War of 1812 Veterans: Introduction

The following list contains the names of about 440 men who lived in Franklin Co. NY and belonged to militia units or the US Army during the War of 1812. The list was derived from several sources:

- Seaver's 1918 History of Franklin Co. contains the transcription of several muster rolls of NYS militia which he copied from records in Albany. He missed several men who belonged to the same companies but during different time frames. He also completely missed the companies led by Aseph Perry of Constable.

- the NYS Archives in Albany has some transcriptions of pay rolls, and also has a book of claims against the State. Starting in the 1850's, men could claim money for clothing and equipment used or lost during the war, and there is an index to these claims in Albany

- Virgil D. White indexed the pension and bounty land claims for all soldiers of the War of 1812. This index was a huge help in finding soldiers who had applied for pensions, even though some men had left NY decades earlier. Once these names were found, their pensions were examined in Washington at the National Archives. Some of the pensions yielded very little information, but others listed maiden names of wives, and other family information. It was the wealth of personal information which originally seemed to make this a worthwhile project. Early marriage and birth records in northern NYS are almost non-existent, so finding the marriage dates and birthdates of children justified the time spent in poring over the pension applications

- the National Archives also has a collection of some of the original muster and pay rolls for these militia units, and some of these rosters contained names which were missing from other lists.

- surrogate records at the Franklin Co. courthouse in Malone were examined to find dates of death, survivors' names etc.

- the Franklin Historical Society has a fairly extensive card file system, as well as cemetery and other resources which were examined to help find birth,marriage and death information on the soldiers.

- Duane Hurd's 1880 book on the history of Clinton and Franklin Cos. lists a few soldiers, but also lists a few who do not seem to show up on any official lists. These men were included in case their records were overlooked

- the 1860 census of Franklin Co. was also used as a source to get approximate ages and birthplaces of some of the soldiers and their families

There may be a few men whose names did not get listed here, but the majority of the militia soldiers will be found on the list. There are also a few men who may be listed twice due to spelling or transcription errors.

The maiden names of 143 wives were included and those wives also appear in the index . Some men have only the first name of their wife listed. However, a genealogist may find even just the first name to be helpful when doing a family search

The names which appear in bold print are the men who have pension papers on file in Washington DC. Those files have not yet (as of 1999) been microfilmed, so it is necessary to either go to Washington to view them, or to pay to have the records photocopied.

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