First Assessment Roll of Malone

Source: The Malone Palladium, Thursday, May 14, 1903

As a civic, territorial division of New York State, Malone is now a little more than 98 years old. On March 2d, 1805, it was erected, as Harison, from the town of Chateaugay, Clinton county. The town of Harison (Malone) then embraced all that part of the present county of Franklin now included in the towns of Altamont, Bangor, Bombay, Brandon, Brighton,,Constable, Dickinson, Duane, Fort Covington, Harrietetown, Malone, Moira, Santa Clara, Waverly, and Westville, or all of Great Tract No. 1, MaCombe Purchase, and the Indian reservation.

The first assessment roll for the town was recently found by a member of the Historical Society. The Assesors were Appleton Foot, James Mason and Silas Cushman, and they completed the roll on July 5th, 1805. They were good men and true, but when we see how they wormed from every taxpayer the secret of his last dollar it isn't strange that another lot of assessor were elected the next year. The wonder is that Messrs. Cushman, Foot and Mason were not slaughtered by the settlers.

Here are a few entries of the personal column: $10, $16, $15, $18, $36, $63, $95, and $99.

Of the 140 taxpayers, 123 had farms, and 17 paid small personal taxes. As majority of the farmers held their lands on contracts, and only 75 of them had erected houses.

There were then three mills in the town-Asaph Perry's, at Constable, Appleton Foot's, at Moira, and Nathan Wood's, at Malone village. The latter mill was afterwards owned by Hiram Horton.

One physician, Dr. Carpenter, was taxed. These are the names of the pioneers:-

John Allen
B. Ames
William Anderson
Cone Andrus
Chrtstopher Austin
Ira Baker
John Barnes
Barnabas Barnum
David Bates
Oliver Bell
Joseph Berean
Ebenezer Berry
Jehiel Berry
Rufus Berry
William Bewil
Ezekiel Blanchard
Nathaniel Blanchard
Walter Blanchard
William Bott
Oliver Brewster
Amasa Brown
John Brown
Ebenezer Brownson
Timothy Brownson
Robert Burkhanman
Jonn Cadwell
Dr. Carpenter
Lemuel Chapman
Nathaniel Chase
Jesse Chipman
Jonathan Clark
Abel Conger
Noel Conger
Eleazer Cook
Solomon Cook
William Cooper
Gabriel Cornish
Abram Cushman
Silas Cushman
David Danforth
Gad Daniels
Aaron Dayton
Gardner Dickinson
Stoughton Dickinson
Stephen Dunning
Daniel Edson
Daniel Eldredge
Isaac Fairchild
Samuel Fletcher
Thomas Fletcher
Appelton Foot
Luther Ford
Samuel Foster
Lot Foster
Stevenson Fruman
Ira Gates
Jonathan Hapgood
Stephen Hawley
Stephen Hickok
Jonathan Holt
Harry S. House
Elisha Johnson
Silas Johnston
Joseph Jones
Elijah Keeler
Reuben Keeler
Benjamin Knowlton
Apollas Lathrop
James Lawrence
Jonathan Lawrence
Nathan Lawrence
Nehmiah Lawrence
Noah Lee
Walker Linsley
Abraham Livingston
John Livingston
Ezra Loomis
Israel Lyman
David Lynch
Abon Man
Alric Man
James Mason
William Mason
Donal McLean
zebluon Mead
Charles Miller
Noah Moody
Charles Moses
Joel Norton
Ezekiel Pain
Lemuel Palmer
Timothy Palmer
Joseph Plumb
Samuel Peck
John B. Perishan
Asaph Perry
Solomon Plumb
John Potter
Smith Purdy
Jesse Purse
John Read
Joseph Rew
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Rows
--- Rupoyez
Calvin Russell
Samuel Sanborn
James Seaton
Benjamin Seeley
Enos Silsbee
Samuel Silsbee
Artemas Smith
Benjamin Smith
John Smith
David Sperry
Anthony Sprague
Abijah Stowers
Nathan Stowers
John Thomas
Isaiah Tilden
Rufus Tilden
Reuben Tucker
Chester Tuller
Abraham Wallace
Ezra Wallace
William Wares
Timothy Welch
James Welsh
Asa Wheeler
Truman Wheeler
Isaac Whilply
Abner Whipple
David Whipple
Roswell Wihocks
Luther Winslow
Nathan Wood
Enos Wood
John Wood
Joseph Wright
Knoch Young