Rev. Edward Blanchard

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Rev. Edward Blanchard

Photo source: The Catholic Church in the United States of America: Undertaken to Celebrate the Golden Jubilee of His Holiness, Pope Pius X, Vol. III The Province of Baltimore and The Province of New York, Section I, The Catholic Editing Company, New York, 1914



Was Pastor of Notre Dame Church For 35 Years-Sick Nine Weeks

Obituary Source: Chateaugay record and Franklin County Democrat, 3 Mar 1922, page 4

Rev. Edward Blanchard, 79, formerly rector tor 35 years of Notre Dame church at Malone, died at 7:45 o'clock Thursday night at his home on Cedar St., following an Illness of about nine weeks. He lapsed into a state of coma late Wednesday afternoon and did not rally. Hope was abandoned for his recovery more than a week ago.

Father Blanchard was born April 17, 1834, at St. Rasolie, a small village near St. Hyachinthe, Que. He obtained his earlier education in St. Rosalie, later entering St. Hyacinthe College to study tor the priesthood. He was ordained a priest on August 30, 1868, when only 25 years of age.

The first years of his priesthood were spent in St. Dominic, Sherbrooke, and St. Marie, where he was assigned parishes. He came from Canada about 1880 to assume the pastorate of St. Joseph's, church in Olmsteadvllle and from that village went to Malone in 1883 to become rector of Notre Dame church.

In this capacity he served for 35 years until he retired four years ago. Father Blanchard was the second rector of the Malone church. He succeeded Rev. John Baptiste Legrend who founded the church and was in turn succeeded by Rev. Theopolis Campeau, present rector of the church upon his retirement. Rev. Campeau went to Malone four years ago from Vaudreil, Que.

Father Blanchard always maintained a keen interest in all village affairs during his active life. He was noted particularly for his charity and as a benefactor of the poor. Residents alike held him in high esteem and regarded him always as a clear sighted and trustworthy counselor in all public matters. Father Blanchard was made a member of the Alice Hyde Memorial Hospital board at the time that institution was founded several years ago. While his illness perhaps prevented him from taking a more active part in the work of the work, he was always ready to advise in all matters brought up when others asked his opinion. Universally he I was loved by all residents of the village.

He was devoted to children throughout the years of his service and in them he always found a strong affection. His love for children might best be evidenced by an incident that occurred during the early days of his sickness. Father Blanchard broached plans for his plans for his funeral to Rev. Campeau on a visitation by the latter. He realized in this frank way of looking upon all matters there was no hope for his recovery.

"I would like two funerals when I die," said Father Blanchard to his successor. "First one for all my former parishers and friends, and then a service for the children. I love them!" His wishes with this respect were followed.

Father Blanchard leaves only a sister, Mrs. Delima Armour, who for many years acted as housekeeper for him. He had several other brothers and sisters but they have long since died. Burial was In Notre Dame cemetery.



He applied for a passport on 29 Nov 1902. Born 17 Apr 1843 in Saint Rosalia, Province of Quebec, emigrated by railroad to the US on 21 May 1881, and resided in Malone, NY. He was naturalized on 13 Mar 1890 in Malone, Franklin County, NY.


His Parents and Siblings

Edouard Blanchard
born: abt 1812
died: 6 Jan 1892, St Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada.
buried: 9 Jan 1892, Eglise Cathedral, St Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada.
parents: Joseph Felix Blanchard and Marguerite Leduc
married: 27 Oct 1840, Notre Dame du Rosaire, St Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada
Edesse Poulin
born: abt 1816
died: 1 Jul 1885, St Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada.
parents: Joseph Poulin and Marie Marguerite Beaudry

Children all born in Ste Rosalie de Bagot, Quebec, Canada:

  1. Louis Joseph Blanchard, b. 12 Jul 1841, d. 30 Jun 1843, Ste Rosalie de Bagot, Quebec, Canada
  2. Edouard Blanchard, b. 17 Apr 1843, d. 23 Feb 1922, Malone, NY.
  3. Joseph Antoine Blanchard, b. 25 Jul 1845, d. 2 Sep 1862, Ste Rosalie de Bagot, Quebec, Canada
  4. Louis Remi Blanchard, b. 25 Jan 1848
  5. Etienne Blanchard, b. 4 Mar 1850
  6. Marie Leocadie Blanchard, b. 21 Apr 1852, d. 6 Mar 1917, Ogdensburg, NY, m. Martin L. Connely; they had no children.
  7. Fabien Zephirin Blanchard, b. 26 Feb 1855, d. Aug 1908, St Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada, m1. Virginie St. Marie on 17 Jun 1884; child: Delima (b. abt 1887), Virginia died 17 Dec 1891 and is buried in Notre Dame cemetery in Malone, NY. He m2. Georgina Guay; children: Marie Georgianna Edesse (b. 23 Aug 1896), Marie Lucie Julie (b. 16 May 1898), Marie Henriette Antoniette (b. 18 May 1900, d. 1901). May have had other children. Resided in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada
  8. Christophe Alphonse Blanchard, b. 14 Jun 1857, d. 24 Feb 1888, St Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada
  9. Marie Rose Delima Blanchard, b. 5 Dec 1859, d. 19 Mar 1925, Malone, NY, m. 19 Jun 1886 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada to Vital Arbour, b. Sep 1841. They had a daughter Marguerite/Margaret (b. Apr 1900, d. 1970), m. 26 Dec 1921 to Gilbert Lavigne/Lavine (b. 1897, d. 1982)


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