Willard F. Hyde

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Willard F. Hyde, b. 7 Nov 1848, d. 12 Sep 1899
Jennie Mary Luther, b. 5 Nov 1850, d. 7 Jan 1913

  1. Mina O. Hyde, b. 16 Jan 1874, d. 25 Feb 1948, m. George Willis Rich (children: Gladys H., b. Feb. 1895, d. 1985, m. Fredus H. Wilcox; Raymond, b. Jul 1896, d. 1902; Willis Lyle, b. 2 Aug 1900, d. 1936; George Willard, b. 3 Mar 1913, d. 16 Dec 1998 in Frostproof, Polk, FL)
  2. Nellie Hyde, b. Aug 1877, d. 1939, m. George C. Mays, b. 1879, d. 1925 (children: Paul Rich Wilcox, b. 13 Sep 1923, d. 14 Feb 2002).
  3. Charles Hyde, b. Oct 1879, d. 28 Jul 1898
  4. Willard Clifton Hyde, b. 28 Nov 1889, d. 13 Oct 1921, m. 23 Mar 1917 Florence M. Almendinger, b. 22 May 1893, d. Jun 1973 (children Jeannie Marie, b. 16 May 1920, d. 6 Feb 2018, m. Thomas W. Bushnell)


Source: Facts and Fallacies and Brushtonian, September 14, 1899

North Bangor

Willard F. Hyde, schoolcommissioner of the 2nd Dist. up to about a year ago when ill in health caused him to resign the office, died at his home here Tuesday a.m. Sept. 12th. Mr. Hyde had been sick for many years and had submitted to many operations for cancer but at the last, for a year or more, the knife could not be used to relieve him. He was an upright Christian man and a good citizen who always had the welfare of his town at heart. He leaves to mourn him a widow, two daughters, a son, and three brothers. He was buried Wednesday afternoon with masonic honors.


Source: The Malone Farmer, January 15, 1913

HYDE -- At North Bangor, Jan. 7th after a long illness of rheumatism and complications, Mrs. Jennie Hyde, aged 62 years.

Mrs. Hyde was the widow of the late Willard Hyde, a brother of Albert Hyde of this village and a former school commissioner of this county. She was a woman of the highest Christian character, a devoted member of the M. E. church, and had aendeared herself to many whom she had nursed from sickness into health. She was one of the fondest mothers, the kindext of neighbors and most substantial of friends. Her death is deeply mourned by all who were embraced within the circle of her acquaintance and sympathy goes out in deep measure to the surviving son and daughters. For a long time she had been a great sufferer but bore her affliction with true Christian patience and fortitude.


The Adirondack News, August 6, 1898

Sad Drowning Accident

The Malone "Farmer" given the following account of the death of Charles, a son of School Commissioner Willard F. Hyde, of North Bangor, who was drowned while bathing in the Jewett brook on the Donaldson place, so-called, in Westville about 4 miles north of North Bangor, Thursday afternoon about 2 o'clock. Charles was a well developed young man, of splendid physicque, in his 19th year, but had never learned to swim.

It seems that, with his cousin, William, who also resides at North Bangor and was two years his senior, but who was also unable to swim, he started for this well-known swimming hole in the afternoon. They waded in and remained in the shallow water for some time, finally deciding that they had learned to swim well enough to get across that protion of the swimming hole whih was over their heads. This is a spot about a rod square where the water is seven or eight feet deep. The brook itself is very small and runs very low in summer. They took hold of hands and waded out up to their chins. The next step sent them down a foot or two deeper and it is believed that Chrales never came up again. William sunk and rose three times but does not remember seeing anything of his companion. His foot touched him once when he went down. The third time he went down he remembers making a last desperate struggle to get across to the other side and then he lost conciousness. When he came to he found his head and shoulders just out of the water on the sane, the rest of his body being sumberged. He does not know how long he had lain there in that condition. He quickly carried the alarm to the nearbyhouses and work to recover the body of Charles was begun. Mr. Nelson Jewett, after diving nearly a score of times, finally brought the body of the drowned boy into view, after it had been submerged for fully two hours.

The deceased was a young man of promise and of excellent habits, who had assisted his father, (who is a partial invalid,) very much during the past year or two. His sudden death falls with crushing weight upon his parents, who have the deep sympathy of the community in their affliction. Charles was very fond of ball playing and well-known to the members of the Franklin High School Club of this village, with whom he had played on several occasions, and all of whom testify to his many good qualitities, learned through their association with him.