Individual and/or Family Biographies:

Allen - One Allen Family of Fort Covington
Allen Family
Barney - Various Barney Families
Rev. E. Blanchard, of Malone, and his parents and siblings
Breed, Charles Webster
Brooks Family of Westville
Demo, Peter (Pierre Guimond)
Clough Family
Crary Family Connections to Franklin County
Dudley Family
Furness Family of Malone
Hawkins Family
Hyde, Willard F., of North Bangor
Irish, Jonas Jackson, of Dickinson, Franklin County, NY and Antelope County, NE
Ives Family
King - One King Family: Harry and Betsy King
Macomb, Alexander (of Macomb's Purchase)
Roach - One Roach Family of Franklin County
Steenburg, Russell
Sullivan - One Sullivan Family: Peter and Ann Sullivan
Wakefild, Lyman

Biographical Collections:

Short Biographical Sketches Published in 1918
Short Biographical Sketches for Malone, NY, Published in 1918