundee, NY), m. 26 Jul 1920, Londonderry, VT to Hattie Alice Beswich, his first marriage.

1915 NYS Census, Philadelphia, Jefferson, NY
Roy A. Avery, 30, US, farm laborer; Ella E. Avery, 35, US; Clara M. Avery, 2, US; Louis J. Clark, 19, stepson, US, farm laborer.

Massachusetts Marriages
Ella (Stewart) Avery, daughter of James Stewart and Clara Sherlock, m. Edward Bruso. Their 2nd marriage (both of them), she was of Denver Colorado, age 35; he of Northfield, VT, age 38, laborer; married at Templeton, MA, 30 Nov 1916.

Press-Republican, Plattsburg, NY, 4 Mar 1967
Elizabeth Avery
Mrs. Elizabeth Avery, 84, of 18 Cornelia St., died at Physicians Hospital, Friday, after a short illness.
        She was born Sept 5, 1882 at Constable, N.Y., daughter of Isaac and Ella Barney. She was the wife of David Avery.
        Besides her husband she is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Ethel Haley, of 81 Monty? St., Mrs. Ruth Murphy of Albany and Mrs. Lillian Cote of 4 Miller st, and two sons, Floyd of 56 Riley Ave and David of Ticonderoga.
        She is also survived by one sister, Mrs. Ella Bruso of East Dorset Vt., 23 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren.
        Funeral services will be held Sunday at 2 pm in the O'Neill-Reazen Funeral Home, 94 Court st.

Death certificate 12 Jul 1967
Ella Bruso, usual residence is East Dorset, d. Equinox Nursing Home, Mancestery Center, Bennington county, VT, b. 7 Sep 1873 in Constable, NY, daughter of Barney Stewart and Ella, informant: daughter Clara Bouregard.

Children of ETIENNE BARNEY and MATHILDE are:
1.4.1. ELLEN/ELLA ETTA BARNEY, b. abt 1877, m1. 16 Jun 1910 in Worcester, MA to ROY A. AVERY, m2. 30 Nov 1916 in Templeton, MA to EDWARD BRUSO.
1.4.2. CARRIE BARNEY, b. abt 1879, m. 16 Jun 1910, in Worcester, MA to LAWRENCE DYER.
1.4.3. ELIZABETH RUTH BARNEY, b. abt 1882, m. abt 1910 to DAVID LOUIS AVERY

1.4.3. JOSEPH STEPHEN BARNEY, b. Jun 1884.


1.6. DELIA BARNEY was born b. 30 Oct 1858, a daughter of MOISE BARNEY and MARIE PASCAL. She was married to MANLEY PRESTON and died on 28 Nov 1920, in Malone, NY.


The Tupper Herald, 3 Dec 1920
Mrs. Manley Preston
        Mrs. Manley Preston passed away at her home on West street in Malone at 3:05 a.m. Sunday, Nov 28th, of shock, aged 62 years.
        The deceased is survived by her husband and the following children: Three sons, Benjamin of Malone, Manley and Sumner of Watertown, and two daughters, Mrs. Arthur Brockway of Malone, and Mrs. Griffin of Tupper Lake, and by the following brothers and sisters; Ezra, James and Joseph Barney of Malone, and Moses Barney of Constable; Mrs. Joseph Burke and Mrs. Charles Tucker of Malone.

1.7. JAMES EDWIN BARNEY was born February 12, 1859 in Constable, NY, a son of MOISE BARNEY and MARIE PASCAL. He was married first on 22 Oct 1884 to HONORA TUCKER, and then about 1890 in Malone, to MARY DAME, a daughter of MORRIS DAME. Mary was born on 21 Jul 1872 and died on 18 Feb 1919. Honora went on to marry Joseph T. Rivers. After her husband's death, she apparently moved in with James with her youngest daughter, Esther, where she is found in 1920, listed as a wife, though I suspect that they were not married at this time. If they did remarry, it didn't appear to last long as she is living in 1930 and 1940 in her own home, once again under the name of Honora Rivers. In 1940, James was living with his daugther Luella Harwood, at age 78. James died 14 Mar 1946 in Malone, NY.


Franklin Gazette, Fort Covington, 7 Nov 1884
Barney-Tucker - at the M.E. parsonage, in Malone, N.Y., Oct 22, 1884, by Rev. W. F. Tooke, Mr. James E. Barney, of Cosntable, and Miss Honoroa M. Tucker, of Duane, N.Y.

1900 US Federal Census, Malone, Franklin, NY
James Barney, Feb 1862, m9, NY, farmer; Mary, Jul 1872, m9, 5/5, NY; Willie M., Dec 1888, NY; Sylvenis, Aug 1890, NY; Mary, Mar 1892, NY; James B., Mar 1896, NY; Royal W., Apr 1898, NY.
William M. MOSES, b. Dec 1888, stepson and Sylvenis MOSES, b. Aug 1890, stepson, are listed as sons with surname of Barney, but this is not truly correct, as they are stepsons from his wife's previous marriage.

1905 NYS Census, Westville, Franklin, NY
James E. Barney, 43, US, farmer; Mary, 33, US; Mary S., 13, US; James B., 9, US; Royal B., 7, US; Louella, 4, US; Magaret M., 2, US.

1910 US Federal Census, Lowell, Middlesex, MA
James Barney, 49, m1-16, NY, Piler, Bleachery; Mary, 40, NY; James Jr., 14, NY, Winder, Woolen Mill; Royal, 11, NY,; Luella, 9, NY,; Margaret, 7, NY,; Wilbur, 3, NY; Moses, 21, NY (setpson); Lilian, 19, NH(stepdaughter); Sylvanus, 18, NY(stepson)

1915 NYS Census, Westville, Franklin, NY
James Barney, 52, US, laborer in car shop; Mary, 42, US; James B., 19, US, laborer in car shop; Royal, 17, US, farm laborer; Luella, 14, US; Margrete, 12, US; Wilber, 8, US; Arla, 5, US; Clarence, 2, US.

1920 US Federal Census, Malone, Franklin, NY
James A. Barney, 56, NY; Hanora, 50, NY; James, 23, NY; Royal, 21, NY; Lula, 19, NY; Margaret, 17, NY; Wilber, 14, NY; Esther (surname of Rivers crossed out), 13, NH (stepdaughter); Violet, 9, MA, Clarence, 7, NY.

1925 NYS Census, Malone, Franklin, NY
James E. Barney, 63, US, coach carpenter; Violet M., 15, US; Clarence E., 12, US.

1930 US Federal Census, Malone, Franklin, NY
James Barney, 67, widowed, NY, carpenter, railroad; Clarence, 17, NY

Courier and Freeman, Potsdam, NY, 27 Mar 1946
        James Edwin Barney, 84, life-long resident of Malone, died in that village Thursday afternoon. He was for 25 years employed in the Rutland railroad car shops in Malone and was widely known throughout the North Country as a musician years ago.
        He is survived by four sons, Royal Barney, Potsdam; Wilber Barney, Oswego; Clarence Barney, Norwood, and James Barney, Canton; four daughters, Mrs. Ernest Harwood, Malone; Mrs. Mary Flint, Taunton, Mass.; Mrs. R. E. Plant, Massachusetts, and Mrs. Sheldon Harwood, Malone, and two step sons, William Moses, New Hampshire, and Sylvanus Moses, Charlotte, N.C.

1.7.1. MARY BARNEY, Mar 1892, NY, m. Mr. FLINT.
1.7.2. JAMES B. BARNEY, b. 6 Mar 1896, NY, d. 1 Jan 1968, m. IDA JANE SUPERNAULT, b. 10 Mar 1904, d. 17 Feb 1999.
1.7.3. ROYAL W. BARNEY, b. Apr 1898, NY.
1.7.4. LOUELLA BARNEY, b. abt 1902, NY, m. ERNEST L. HARWOOD.
1.7.5. MARGARET MARJORY BARNEY, b. abt 1903, NY, m. 2 Jul 1921 to SHELDON GIBBS HARWOOD.
1.7.6. WILBUR WATSON BARNEY, b. 30 Sep 1906, NY, d. 3 Aug 1968
1.7.7. VIOLA/VIOLET BARNEY, b. 15 May 1910, Lowell, MA, m. R. E. PLANTE.
1.7.8. CLARENCE BARNEY, b. abt 1913.

Family No. 2: Descendants of Etienne BARNEY (brother of Moise)

2. ETIENNE/STEPHEN BARNEY was born on 26 Oct 1820 in L'Acadie, St-Luc., Canada, a son of JOSEPH BARNEY and JOSEPHTE-CHARLOTTE LARRIVEE. He married EMELIE DUPUIS on 5 Oct 1846 in Fort Covington, NY. She was born Feb 1827.


Early Vital Records
Barney, Acan, born Mar. 10, 1847, father: Acan Barney, mother: Emily

Fort Covington church records
BARNEY, Stephen, married Oct. 5, 1846, Amelia Dupuis, both were from Ft. Covington
BARNEY, Stephen, born Mar. 10, 1847, baptised Mar. 14, 1847, parents: Stephen BARNEY Amelia/Emily Dupuis.
BARNEY, Rosalia, born Jan. 19, 1851, baptised Jan. 26, 1851, parents: Stephen BARNEY Amelia/Emily Dupuis.

1850 US Federal Census, Fort Covington, Franklin, NY
Achan Barner, 28, laborer, C. E.; Emily, 24, C. E.; Achan, 3, C. E.

1860 US Federal Census, Fort Covington, Franklin, NY
Acan Barny, 38, day laborer, Canada; Emiley, 34, Canada; Acan, 13, NY; Rosina, 9, NY; Joseph, 7, NY; Thos., 3, NY

1870 US Federal Census, Fort Covington, Franklin, NY
Stephen Barney, 47, laborer, Canada E.; Emley, 43, Canada E.; Stephen, 23, laborer, NY; Rosina, 19, NY; Joseph, 17, NY; Thomas 13, NY; Alexander, 10, NY

1875 NYS Census, Fort Covington, Franklin, NY
Aken Barney, 52, Canada, laborer; Emily, 48, Canada; Mary, 24, domestic servant; Joseph, 22, Franklin, laborer; Thomas, 18, Franklin, laborer; Elex, 15, Franklin, laborer

1880 US Federal Census, Fort Covington, Franklin, NY
Acon Barney, 56, laborer, Canada; Emily, 53, keeping house, Canada; Rosina, 28, servant, NY; Thomas, 22, laborer, NY; Alexander, 20, laborer, NY

1900 US Federal Census, Fort Covington, Franklin, NY
Thomas Barney, May 1857, NY, day laborer; Emily (mother), Feb 1827, widowed, 10/5, French Canada, imm. 1860

The Sun, Fort Covington, 4 Sep 1913
        Early on Saturday morning last another old mother and life-long inhabitant of this town passed to her reward in the person of Emily Dupee, widow of Stephen Barney, death being mainly due to old age although she had been ill for sometime. The deceased had reared a large family and during her early life was known far and near for her genial Christian spirit and hospitable manner. Mrs. Barney leaves five children to mourn her loss, namely: Joseph of Montreal; Stephen, Thomas, Alexander, and Mrs. William Gratton of this town. The funeral was held on Tuesday morning to St. Mary's Church, where Rev. Desjardins officiated after which interment, was made in St. Mary's cemetery.

The Sun, Fort Covington, 4 Sep 1913
Barney - In For Covington, N.Y., on August 30th, 1913, Emily Dupee, widow of Stephen Barney, aged 86 years.

Children of ETIENNE BARNEY and EMELIE DUPUIS are (4 others died young):
2.1. ETIENNE/STEPHEN/ACHAN BARNEY, b. 10 Mar 1847, Fort Covington.
2.2. ROSALIA BARNEY, b. 19 Jan 1851, Fort Covington.
2.3. JOSEPH BARNEY, b. Mar 1853, d. 1923, Fort Covington.
2.4. WILLIAM BARNEY, b. 2 Nov 1856, d. young.
2.5. THOMAS BARNEY, b. May 1859.
2.6. ALEXANDER BARNEY, b. 10 Jun 1860, m. 20 Oct 1884, St-Agnes de Dundee to MARTINE NOREAU.

2.1. ETIENNE/STEPHEN/ACHAN BARNEY was born 10 Mar 1847 in Fort Covington, a son of ETIENNE BARNEY and EMELIE DUPUIS. He married OLIVE NOREAULT. She was born about 1847, and died 20 May 1926 in Fort Covington. Stephen was a Civil War veteran. His records show that he stated he was 19 years old in 1863 when he enlisted.


1875 NYS Census, Fort Covington, Franklin, NY
Stephen Barny, 30, Franklin, Labourer; Olive, 26, Franklin; Joseph, 3, Franklin; Nancy, 1, Franklin

1880 US Federal Census, Fort Covington, Franklin, NY
Stephen Barney, 33, laborer, NY; Olive, 33, keeping house, Canada; Joseph, 9, NY; Nelson, 6, NY; Henry 2, NY; Emma, 10 months, NY

1891 Canada Census, Dundee, Huntingdon, Quebec
Stephen Barney, 44, US, farmer; Mrs. Stephen, 44, Que; Joseph, 19, US, farmer; Nelson, 17, US; Henry, 14, US; Emma, 12, US, Willie, 9, US; Nellie, 5, US

1900 US Federal Census, Fort Covington, Franklin, NY
Stephen Barney, Mar 1847, m29, NY; Olive, Mar 1847, m29, 8/6, Canada; Joseph, Nov 1871, m2, NY; Nelson, Jun 1875, m0, NY; Henry, Jul 1876, NY; Mary E., Jul 1880, m3, 2/1, NY, Willie E., Sep 1879, NY; Nellie, Feb 1887, NY; Rosy, Aug 1877, m0, NY

The Sun, January 24, 1929
In the death of Stephen Barney, whose death notice appears else where in this issue, the old veterans lose another comrade and our town another good citizen. The deceased had reached a ripe old age and was active and full of vigor until a short time ago. His wife predeceased him a few years ago. Among the living children are: Mrs Joseph A., Nelson, William S., and Mrs. Fred Allen, all of this town and who have the sympathy of our towns people generally in their great bereavement. The funeral was held in St. Mary's Church this morning and was largely attended, Rev. Lauzm officiating, after which the remains were interred in St. Mary's Cemetery

The Malone Farmer, 26 May 1926
Death of Mrs. Stephen Barney
        On Thursday, May 20, occurred the death of Mrs. Stephen Barney, aged 81 years, at her home on High street, after an illness of several months. Mrs. Barney was a well known resident of this town and possessed a Christian character. She was a kind and devoted wife and mother who will be greatly missed. She leave to mourn her loss a husband, one daughter, Mrs. Fred Allen, also three sons, Joseph, Nelson and William, all of Fort Covington. The funeral services were held in St. mary's church Saturday morning. Interment was in St. Mary's cemetery.

2.1.1. JOSEPH BARNEY, b. Nov 1872.
2.1.2. NANCY BARNEY, b. about 1874, d. young.
2.1.3. NELSON BARNEY, b. Jun 1875, d. 23 Apr 1956, m. 3 May 1900 to ROSANNAH McMAHON, b. 19 Aug 1877, d. 19 APR 1944.
2.1.4. HENRY BARNEY, b. Jul 1876.
2.1.5. ROSIE BARNEY, b. Aug 1878.
2.1.6. WILLIAM BARNEY, b. 27 Sep 1879; m. EMMA PERRY.
2.1.7. EMMA BARNEY, b. Jun 1880.
2.1.8. NELLIE BARNEY, b. 4 Feb 1887, m. 1903 to FRED ALLEN.

2.1.3. NELSON BARNEY was born Jun 1875, a son of ETIENNE/STEPHAN/ACHAN BARNEY and OLIVE NOREAULT. He died on 23 Apr 1956, in Hartford CT. On 3 May 1900 he was married to ROSANNAH McMAHON. She was born on 19 Aug 1877 and died on 19 APR 1944.


Fort Covington Sun, 26 Apr 1956
Rites Here Tomorrow
        Mr. Nelson Barney, a native and former resident of Fort Covington, died Monday morning in a sanitarium in Hartford, Conn., where he had been a patient for the past few years.
        His body was brought to Fort Covington, arriving Wednesday morning and is in repose at the Cosgrove Funeral home until tomorrow (Friday) morning when funeral rites will be conducted at nine o'clock from St. Mary's church. Burial will be made in St. mary's cemetery.
        Mr. Barney was born in Fort Covington 82 years ago, a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Barney. He married Miss Rose McMahon who predeceased him several years ago. In his youth he worked on local farms, and for many years was employed at the local plant of the General Ice Cream Corporation. After his retirement he moved to Hartford where he had since made his home.
        Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. James Gordon of Malone and Mrs. Ethel Collette of Hartford; two sons, Fred and Clifford of Rochester; one brother, William S. Barney of Drum street, and one sister, Mrs. Fred Allen of Fort Covington.

2.1.4. HENRY BARNEY was born Jul 1876 and died 20 Jul 1916. He may or may not have married CATHERINE/KATE ALLEN, but he apparently had 2 children with her. See the ALLEN biography on this site.


The Sun, Fort Covington, 23 Aug 1906
Henry Barney, who has been working in Clayton for some time past returned home on Tuesday.

The Sun, Fort Covington, 20 Oct 1910
Henry Barney has returned home from Clayton for a short holiday. Old "Pene" says that's the place to live in, but then, there's no place like home.

The Malone Farmer, 2 Aug 1916
Barney - At Cape Vincent, N.Y., July 20th, Henry Barney, aged 37 years. Interment in Ft. Covington.

2.1.6. WILLIAM BARNEY was born 27 Sep 1879 and died on 7 Aug 1965. He married EMMA PERRY who died on 26 Mar 1960.


Fort Covington Sun, 12 Aug 1965
Wm. Barney, 83, Dies; Rites Tuesday, a.M. At St. Mary's Church
        William S. Barney, 83, venerable lifelong citizen of Fort Covington, died Saturday evening at 11:30 o'clock after a long illness.
        Funeral services were held from St. Mary's church here Tuesday morning at ten o'clock, with the Rev. Michael Jacobs, S. J., officiating. Interment was in St. Mary's parish cemetery.
        Prior to the rites the body was in repose at the Cappiello and McKenzie funeral home.
        Death came to the esteemed local retired farmer at his home on Drumm Street here from causes attributed to the infirmities of age. He had recently been hospitalized.
        Mr. Barney was born in Fort Covington on September 27, 1881, a son of the late Steve and Olive Noreault Barney. His wife, the former Emma Perry, predeceased him on March 26, 1960. He was a man of kindly ways, a good neighbor who going his quiet, unassuming way, enjoyed life and the friendship of all. His interests were his family, grandchildren, great grandchildren, plus his farm, and to sit down with friends for an evening of cards was to him enjoyment no end. He was a member of the Fort Covington Grange.
        Surviving are, his son Lester of Fort Covington, and two daughters, Mrs. Ann Thebert of Fernwood, N.Y., and Mrs. Dorothy Catlin, at home; six grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. One son Roy and two daughters Myrtle and Beatrice, predeceased him.

2.1.8. NELLIE BARNEY, b. 4 Feb 1887, m. 1903 to FRED ALLEN.


Fort Covington Sun, 25 Jul 1957
Mrs. Nellie Allen, 71, Lifelong Resident Dies Here Saturday
        Funeral services for Mrs. Nellie Allen, 71, widow of the late Fred Allen, and a native and life-long resident of Fort Covington, who died at her home here Saturday morning at 10:45, were conducted Tuesday morning at nine o'clock, at St. Mary's church here. The Rev. E. H. Dumas, pastor, officiated and interment was made in the parish cemetery.
        Mrs. Allen had been in failing health for the past three years due to hardening of the arteries and had undergone amputations of both legs, the first one on January 1, 1956, and the second on June 22, 1956, but she bore her afflications with great fortitude and courage.
        The deceased was born February 4, 1886, a daughter of the late Stephen and Olive Noreault Barney, and had always resided here. In 1903 she was married to Mr. Fred Allen at St. Mary's church with the Rev. Fr. James McGowan officiating. A quiet and unassuming person, her chief interests were her family and her grandchildren from whom she derived great pleasure, and they loved to visit her.
        Her husband predeceased her June 8, 1946 and one son Earl died April 28, 1956.
        Surviving are four daughters, Mrs. Beatrice Beidleman, Circleville, Ohio; Mrs. Doris Reyome and Mrs. Vivian McGibbon of Syracuse and Miss Bernice Allen, at home; three sons, Ray, at home; Thorbon of Port Wentworth, Ga., and Norman of Syracuse; one brother, William Barney of Drum St., Fort Covington.
        Pall-bearers at the rites were, Messrs. Thomas Lapage of Massena; Lester Barney, Earl Lapage, ronald Barney, George Butzer and Donald Lapage.
        Among those who attended the funeral from out-of-town are: Mrs. Howard Beidleman, Circleville, Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. Almon Reyome, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas McGibbon and daughter Sandra; Mr. and Mrs. Norman Allen and three sons, all of Syracuse; Mrs. Ida Reyome, Mrs. Mary Premo and Miss Blanch Premo of Malone.

2.3. JOSEPH BARNEY was born March 1853, a son of ETIENNE BARNEY and EMELIE DUPUIS and died 1923 in Fort Covington. He married CAROLINE RANGER. She was born Oct 1854, and died 15 Aug 1933 in Boston.


The Sun, Fort Covington, 19 Aug 1923
The Late Joseph Barney
        The funeral of Joseph Barney, Sr., was held in St. Mary's Church on Saturday morning, Rev. J. L. Desjardins officiating.
        The deceased had not been feeling well for sometime, but on Wednesday of last week went to his wheelwright shop as usual. He was not there long before he was seized with a dizzy spell and subsequently a shock. He was taken home in Mr. Will Keefe's car and a physician was summoned, but he died that night.
        Among those from out-of-town who attended the funeral were: Mrs. Marsha Gendrow, Mrs. John Manix and Mrs. Carl Pratt of Montreal; Mr. Fred Trombly of Norwich, Conn.; Mr. Laurence Ranger of Fulton, N.Y.; Mrs. Alex Allen and Mrs. N. Belair of Malone, and Mr. and mrs. Oliver Gonyow of Massena.

        The undersigned wish to extend their heartfelt thanks to friends and neighbors for their many acts of kindness and assistance during their recent bereavement.
Mrs. Carrie Barney
William Barney
Mrs. Louisa Goslow
Miss Delia Barney
Mrs. Charles Cornell
George Barney
Fort Covington, NY

Mrs. Joseph Barney left on Tuesday for West Medford, Mass., in company with her daughter, Mrs. Louisa Ghostlaw where she will reside in the future.

Mr. Charles Mayhew has purchased the shop and machinery of the late Joseph Barney on Salmon Street. We understand that mr. Mayhew will make needed repairs immediately.

The Malone Farmer, 23 Aug 1933
Fort Covington
Aug 21 - On Friday, August 18th, the remains of Mrs. Joseph Barney were brought to the home of her son, William J. Barney from Boston, Mass. Deceased died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Charles Cornell on tuesday, August 15th after an illness fallowing a fall which she had a few months ago. Mrs. Barney's maiden name was Miss Carrie Ranger, a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ranger of Beauharnois, Quebec. She moved to this town with her parents a number of years ago. Deceased was 80 years old. When a young woman she was united in marriage to the late Mr. Joseph Barney who predeceased her a number of years ago. Since the passing of her husband Mrs. Barney has resided in Boston with her daughter. Mrs. Barney had a host of friends in this town who will greatly mourn her passing as she was a women of kindly and jolly disposition, also a devoted member of St. Mary's church. She leaves to mourn her three daughters, Mrs. Del. Barney of Montreal, Mrs. Louisa Ghostlaw and Mrs. Charles Cornell of Boston, Mass., one son, Mr. William J. Barney of this town and one sister Mrs. Edward Gendron of Montreal, P.Q., also a number of grandchildren to whom much sympathy is extended. Funeral services were held Saturday morning from St. Mary's church, Rev. Father Joseph R. Lauzan officiating. Interment was made in St. Mary's cemetery beside her husband.

2.3.1. WILLIAM BARNEY, b. 4 Feb 1875, d. 9 Feb 1959, m. 4 May 1895 to AUGUSTINE JACQUES.
2.3.2. MINNIE/LOUISA BARNEY, b. Feb 1879, m. Mr. Goslow
2.3.3. DELIA BARNEY, b. Feb 1886, m. Del. Barney
2.3.4. ELLA BARNEY, b. Dec 1888, m. Charles Cornell.
2.3.5. GEORGE BARNEY, b. Mar 1891, d. 1925, West Medford, MA.

2.3.1. WILLIAM BARNEY/BARNEY was born 4 Feb 1875, a son of JOSEPH BARNEY and CAROLINE RANGER. He was married to AUGUSTINE JACQUES/JOCK on 4 May 1895 at St. Mary's church in Fort Covington. She was born 21 Aug 1873, and died 27 Dec 1967. He died on 9 Feb 1959.


Fort Covington Sun, 6 Oct 1955
"How's That" Asks Mrs. Barney, 83, After Catching Big Pike
        Mrs. William J. Barney of the Malone road caught a Northern Pike measuring 28 inches long in the bay above the dam Monday afternoon while fishing with her husband from a boat.
        It's nothing new for Mrs. Barney to catch a big one - she's caught a lot of them in her day but what is remarkable is that she is 83 years old and gets as big a kick out of fishing as ever. The fish was a beauty.
        There are a lot of fish in that there bay of the big Salmon above the dam. Last week Wednesday while they were fishing together, Mrs. Myrtle Premo caught a Northern Pike 29 inches long and Mrs. Barney hauled in a 22 incher and another of lesser dimensions, and Mrs. Vernon Phelix caught a nice pickerel.
        But all her days aren't good ones. A couple of Sundays ago she and her daughter, Mrs. Clarence Eagles of Massena were out in the boat with Mrs. Premo, Mrs. Phelix and the latter's young son when an accident occurred which she thinks she will never live down - really she's mortified. While casting out her line, the hook caught and pierced her daughter's ear, causing a laceration requiring six stitches. There was excitement for a little while and with five persons in the row boat, quarters were cramped. But all's well that ends well - the fish-hook was cut in two because of the barb and removed - and the doctor who attended the patient, and daughter and other friends are having fun with the veteran fisherwoman on her finesse in the piscatorial art.

Children of WILLIAM BARNEY and AUGUSTINE JACQUES/JOCK are: ENA BARNEY, b. 27 Jun 1899, d. 16 Oct 1988, m. ROSARIO DERAGON HAROLD BARNEY, b. abt 1902. EVA/EVELYN BARNEY, b. 1904, m. WARREN FOUCHER LAWRENCE BARNEY, b. 1906. HERMAN BARNEY, b. 1908, Fort Covington; d. 1991, Utica, NY; m. ROSELLA BUSH. STANLEY BARNEY, b. 1911. LEON BARNEY, b. 1913; m. JANET HAINES. LEOLA BARNEY, b. 1919, m. CLARENCE EAGLES.

2.5. THOMAS BARNEY, b. May 1859.


Thomas never married, lived with his mother, and took care of her in her old age.

The Malone Farmer, 15 Nov 1916
Barney - In Malone, Nov. 6th, Thomas Barney, aged 57 years.
Interment in St. Mary's cemetery, Fort Covington, N.Y.

2.6. ALEXANDER BARNEY was born on 10 Jun 1860 and died in 1945. On 20 Oct 1884 in St-Agnes de Dundee, he was married to MARTINE/MARTHA NOREAU.


1900 US Federal Census, Massena, St. Lawrence, NY
Alexander Barney, May 1861, m15, NY, wheelwright; Martha, Jun 1856, m15, 5/5, Canada French; William, sept 1886, NY; James, Jun 1888, NY; Martha, Nov 1890, NY; John, Feb 1894, NY; Eva May, Jan 1897, NY

1905 NYS Census, Fort Covington, Franklin, NY
Alexander Barney, 44, US, carpenter; Martha A., 45, US; William, 18, US; James, 17, US; Mattie, 14, US; John, 11, US; Edith, 8, US

1910 US Federal Census, Fort Covington, Franklin, NY
Alex Barney, 49, m1, 26, NY, wheelwright, repairing; Martha, 54, m1, 26, 5/5, Canada French, 1860; John, 16, NY; Edith, 13, NY

Fort Covington Sun, 29 Nov 1945
Former Resident Dies in Malone Monday; Funeral This Morning
        Alex Barney, 84, passed away in Malone Monday night after an illness of one year, six months of which he had been confined to bed. The body was brought to the Cosgrove Funeral Parlors Tuesday and funeral services will be held this morning (Thursday) at 9:00 o'clock from St. Mary's Church, the pastor, Rev. Fr. Robert Duford, celebrating the mass. Interment will be in St. Mary's cemetery here.
        Mr. Barney was a wheelwright by trade and throughout his active lifetime conducted a shop in Fort Covington. He retired quite a number of years ago and for the past several years has been making his home in Malone.
        Surviving are three sons and two daughters: Will and James, of Gouverneur, the Misses Mattie and Edith of Massena and John Barney of Detroit, Mich. His wife, the former Miss Martha Nora, expired about two years ago.

Fort Covington Sun, 6 May 1943
Former Fort Resident Expires in Massena
        Mrs. Martha Nero Barney, 85, a native of Fort Covington, expired in Massena May 3rd at the home of her daughter, Miss Edith Barney of 46 Park Ave.
        Mrs. Barney was born here on June 24, 1857, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nero. Her husband, Alex Barney, is an invalid and resides in Malone.
        Surviving are her husband; two sons, William and James Barney of Gouverneur, and two daughters, Mary of Ogdensburg and Edith of Massena.

2.6.1. WILLIAM ALEXANDER BARNEY, b. 17 Sep 1886, Fort Covington, Franklin, NY
2.6.2. JAMES ARTHUR BARNEY, b. 7 Jun 1888, Fort Covington, Franklin, NY
2.6.3. MARTHA BARNEY, b. Nov 1890
2.6.4. JOHN BARNEY, b. 4 Feb 1894
2.6.5. EDITH BARNEY, b. Jan 1897

Family No. 3: Florentine Barney

3. FLORENTINE/FLORA BARNEY a daughter of JOSEPH BARNEY and JOSEPHTE-CHARLOTTE LARRIVEE. She was born abt 1830. She married NARCISSE/NELSON DESIGNER/DENESHA on 23 Nov 1856 in Ogsdenburg, NY.


1870 US Federal Census, Malone, Franklin, New York
Nelson Danesha, 37, stone mason, Canada; Flora, 38, Canada; Margaret, 12, NY; Mary, 10, NY; Emily, 7, NY; Nicholas, 4, NY; Peter A., 1, NY (twin); Caroline, 1, NY (twin)

3.1. MARGARET DENESHA, b. 31 Aug 1857.
3.2. MARY DENESHA, b. abt 1860.
3.3. EMILY DENESHA, b. abt 1863.
3.4. NICHOLAS DENESHA, b. 25 Feb 1866, d. 11 Sep 1930, Ticonderoga, Essex, NY, m. 11 Nov 1889 to ERNESTINE DUMONT.
3.5. PETER ALBERT DENESHA (twin), b. 29 Jan 1869, d. 3 Aug 1940, Cornwall, Stormont, Ontario, Canada, m. ALICE LANCTOT.
3.6. CAROLINE DENESHA (twin), b. 29 Jan 1869.

Family No. 4: Descendatns of Peter Barney

4. PETER BARNEY was born about 1803 in Canada. He married MARY DELARM, who was born about 1801 in Canada.


1850 US Federal Census, Fort Covington, Franklin, NY
Peter Barney, 47, laborer, C.E. (Canada East); Mary, 49, C.E.; Alexander, 22, laborer, C.E.; Amelia, 18, C. E.; John, 16, laborer, C. E.; Harriet, 14, NY; Susan, 12, NY; Jeremiah, 11, NY; Elias, 9, NY; Emily, 7, NY; Francis, 4, NY; Lewis, 3, NY.

1860 US Federal Census, Fort Covington, Franklin, NY
Peter Barney, 40, day laborer, Canada; Mary, 42, NY; Allice, 18, NY; Fanny, 13, NY; Emey, 15, NY; William, 11, NY

1870 US Federal Census, Bombay, Franklin, NY
Peter Barney, 60, Canada, laborer; Mary, 60, Canada; Joseph 96, Canada, laborer; William, 21, NY, laborer

1880 US Federal Census, Fort Covington, Franklin, NY
Peter Barney, 75, laborer, Canada; Amelia, 73, keeping house, Canada.

Early Vital Records
BARNEY(?), William b1 May 15, 1849 Ft. Covington Peter BARNEY(?) Mary Delarm born Apr. 11, 1849

St. Mary's cemetery, Fort Covington, Franklin, NY
Mary Wife of Peter BARNEY Died May 15, 1875 AE 68 Yrs.

Children of Peter and Mary Barney:
4.1. ALEXANDER BARNEY, b. abt 1828, Canada
4.2. AMELIA BARNEY, b. abt 1832, Canada
4.3. JOHN BARNEY, b. abt 1834, Canada
4.4. HARRIET BARNEY, b. abt 1836, Canada
4.5. SUSAN BARNEY, b. abt 1838, NY
4.6. JEREMIAH BARNEY, b. abt 1839, NY
4.7. ALICE BARNEY, b. abt 1841, NY, m. ALFRED BOYSA
4.8. EMILY BARNEY, b. abt 1843, NY
4.9. FRANCIS BARNEY, b. abt 1846, NY
4.10. LEWIS BARNEY, b. abt 1847, NY
4.11. WILLIAM BARNEY, b. 11 Apr 1849, d. 17 Apr 1935, m. Celestia Derouchia

4.11. WILLIAM BARNEY was born 1 Apr 1851, a son of PETER and MARY BARNEY and died 21 April 1935 in Bombay, Franklin, NY. He married CHRISTINE DESROCHER. She was born abt 1856, and died on 18 Oct 1928 in Bombay, Franklin, NY.


Fort Covington Sun, 25 Apr 1935
Bombay Resident Dies; Was Native of the Fort
        Mr. William Barney, 84, a native of Fort Covington and a life long resident of this section, died at the home of his son, Ernest Barney, in Bombay on Wednesday, April 17th. His death was caused primarily from heart trouble and the infirmities of age. He had been sick for about three weeks.
        Mr. Barney was born in Fort Covington on April 1st, 1851 and spent the major years of his life in this community. Sixty five years ago he was married to Miss Celestia Derouchia at Hogansburg, who predeceased him seven years ago. About 37 years ago, the family moved from here to Bombay where they had since resided. During his active lifetime Mr. Barney followed the occupation of farming but since the death of his wife, had made his home with his son, Mr. Ernest Barney.
        There are nine surviving sons and daughters: Mrs. William Lacombe, Massena; Mrs. Henry Amlott, Syracuse; Mrs. Ben Bero, Syracuse; Arthur Barney, Watertown; Willard Barney, Watertown; Willis Barney, Brasher; Alfred and Ernest Barney of Bombay and Edward Barney of Auburn.
        Funeral services were held at St. Joseph's Church in Bombay of which the deceased was a member, on Saturday morning, rev. Father McMahon officiating and interment was made in Bombay.

4.11.1. AMY BARNEY, b. abt 1875.
4.11.2. ALICE BARNEY, b. abt 1877.
4.11.3. HATTIE BARNEY, b. abt 1879.
4.11.4. ALFRED BARNEY, b. Dec 1882; d. 1965, Bombay, Franklin, NY, m. AGNES A., b. abt 1903.
4.11.5. ERNEST BARNEY, b. 3 Jul 1885, d. 8 Mar 1962, Bombay, Franklin, NY, m. ANN COLLETT, b. 1893.
4.11.6. MARY BARNEY, b. May 1887.
4.11.7. ARTHUR BARNEY, b. August 1890.
4.11.8. DELIA BARNEY, b. August 1892.
4.11.9. EDWARD BARNEY, b. September 1895; d. May 09, 1941, Bombay, NY.
4.11.10. WILLARD BARNEY, b. June 1897.
4.11.11. WILLIS BARNEY, b. June 1897.

4.11.5. ERNEST BARNEY, b. 3 Jul 1885, d. 8 Mar 1962, Bombay, Franklin, NY, m. ANN COLLETT, b. 1893.


Fort Covington Sun, 22 Mar 1962
Ernest F. Barney, 75, Dies at S. Bombay; Rites Held Saturday
        Ernest Francis Barney, 75, a blacksmith and former employee of the Shields Slipper Corporation, died at his home at South Bombay, Thursday morning, March 8th.
        The funeral was held at ten o'clock March 10th from St. Joseph's church, bombay, with the Rev. Morris Dwyer, pastor, officiating. Burial will be made in the spring in St. Joseph's cemetery, Bombay. Prior to the rites the body was in repose at the famly home.
        Mr. Barney was born in Fort Covington July 3, 1885, a son of William and Calista Derouchie Barney and spent his entire life in this area. He was a blacksmith by trade and had been employed by the Shields Slipper Corporation at Bombay for 12 years. In 1917 in Massenna he married the former Anna Collette who survives. He served in the cavalry during World War I.
        Besides his wife, he is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Winfred (Ruth) Robinson of Constable, Mrs. Donald (Rita) Johnson of South Bombay and Mrs. Kermit (Audrey) Rockhill of Westville; one son, Elwood Barney of Chasm Falls; three brothers, Alfred of Massena, Willis of Brasher Falls, and Willard of Watertown; two sisters, Della and Hattie, both of Syracuse, and 12 grandchildren, several nieces and nephews.

4.11.9. EDWARD BARNEY was born Sep 1895, a son of WILLIAM BARNEY and CHRISTINE DESROCHER, and died 9 May 1941 in Bombay, Franklin, NY. He married HAZEL HALLENBECK. She was born abt 1901, and died 25 February 1925 in Fort Covington.