One Sullivan Family

This family record is not complete. If you have further information or corrections, please email! I am not connected to this family, just found online sources with information. - Lisa K. Slaski

Peter Sullivan was born about 1810 in Ireland and died on 1 Jan 1885 in Malone, NY. He was married to Ann in Ireland. Ann was born about 1810 and died sometime before 14 Dec 1891. They brought their children to the U.S. about 1858 and settled by 1860 in Malone, Franklin County, NY, where they are then found in census records.

They had the following children:
Catherine "Kate" Sullivan, born Feb 1844, died after 1900, probably never married.
Hugh Sullivan, born about 1846, died 31 Oct 1885
Owen Sullivan, born about 1848 (1900 census states May 1850), died 19 Oct 1929
Ann Sullivan, born about 1850, ded before 14 Dec 1891
Bridget Sullivan, born about 1854, died before 14 Dec 1891

It may be that this family is the same as that of Ann (34?), Alise (15), Hugh (10), Owen (?), Anne (5), and Biddy (4 months) that landed at NYC on 10 Aug 1854 on the ship Sardinia (obviously, Peter would have come separately, if this is Ann and the children). Obviously, there is some inconsistency in the names and ages, and thus, I'm not positive that this is them, but it is a possibility.

Of their children: it appears that Catherine remained unmarried as she shows up as Catherine Sullivan on mortgages with her mother, and brother, Owen, after the death of her father (through 1892). She is also named as the only suriving heir, along with her brother, on probate records on 14 Dec 1891; and she is found, unmarried, on the 1900 census living with her brother Owen. Peter's son, Hugh, died in Sacramento, California in 1885, also unmarried. Another daughter, who married James Campbell, also likely died in 1885. Their son, Owen, was married and had quite a few children whom he raised in Malone.

The records which I found (all online sources):

1860 Federal Census, town of Malone, Franklin County, NY, enumerated 14 Jun 1860, by Francis Barry, P.O. Malone, NY, page 9
64, 64, Peter Sullivan, 48, m, laborer, -, 50, Ireland, cannot read or write
  Ann Sullivan, 47, f, Ireland, cannot read or write
  Cathrine Sullivan, 16, f, Ireland
  Hugh Sullivan, 14, m, Ireland, attends school
  Owen Sullivan, 12, m, Ireland, attends school
  Ann Sullivan, 10, f, Ireland, attends school
  Bridget Sullivan, 6, f, Ireland

1870 Federal Census, town of Malone, Franklin County, NY, enumerated 11 Jun 1870, by Paschal P. Paddock, P.O. Malone, NY, page 4
28, 29, Peter Sullivan, 60, m, farmer, 800, 215, Ireland, citizen
  Ann Sullivan, 60, f, keeping house, Ireland, cannot read or write
  Owen Sullivan, 23, m, farm laborer, Ireland, citizen
  Ann Sullivan, 18, f, domestic servant, Ireland
  Ellen Carlin, 70, f, at home, Ireland

Also Kate Sullivan, aged 25, born in Ireland, is listed as a Domestic Servant in the household of Elias Dewey in Malone and, Bridget Sullivan, aged 16, born in Ireland is listed as a Domestic Servant in the household of Wesley Johnson in Malone. I have not found Hugh in this census record.

1875 New York State Census, town of Malone, Franklin County, NY, enumerated 18 Jun 1870, by Francis Barry, P.O. Malone, NY, page 30
231, log, 40, 231, Peter Sullivan, 60, m, 800, 215, Ireland, naturalized, owner of land
  Ann Sullivan, 60, f, wife, Ireland
  Kate Sullivan, 27, f, dau, Ireland
  Owen Sullivan, 25, m, son, Ireland
  Ann Sullivan, 23, dau, f, Ireland
  Bridget, 21, dau, f, Ireland

1880 Federal Census, town of Malone, Franklin County, NY, enumerated 19 Jun 1870, by Lewie L. Sayles, P.O. Malone, NY, page 25
226, 233, Peter Sullivan, 68, m, farmer, 800, 215, Ireland, Ireland, Ireland
  Ann Sullivan, 68, f, wife, keeping house, Ireland, Ireland, Ireland
  Owen Sullivan, 28, m, son, works on farm, Ireland, Ireland, Ireland
  George Campbell, 2, m, grandson, NY, NY, NY
  Ann Sullivan, 24, f, son [sic], at home, Ireland, Ireland, Ireland

Also Hugh Sullivan, aged 34, born in NY (parents born in Ireland) is listed as a laborer in Brighton, Sacramento County, CA. Also, Bridget, aged 24, and Katherine Sullivan, aged 30, both single, are listed as working in a Woolen factory and residing in the household of Manly Black in Malone, NY.

From probate records: on 1 Jan 1885, Peter Sullivan died.

It appears that one of their daughters died early in 1885:

Franklin Gazette., May 22, 1885, Page 3

South Malone, May 20, 1885
Mrs. Jas. Campbell who is living with her brother, Owen Sullivan, in the McGiveny district, is very low with consumption and not expected to live.

This is likely the mother of George Campbell who appears in the 1880 census with Peter. As Catherine is alive at the time of the execution of her father's probate in 1891, and Ann is living with Peter, it is likely that it is Bridget who married James Campbell, but there is a small chance that it was either Catherine or Ann who did so.

Their son, Hugh, died in Sacramento, California on 31 Oct 1885 and is buried in the Sacramento City cemetery. He is first found on voter lists in 1880 in Sacramento and gave proof of his father's citizenship in order to gain voting rights. These voter lists provide an approximate birth year (by his age) of 1844-1845.

Franklin Gazette, 13 Nov 1885

The following letter received by the poastmaster at this place explains itself.

Sacramento, Cal. Nov. 2, 1885
Dear Sir: Enclosed find notice of the death of Hugh Sullivan, also the coroner's inquest. From his letters we find that he was a resident, formerly of your town. Also that he has a mother and sister living at or near there. I saw that he had a decent burial and will advise his relatives if required of any information I am possessed of
Yours Respectfully,
W. L. Sullivan

His Death and Inquest
Coroner Clark this afternoon received information that a man had fallen from a load of hay on the Norris Grant, about half way between the bridge and Arcade, and was run over and killed. Inquiry reveals the fact that the man's name was Hugh Sullivan, a native of New York, aged 38 years. An inquest was held and the evidence showed that the deceased fell from a load of hay and broke his neck.

A Decrees in Administration filed on 14 Dec 1891 for the probate of Peter Sullivan states that the only heirs are Owen Sullivan and Catherine Sullivan.

Franklin Gazette., March 25, 1892

Mortgage Sale

Default having been made in the conditions of a certain mortgage upon real property situated within the State of New York whereby the power to sell has become operative.

Notice is hereby given that said mortgage, which is dated the twenty-fifth day of January, 1886, and is recorded in the office of the Clerk of the County of Franklin, at Malone Village, N.Y., on the twenty-ninth day of January, 1886, at 3 o'clock p.m., in Liber 43 (or 48?) of Morgages, at page 135, was given by Owen Sullivan and Mary Ann Sullivan, mortgagors, to Silas A. Ferguson, mortgagee.

The sum claime to be due upon the said mortgage at the time of the first publication of this notice is six hundred and forty-five dollars and forty cents.

The following is a description of the mortgages property contained in said mortgage: All that tract or parcel of land situate in the town of Malone, aforesaid, and being the one-third part of about eighty-six acres and being in subdivisions Nos 1 and 2, in Great Lot 14, Township No. 9, the division of the same so to be made so that the said one-third part shall include the house and outbuildings now being on the same. For a more full and specific description of said premises reference is made to a certain deed from Ellen Carlon to Peter and Owen Sullivan, July 21, 1864, which deed also was recorded in book 37 of Deeds at page 262. Also all that tract or parcel of land situate in the town of Malone aforesaid, and is part of Lot No 24, Township 9, and being part of subdivision one of said lot and bounded on the north by lands owned by Patrick O'Brien, on the west by the highway, on th south by Bartlett Trainor's land and part of subdivision No 4 in said Lot 24 and on the east by subdivision No. 2 of said Lot 24, containing 49 65-100 acres more or less.

Pursuant to the power of sale contained therein, the said mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale of the said mortgaged property, or a part thereof, at public auction, at the fornt door of the Court House, in the Village of Malone, County of Franklin, New York on the thirtieth day of April, 1892, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of that day. - Dated and suscribed at Malone Village, N.Y., this fifth day of February, 1892.

Albert Hobbs, Attorney for Mortgagee.
Malone, N.Y.

The Malone Palladium, May 19, 1892

Mortgage Sale - Mortgagor, Owen Sullivan. Mortgagees, Catherine Sullivan and Annie Sullivan. Mortgage dated June 14, 1884. Recordedi n the Franklin County Clerk's Office on the 28th day of October, 1884, in Liber 40 of Mortgages at page 407. The interest of the said Annie Sullivan in said mortgage was duly assigned and transferred to the said Catherine Sullivan prior to the 27th day of January, 1892.

That on the 27th day of January, 1892, the said mortgage and all moneys due thereon was duly assigned to Matthew E. Lynch. Said assignment was recorded in the Franklin County Clerk's Office on the 10th day of February, 1892, in Book 54 of mortgages.

The amount claimed to be due on said mortgage at the time of the first publication of this notice is $1,488.95, which is the whole amount unpaid thereon. Default having been made in the payment of the moneys secured by said mortgage, notice is hereby given that according to the statute in such case made and provided and by virture of a power of sale contained in and recorded with said mortgage, the said mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale of the premises therein described, and the same will be sold at public auction on the second day of July, 1892, at ten o'clock in the forenoon at the front door of the Court House in Malone, N.Y. No suit of proceeding at law or otherwise has been commenced to recover the amount secured by said mortgage or any part thereof.

Said premises are described as follows: All that parcel of land situate in Malone, Franklin County, N.Y., being part of lot 24 in Township 2, Great Tract one of Macomb's Purchase, and designated on a map of said Township made by James Frost in 1827 as part of subdivision No. one of said lot 24, and is bounded on the north by lands of Patrick O'Brien, on the west by the highway, on the south by lands of Barlett Trainor, and part of subdivision No. 4 in said lot 24, and on the east by subdivision No. 2 in said lot 24 and containting 49 and 65 hundredths acres of land more or less - Dated April 7, 1892.

Matthew E. Lynch
Assigneed of Mortgage
Cantwell & Cantwell, Attorneys.

1900 Federal Census, Malone Township, Franklin County, NY
Owen Sullivan, May 1850, Ireland, married 17 years, imm. 1858, farmer, parents born in Ireland
Georgeia Sullivan, wife, born Aug 1859, NY, married 17 years, 8 children and all surviving, parents born in Ireland
Ann Sullivan, dau, born Oct 1885, NY
John Sullivan, son, born May 1888, NY
Mary Sullivan, dau, born Aug 1889, NY
Cathrine Sullivan, dau, born Sep 1890
Edward Sullivan, son, born Nov 1891, NY
William Sullivan, son, born Jul 1893, NY
James Sullivan, son, born Jul 1894, NY
Henry Sullivan, son, born Aug 1895, NY
Cathrine Sullivan, sister, born Feb 1844, Ireland, imm. 1857, parents born in Ireland

One more child appears to have been born to Owen, a son, George, about 1902, first showing up in the 1905 NYS census. There is an obituary for him in 1918, as well. In the same 1905 census, Owen's sister, Catherine, is not found and no further records are found online for her.

Tupper Lake Herald and Adirondack Mountain Press, Tupper Lake, NY, Thursday, 31 Oct 1929

Owen Sullivan, 85, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. John McCarthy, south of St. Regis Falls, Saturday, October 19th, having been ill with pneumonia for two weeks. The funeral was held the following Monday morning at St. Mary's Church, burial in St. Joseph's cemetery, Malone. Mr. Sullivan was born in Ireland and came to this country when a small boy with his parents, the late Peter and Mary Sullivan. His wife died a number of years ago. He was a farmer by occupation and conducted a farm south of Malone until ten years ago when on account of age and feeble health he retired and came here to live with his daughter. Seven other children survive among whom is James Sullivan, manager of the Altamont hotel at Tupper Lake, who attended the funeral of his father.

There is much more information available on Owen and his family, owing to the fact that the newspapers of his time and that of his children's times printed more obituaries, marriage announcements, etc., about family in the area than they did prior to the early 1900s.