Hawkins Family

Source: Genealogical & Family History of Northern, NY, William Richard Cutter, A. M., Lewis Historical Publishing Company, Inc., 1910, pages 309-310

HAWKINS. William Hawkins, immigrant ancestor, is found in Providence, Rhode Island, as early as December 20, 1638, when he received land. The date and place of his birth are unknown. July 27, 1640, he with thirty-eight others, signed an agreement for a form of government. January 27, 1645, he bought of Hugh Bewett his home share of land. September 2, 1650, he was taxed thirteen shillings, four pence, and a somewhat later date was admitted a freeman, February 2, 1673, he deeded to his son William two house lots, and the housing thereon, also a six-acre lot, some shares in meadow, etc., and June 25, 1683, to his son Edward certain rights in lands between Pawtucket and Pautuxet rivers, which he had bought twenty years before of John Sayles. He is mentioned as one of those "who staid and went not away" in King Philip's War, 1676, and as a result had a share in the disposition of the Indian captives whose services were sold for a term of years. In 1679 he was taxed seven and one-half pence. His wife was Margaret -----------. He died in 1699. Children: 1. John, died 1726. 2. William, mentioned below. 3. Edward, died May 24, 1726. 4. Mary, died February, 1724. 5. Madeline.

(II) William (2), son of William (1) Hawkins, married, June 14, 1678, Lydia Gardiner, widow of George Gardiner, and daughter of Robert and Susanna Ballou. She died in 1722. In 1678 he was made deputy; in 1685 he had thirty acres laid out in the right of his father William, and January 9, 1691, received a deed of twelve acres of land in Newport from Joseph Gardiner of that town. In 1704-05-06 he was again deputy. July 25, 1704, he deeded to his son Stephen fifty acres of land a dwelling house; September 27, 1708, he deeded land to Stephen and John; January 28, 1721, he sold to William Hopkins a salt cover which has been left him by his father. His will was made March 17, 1722, and proved October 22, 1723. To his two grandson, Elijah and Joseph, sons of his son William, deceased, he left the remaining part of his homestead farm, also other land. His children had already received their share. He died July 6, 1723. Children: 1. William, mentioned below. 2. Stephen, died March 11, 1711. 3. John, died March 25, 1755. E. Sarah, died 1722.

(III) William (3), son of William (2) Hawkins, lived in Providence. He married, December 14, 1704, Elizabeth Arnold. After his death, October 5, 1712, she married (second) June 3, 1718, Israel Smith. She died July 11, 1758. On December 9, 1712, the administration of his estate was given to his widow. Children: 1. Elijah, born September 12, 1705. 2. Uriah, July 30, 1707. 3. Joseph, March 29, 1709. 4. Ruth, March 4, 1711-12. 5. Deborah, May 15, 1713.

(III) John, son of William (2) Hawkins, was born in Providence, died there March 25, 1755. Children: 1. Stephen. 2. Isaiah. 3. Jeremiah. 4. Zepheniah. 5. Lydia. 6. Abigail, married September 2, 1742, Richard Salyes, Jr. 7. Martha. 8. Sarah, married November 23, 1757, William Paine. 8. Mary.

(IV) Zephaniah, son of John Hawkins, settled at Smithfield. He married there, November 26, 1752, Mary Marvell. His sisters married and settled in Smithfield.

(V) Jabesh, whose father came from Smithfield, Rhode Island, it is said, was descended from the family as given above. He was born in Vermont, February 11, 1798, died in Moira, New York, July 3, 1870. He followed farming throughout his active life. He married Lydia Stetson, born August 10, 1801, died August 17, 1868. Children: 1. Henry Oralnado Allen. 2. Sarah Matilda. 3. Emeline Malinda. 4. Julius (twin). 5. Julia (twin). 6. Luther Everett, mentioned below.

(VI) Dr. Luther Everett, son of Jabesh Hawkins, was born in Moira, New York, August 28, 1841, died in Brushton, New York. He was educated in the pubic school of his native town. He began to study medicine under the instruction of Dr. Poland, of Lawrenceville, New York, and graduated from the Albany Medical School. He began to practice at Lawrenceville, New York, but about 1880 removed to Brushton, where he continued in his profession until shortly before his death. In politics a Republican. He was a member of North Star Lodge, No,. 107, Free and Accepted Mason. In religion he was an Episcopalian. He married (first) October 8, 1863, Sarah A. Packard, who died July 1, 1873. He married (second) March 11, 1875, Maty Ella Bristol, born at Brasher Falls in 1849, died in 1900. Child of first wife: 1. Frank H., born 1865. Child of second wife: 2. Howard Huxley, mentioned below.

(VII) Howard Huxley, son of Dr. Luther Everett Hawkins, was born in Lawrenceville, December 3, 1878. He was educated in the public schools of Brushton, whither he went with his parents in early childhood. In 1890 he went to work for the Hyde Drug Company at Malone, New York, and having much practical knowledge of the business he entered the Albany College of Pharmacy to complete his education, graduating from that institution in 1903. He worked for two years, 1903-05, for P. K. McMann, whose business he bought in 1905 and has continued with marked success since then. In politics he is a Republican. He is a member of North Star Lodge, No. 107, Free and Accepted Masons. In religion he is an Episcopalian. He married, December 2, 1902, Winnie Ferris, of Brandon, New York, daughter of Fernando and Catherine Ferris. Children: 1. Reginald Luther, born September 5, 1903. 2. Ella Louise, born and died in 1906. 3. Clara, born July 22, 1907.