One King Family

This family intrigued me in a sad way. As I was transcribing vital records from the Malone Palladium, I noticed that they lost 4 boys during the early 1860s. So, I decided to do a little more looking for records of this family and this is what I found. If you are related to this family and have additions or corrections, please email!

The following information is for Harry King, who was born about 1813, married Elizabet ("Betsy") and had several children.

The family:

Harry L. King, b. about 1813, d. 25 Jul 1883
Elizabeth "Betsy," [last name unknown], b. about 1815, d. 7 Jan 1866
Sarah A. King, b. about 1839 [possibly born as early as 1833, may or may not be a daughter of Harry's]
George Azariah King, b. about 1840, d. in the Civil War on 22 Jun 1863
Hayden D. King, b. about 1844, d. 1 Sep 1865
Wilbert J. King, b. about 1850, d. 24 Oct 1865
Leslie E. King, b. about 1852, d. 20 Oct 1865
Albert King, b about 1856, d. 24 Oct 1865
Wallace H. King, b. about 1859, d. 12 Nov 1891 in Barre, Vt. He had married Susan Brown. They had one daughter, who died at 28 days old. It is unknown whether there are other children of this couple. Susan died a few days after Wallace, also presumably in Barre, Vt.

The records:

1840 Federal Census, Bangor, Franklin, NY
Harry King
Males under 5 = 1
Males 20-29 = 1
Females 20-29 = 1

Note that there is no female under age 5. Thus, I think that Sarah who shows up in the 1850 census and is listed after the boys (rather than first) may be a neice or other relative who needed some support and/or is there to help Betsy with the younger children. Her age is a bit difficult to read in the 1850 census the way it is written and it could easily be 17 rather than 11.

1850 Federal Census, Malone, Franklin County, NY, enumerated on 3 Oct 1850 by Rich'd G. Foote
372, 380, Harry L. King, 36, m, carpenter and Joiner, 450, Mass
  Elizabeth King, 33, f, Canada E.
  George A. King, 10, m, NY, attends school
  Hayden D. King, 6, m, NY, attends school
  Wilbert P. King, 1, NY
  Sarah A. King, 11 (or perhaps 17?), NY, attends school

1860 Federal Census, town of Malone, Franklin County, NY, enumerated 23 Jun 1860, by Francis Barry, P.O. Malone, NY, page 42
278, 275, Harry King, 47, m, joiner, 1500, 150, VT
  Betsy E. King, 45, f, Canada
  Azariah King, 20, m, joiner, NH
  Hayden, 16, m, farm hand, NY, attends school
  Wilbert J. King, 10, m, NY, attends school
  Leslie E. King, 8, m, NY, attends school
  Albert King, 4, m, NY
  Wallace King, 1, m, NY

Frontier Palladium (Malone, N.Y.), 9 Jul 1863, page 3
        Died, at Whitaken Hospital near Williamsburgh, Va., June [?], 1863, of Typhoid Fever, GEORGE A. KING, of the 142d N.Y.S.V., and son of Harry L. King, of this place. - funeral will be attended at the Methodist Church next [Sabath], at 1 o'clock P.M.

The Malone Palladium, 14 Sep 1865, page 2
        In North Bangor, Sept. 1st, HAYDEN D., son of Harry and Betsey KING, in the 23d year of his age.

The Malone Palladium, 26 Oct 1865, page 3
        In Bangor, Oct 20th, of Typhoid fever, LESLIE E. KING, in the thirteenth year of his age. Also of the same disease, Oct 24th, ALBERT M., in his tenth year of his age, and WILBERT J KING, in the seventeenth year of his age, sons of Harry and Betsey King.

Maplewood Cemetery Listing (online: offsite link: )
        Atarish E. died ____ Jan. 22, 1864 AE 23 Yrs.
        Hayden O. died Sep. 1, 1865 AE 23 yrs.
        W. Elbert J. died Oct. 21, 1865 AE 16 yrs.
        Children of H. L. & B. E. KING (NOTE: McLellan wrote: "down, very indefinite & indistinct.")

Note "Atarish" is likely George Azariah King who died in the Civil War (thus the year of death should be 63, not 62); Hayden's middle initial should be "D" and "W. Elbert J." should be "Wilbert J.". Also, Wilbert's day of death should be 24. As the original transcriber indicated that the stone was knocked down and that it was difficult to read, all these these appear to be simple transcribing errors due to the condition of the stone.

Maplewood Cemetery Listing (online: offsite link: )
KING (Row 2-O)
        Leslie L. died Oct. 20, 1865 AE 13 Yrs.
        Albert M. died Oct. 21, 1865 AE 9 Yrs.
        Children of H. L. & B. E. KING

Note: unlike the other stone, there are fewer errors; I believe the day of death for Albert should be the 24th, and that Leslie's middle initial should be "E".

Maplewood Cemetery Listing (online: offsite link: )
KING (Row 2-Q)
        Betsey B. (?) Wife of Harry L. KING Died Jan. 7, 1866 Aged 19 Y'rs. & 9 mos. (NOTE: McLellan wrote: "down, broken.")

I didn't find any mention of her death in the Malone newspaper.

1870 Federal Census, Moira, Franklin County, NY, enumerated 24 Jun 1870 by DeWitt C. Chalkin?, P.O. Brush's Mills, page 37
270, 270, King, Harry L., 56, m, w, carpenter, 3000, 300, NH, citizen
  King, Susan, 52, f, w, keeping house, NH
  King, Wallace, 16, m, w, at school, NY
  Brooks, Martha, 18, f, w, domestic servant

1875 NYS Census, Village of Brush's Mills in the town of Moira, Franklin County, NY, enumerated on 6 Jun 1875, by J. S. Griffin, page 50
398, Framed, 1300, 397, Harry King, 62, m, VT, married, carpenter, voter
  Susan King, 58, f, wife, VT, married, keeping house
  Wallace H. King, 16, m, son, Franklin County, single

1880 Federal Census, Brushton Village, town of Moira, Franklin County, NY, enumerated on 14 Jun 1880, by S. N. Dickinson
6, 6, King, Harry L., 65, head, married, carpenter joiner?, NY, VT, VT
  King, Susuan, 63, wife, married, keeping house, VT, NH, NH
  King, Wallace, 21, son, carpenter, NY, NY, Canada

Note that Brush's Mills and Brushton are one and the same place.

Maplewood Cemetery Listing (online: offsite link )
KING (Row 2-R)
  Harry L. KING Died July 25, 1883 AE 69 Y'rs.
  (NOTE: McLellan wrote: "down.")

Methodist Episcopal Church Of Hermon, Hermon, St Lawrence, New York
    marriage of Wallace H. King, age 25, married to Sarah M. Brown, age 23 on 12 Oct 1883

The Malone Palladium, 19 Nov 1891, page 2
Under "Brushton News"
The remains of Wallie King were brought here Wednesday from Barre, Vt., where he died of typhoid fever. His wife was unable to accompany them, as she is dangerously ill of the same disease.

Sunnyside Cemetery, Moira (found online: offsite)
  Wallace H. Died November 12, 1891 Age 33 yrs.
  Sarah M. BROWN Wife of W. H. KING
  Died November 16, 1891 Age 28 yrs. Gone but not forgotten
  In the Same Lot:
  Cassell L. KING Daughter of W. H. & S. M. KING
  Died September 3, 1884 Age 28 days

So it appears that there are no living descendants of Harry, unless Wallace had other children who survived him and his wife's death, but so far, I have not found any evidence for this.

The Adirondack News (St. Regis Falls, N.Y.), 11 Apr 1896, page 1
Dickinson Center (apparent sister of Harry's)
April 8, - Mrs. Emily King Young quietly passed away Thursday March 26, aged 87 years. For the last few years she has resided with her eldest son, Harry Young, of East Dickinson. She had been very feeble and nearly blind for several years, but was loving and kind, and has patiently awaited the summons - "Come up higher." Mr. and Mrs. Young have been untiring in their efforts to brighten up the weary way for her. Deceased was a loving mother and sister, and a kind neighbor, courageous and brave to endure [?] she loved. Of a family of eleven children, five - two daughters and three sons - remain to mourn her loss. Her three brothers, Rev. Rufus King, Lyndon King and Harry King and several sisters have passed on before. Mrs. Young had two half-brothers, Syrus and Henry King of Massena. Funeral services were held at the M. E. church, Dickinson Center, March 28, conducted by Rev. Dunhan, of Bangor, who preached an able gospel sermon fraught with words of comfort to the afflicted friends, who have the sympahty of very many in this hour of trial. Sympathy is especially extended to Mrs. H. B. Tower, of Kansas City, a loving daughter of deceased, who was unable to be present.

The Malone Palladium, Thursday, 10 Dec 1903, page 2
North Bangor
Mrs. Susan King, who has made her home with Reuben Harwood the past few years, died at the home of her niece, Mrs. Robert Clark, in Westville, where she was making a visit, on Monday evening of last week, of old age, aged 89 years, the day of her funeral. The remains were brought to her late home Wednesday. The funeral was held at that place Thursday, conducted by Rev. Middleton.

Maplewood Cemetery Listing (online: offsite link: )
KING (Row 2-S)
  Susan Wife of Harry KING Died Dec. 1, 1903 Age 89 Y'rs. (NOTE: McLellan wrote: "down.")