One Roach Family of Franklin County

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Nicholas and Susan Roach


  • Amos Roach, b. abt 1830/33, d. 1922
  • Eliza A. Roach, b. abt 1830, d. 1901, m. William R. Cady
  • Mary Ann Roach, b. abt 1833, d. 1912, m. Martin Roys
  • Martha Ann Roach, b. abt 1835, d. 1913, m1. Joseph Briggs, m2. ___ Lord, m3. Andrew Woods
  • Janette Roach, b. 1838, d. 1888, m. Ceylon L. Hazen
  • Hartwell Samuel Roach, b. abt 1839, d. 1925
  • Caroline (Carrie) Roach, b. abt 1842, d. 1907, m. Orson Watson Barnum
  • Susan Roach, b. abt 1843, d. 1912, m. George Jarvis Austin
  • Auldis/Oldis Roach, b. abt 1845, d. 1920, m. Edmond Spencer
  • Harriet C. Roach, b. abt 1848, d. 1913, m. Calvin H. Totman
  • Lydia Roach, b. abt 1849, d. 1923, m. William Garlick
  • Emeline Roach, b. abt 1852, d. 1904, m. George W. Ketcham


Notes for Nicholas and Susan Roach

The Malone Palladium, Oct 5, 1882

        We have to record the death of Mr. Nicholas Roach. He died last Saturday; funeral Monday; sermon by Rev. Alfred Quail of Brushton. Mr. Roach was 82 years of age. He was born in Montreal - one of three children left orphans very young in life. After a little the children became separated, and he has heard nothing of the others for years, and did not know that he had any relatives living, aside from his own family. He has raised a family of 12 children, all of whom are now living, and all attended the funeral with the exception of one son and one daughter, now living in the West. Mr. Roach served as a waiter to one of the officers in the war of 1812. He also was a soldier in the late rebellion. He has been to Calivornia and back twice, and has been a stirring, hard-working man; but he is gone, and it is the first time the family ciricl has been broken by death. His widow and family have the sympathy of the community.

The Malone Palladium, May 17, 1888.

North Bangor

        Very seldom does a person bring up so large a family, and have all live to have families of their own, as did Mrs. Susan Roach, who died in Malone on Sunday, May 6. There were ten daughters and two sons, and not a death among them all until about three weeks ago, when Mrs. Hazen - a daughter living in the West - died. Nine daughters and one son followed her to the grave, while one son, who lives in Nevada was absent.


Franklin Gazette, Fort Covington, May 31, 1889

The People of the State of New York -To
Eliza A. Cady,
Mary A. Royce,
Caroline Barnum,
Martha Lord,
Susan Austin, and
Auldis Spencer, of the town of Bangor,
Harriet Totman, of the town of Moira, and
Emeline Ketcham, of the town of Malone, in the County of Franklin, and State of New York,
Amos Roach, of Cuna [likely should be Kuna], Idaho,
Scott Hazen, of West Bend, Iowa, and
Lydia Garlick of Ellenburgh, Clinton County, New York,
heirs and next of kin of Susan Roach, deceased, send gretting.

        Whereas, Hartwell S. Roach, of the town of Bangor, aforesaid, ahs lately applied to our Surrogate's court of the county of Franklin, to have a certain instrument, in writing, relating to both real and personal estate, duly proved as the last will and testament of Susan Roach, late of the said town of Bangor, deceased.

        Therefore, you, and each of you, are cited to appear before our said Surrogate, at his office in the Court House, in the village of Malone, on the 10th day of June, 1889, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of that day, then and there to attend the probate of the said last will and testament

        In testimony whereof, we have caused the seal of the office of our said Surrogate to be hereunto affixed. Witness, Hon Horace A Taylor, Surrogate of said County, at the village of Malone, the 19th day of April, 1889.


Notes for Janette Roach Hazen

West Bend Protestant & Catholic Cemetery, Palo Alto Co, Iowa USGenWeb Project

Hazen, Janett (Roach), b. 6/2/1838, d. 4/26/1888, 49Y 10M 25D / w/o C.L. / Born in Russelltown, Canada East


Notes for Eliza Roach Cady

The Malone Palladium, Mar 14, 1901

        Mrs. William R. Cady died Wednesday evening of last week, aged 71 years. Mrs. Cady was widely known in this part of the county. Since the death of Mr. Cady, a little over three years ago, her home has been broken up and she has lived with her children and other relatives. Last fall she went to Lawrenceville to spend the winter with her son, Orlin, where she contracted pneumonia, which, owing to her feeble condition, resulted in her death. The remains were brought here and the funeral held from the church on Sunday, conducted by Rev. Mr. Andrew, of Brushton. The large concourse of friends who came to pay their last tribute of respect testified to the high esteem in which she was held.


Notes for Emeline Roach Ketcham

Facts and Fallacies and Brushtonian, Brushton, NY, Dec 31, 1904

        Mrs. George W. Ketcham, of Malone, a sister of Mrs. C. H. Totman and Mrs. Austin, of this place, died at her home Monday morning after a long illness. The funeral was held from her late home in Malone Wednesday morning.

The Malone Farmer, Dec 28, 1904

        After an illness covering several years, Mrs. George W. Ketcham died at her home on Academy street, this village, Monday morning. She was a woman of fine character, devoted to her home and friends, and her loss will be deeply felt by all whoknew her. Less than a year ago the only daughter, Nellie, who was the light of the home, was stricken suddenly with cerebro-spinal meningitis and died after a few days' illness, making a void which naught could fill. It was feared then that her invalid mother, who was at the time seriously ill, would not long survive the shock, but she continued to linger, with grief tugging at her heart strings until now. The profound sympathy of the community goes out to her sorrowing husband in his loneliness. Mrs. Ketcham was born in Dickinson, but had passed most of her live in Bangor, where Mr. and Mrs. Ketcham were married about 19 years ago, and in Malone, where they have resided for about 14 years. Her maiden name was Emma E. Roach and she leaves surviving, besides her husband, seven sisters and two brother to mourn her loss. They are Mrs. Martha [sic] Royce, of Bangor; Mrs. C. H. Totman and Mrs. Susan Austin, of Brushton; Mrs. O. W. Barnum and Mrs. Martha Lord, of Malone; Mrs. Wm. Garlick, of Ellenburgh; Mrs. Ed. Spencer, of North Bangor; Hartwell Roach, of North Bangor, and Amos Roach, who resides in the West. The funeral occurs from the home Wednesday morning at 10:30.


Notes for Carrie Roach Barnum

Facts and Fallacies, Brushton, NY, Oct 24, 1907

        Mrs. Carrie Barnum, widow of the late Watson Barnum of North Bangor, died ather home in Malone early Sunday morning, age 66 years. The funeral was held from her late residence Tuesday morning, interment at North Bangor. Mrs. Barnum was a sister of Mrs. C. H. Totman of this place.

The Malone Farmer, Oct 23, 1907

A Sad Death
Well-known Lady Succumbs from Effects of Exposure While Out of Her Mind.

        Mrs. Carrie Barnum, a lady well-known and highly respected in Malone, Bangor and surrounding communities, died at her home on Shields street in this village on Sunday morning and her funeral occurred from her late home this (Tuesday) morning, interment in Bangor. Mrs. Barnum died from the effects of exposure by wandering from the house Friday night while suffering from temporary mental aberration. She was a lady over 66 years of age and a portion of her house was occupied by Mrs. Abbie Plumb and son, Lansing. Mrs. Plumb was away from the house Friday night but her son occupied his room as usual. He was awakened in the night by someone calling from the field across the road. Answering the call he learned that the person in distress was Mrs. Barnum, who said she could not get into the house. He hurried to her assistance and carried her bodily to her room, placed her in bed and hastily sought help. Medical assistance was also at once summoned and everything possible was done for the unfortunate woman, who is supposed to have been out foe some time and was only partly dressed.

        Mrs. Barnum was a bright, active woman of most kindly qualities who counted among her acquaintances many true friends. She was a loyal member of Pangburn woman's Relief Corps. Even the day before the unfortunate occurence she seemed as well as usual and was among the non-Catholics who attended the mission at St. Joseph's church Thursday evening. She was the widow of the late O. W. Barnum, of North Bangor, and had resided in that town all her life until coming to Malone seven or eight years ago, since which she had made her home in this village. She is survived by a step-son and step-daughter, Ward Barnum and Mrs. Elwin Tarbell, both of the town of Bangor, together with one brother, Hartwell Roach, of the same town, and six sisters. They are Mrs. Susan Austin, and Mrs. Martha Lord, of Malone; Mrs. Hattie Totman, of Brushton; Mrs. Edwin Spencor, of Fay; Mrs. Martin Roys, of Brandon, and Mrs. Lydia Garlick of Ellenburgh.


Notes for Mary Ann Roach Roys

The Malone Farmer, May 22, 1912

Sand Hill

Death of Mrs. Mary Ann Roys

        It is with a sad heart that we record the death of another of our oldest and most respected ladies. Saturday morning, May 18, 15 an early hour occurred the death of Mrs. Mary Ann Roys, wife of Martin Roys, at the advanced ate of 79 years. She fell and borke her hip more than a year ago and since that time had been in poor health, but was able to be about until a few days before her death Mrs. Roys maiden name was Roache. She was married to Martin Roys more than 60 years ago. She had been a resident of this place for nearly thirty years, where she will be greatly missed for her neighborly kindness. She leaves besides her aged husband, four children, Mrs. Charles Taylor, of Alburt; Mrs. Albert Orton, of Bangor; and Mrs Flor Gibson and Lyman Roys who lived with heir parents. Two brothers and four sisters survive. They are Amos Roche; who resides in the West; H. S. Roche of North Bangor; Mrs. C. H. Totman and Mrs. Susan Austin of, of Malone; Mrs. Lydia Garlie [sic] of Ellenburg, and Mrs. Oldie Spencer, of Bangor, who mourn the loss of a loving wife, mother and sister, and who have our heartfelt sympathy in this their hour of sorrow. The funeral will be held this (Monday) afternoon at 2 o'clock from the home. Interment in Sand Hill cemetery.


Notes for Susan Roach Austin

The Malone Farmer, May 29, 1912

        Austin - In Malone, May 22nd, after a couple months illness, Mrs. Susan Austin, aged 67 years.

        Mrs. Austin died at the home of her niece Mrs. George Ketcham, where she had been tenderly cared for. She was a lady of rare qualities of the heart and mind, the widow of the late G. J. Austin, of Bangor, who for years conducted a hottel [sic] there. Mrs. Austing had resided in Malone nearly all the time since the death of her husband and had many frineds here who mourn her decease. The funeral took place from the Ketcham home on Friday. Mrs. Austin is survived by two brothers and four sisters. They are H. S. Roach, of North Bangor; Amos Roach, of Nevada; Mrs Martha Wood, of Moira; Mrs. Oldis Spencer, of Fay; Mrs. C. H. Totman, of Malone, and Mrs. Wm. Garlick, of Ellenburg.


Notes for Martha Ann Roach Briggs Lord Woods

The Malone Farmer, March 12, 1913

Wood- In Malone, Mar. 10th, of paralysis, Mrs. Martha Wood, aged 75 years.

        Deceased was a former well-known resident of Moira and was held in high esteem by all her acquaintances. In this village she resided with her son, Warren J. Briggs, from whose home the funeral was held this morning. The remains were taken to No. Bangor for interment.


Notes for Harriet Roach Totman

The Malone Farmer, Apr 16, 1913

        Totman - In Malone, April 14th, after a long illness. Mrs. Harriet C. Totman, wife of Calvin H. Totman, aged 64 years.

        Mrs. Totman had been gradually failing for months and herlife hadbeen despairedof for weeks. She died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. George Ketcham, on Milwaukee street, with whom Mr. and Mrs. Totman had resided for several years, and all through her long illness was most tenderly cared for by Mr. and Mrs. Ketcham and her husband who survives her. She was born in Dickinson but nearly all her married life was spent in Brushton, where she was regarded with the highest esteem for her many sterling qualities. Her home there was alwayst the abode of hospitality and friend and stranger alike always found there a most kindly welcome. Since coming to Malone she had made many friends who held her in the same high regard as her neighbors in Brushton. She was in all things sympathetic and charitable, loyal and genuine in her Christian life and social relations. In Brushton she was an active member of the Christian church, and there and in Malone took deep interest in Relief Corps work, having united with Pangborn Relief Corps after her removal to this village. She will be deeply missed by her associates in the Corps. Only four of the large family of twelve children to which she belonged now survive. They are H. S. Roach, of North Bangor; Amos Roach, who resides in the West; Mrs. Oldis Spencer, of North Bangor, and Mrs. Lydia Garlick, of Ellenburgh. To these and to her husband and daughter the sympathy of all goes out in deep measure. The funeral takes place from the home this afternoon, Rev. J. R. Duffield officiating, and will be attended by the Relief Corps in a body.


Notes for Oldis Roach Spencer

NYS Death Index: Oldis A. Spencer, died 26 Dec 1920, Bangor, Franklin, NY

The Malone Farmer, Dec 29, 1920

Mrs. Oldis Spencer, an old and much beloved resident of this town passed away early Sunday morning from a complication of diseases, aged nearly 74 years. Mrs. Spencer had been a resident here many years and was highly esteemed by all who knew her. She was a worth member of... [the rest is illegible]


Notes for Amos Roach

Daily Independent, Elko, Nevada, Jan 28, 1887

        Mr. M. [Likely should be H.] S. Roach of Franklin County, New York, arrived here Tuesday morning expecting to find his brother, Amos Roach, still in business at this place, and was very much disappointed to learn that he had left here. Mr. Roach made this office a friendly visit yesterday and informed us of his intention to visit his brother previous to his return to New York, and for that purpose left by last evening's train for Idaho.

From various records:

        Amos Roach, b. Sep 1833, Toronto, Canada (widowed, 1900, divorced 1910), d. 5 Aug 1922, Mountain City, Elko, Nevada, married Matilda Christie, b. 1 Feb 1843, Oneida County, NY or Jackson, MI, d. 27 Jul 1927, Sparks, Washoe, Nevada. Amos immigrated about 1842/1845 to the US. He is found in the following census records:
1870 US Census: Elko, Elko, Nevada (under J. and Mary Roach)
1875 Nevada Census: Elko county, Nevada
1880 US Census: Pleasant Valley, Elko, Nevada
1900 US Census: Belt, Meagher, Montana (with son, William)
1910 US Census: Imlay, Humbolt, Nevada
1920 US Census: Mountain, Elko, Nevada
        He had the following children: (1) William Hartwell Roach, b. 27 Mar 1865, Honey Lake, California, d. 3 Mar 1943, Clearfield, Davis, Utah; (2) Blanche Jane Roach Watson, b. 20 May 1867, Milford, California, d. 28 Apr 1950, Reno, Washoe, Nevada, her usual residence was Sparks; (3) Lenora Roach Hollister, 6 Jun 1869, Humbolt Co., Nevada, d. 27 Jan 1948, Namps, Canyon, Idaho; (4) Lola Roach, b abt 1873; (5) Amos J. Roach, b. abt 1874; (6) Frank Roach, b. abt 1878.
        His son, William's, obituary states that William was a teamster in Yellowstone from 1882 to 1906. Amos was living with William in 1900 with a job as a teamster, in Belt, Montana, about 200 miles north of Yellowstone, where they owned a home. The census was recorded on the 1st of June 1900.

Notes for Lydia Roach Garlick

NYS Death Index: Lydia A. Garlick, died 19 Nov 1923, Ellenburg, Clinton, NY


Notes for Hartwell Samuel Roach

The Malone Farmer, Jan 14, 1925

North Bangor
The Passing of Civil War Veteran

        Hartwell s. Roach, civil war veteran and one of our oldest and best-known citizens, passed away at his home Friday morning at 6 o'clock after a brief illness, aged 85 years. Mr. Roach was born in Canada and came to Bangor to live with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Roach when four years of age and had lived in this and adjacent towns thereafter throughout his life. He was one of a family of ten daughters and two sons and was the last survivor of the family. They were all, like the subject of this sketch, rugged, good-hearted men and women, liked by everyone and worthy of the esteem which was always felt for them. Mr. Roach had a wide acquaintanceship throughout Franklin county and was known to his multitude of friends as generous and kind-hearted, ready at all times to give his aid and good will to any worthy object. Loyal and patriotic in the extreme, he was indeed a worthy citizen and one who will be greatly missed in the community where he had so long resided. Mr. Roach was a staunch Republican and after the recent presidential election was one from here to go to a celebration at Ft. Covington despite the fact that it was a very disagreeable night and many a great deal younger in years stayed by their firesides. His record as a soldier in the Civil War was most worthy. He was a member of Co. D. 142nd N.Y. Volunteers, and was known to all his comrades as a brave and gallant soldier, ever ready for all duty, no matter how hazardous. He was a member of Pangborn Post G. A. R., of Malone, and was honored and esteemed by his associates of the organization. During his service in the 142nd Regiment, Mr. Roach was a tentmate of Henry A. Miller of Malone. When the latter heard of his death he spoke of his old comrade in terms of appreciation and regard, as scenes and incidents of their army life together were realled to memory. Deceased leaves, besides his wife, Flora Gibson, two daughters and two sons; Mrs. May Jones, of Huron, S. D., Mrs. Ruby Hart, and Bert who reside at home, and Robert, who resides at Wagner, S. D. there are several nephews and nieces. They sympathy of the community is extended in faullest measure to all the surviving relatives. The funeral was held from the family home at four o'clock Sunday afternoon being postponed from 2 o'clock after getting a wire from the daughter, Mrs. Jones, saying she would arrive in Malone on the 3:45 train. Rev. A. R. Myers of the M. E. church officiated. Scott Hazen, a newphew, of Sherburne, N.Y.; Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Watt and son, Robert, of Deferiet, N.Y.; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stark, of Ellenburgh; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Orton and Mrs. Nellie Taylor, of Brushton; Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Flint, of Moira; C. H. Totman and daughter Mrs. Sue Ketcham. Clarence Mason, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Briggs and daughter, Leona, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wells and Mrs. Eddie Totman, of Malone, were present. Interment at the village cemetery. The house was filled to its utmost capacity with relatives and friends to pay their last token of respect to the departed.