Hotel Keepers and Stores in 1866

Transcribed by Lisa Slaski

The following is a list of people and/or business names for those who obtained a license for the operation of a hotel or store within the county. It is a transcription from a report to the board of supervisors, though I have alphabetized the lists of names.

Source: Journal of Proceedings, Volume 1866, by Franklin County (N.Y.). Board of Legislators

The Annual Report of the Commissioners of Excise for the year 1866, was presented and read as follows:

To the Board of Supervisors of the County of Franklin - the Commissioners of Excise in and for the County of Franklin respectfully report to your honorable body, that they have received as Commissioners of excise for licenses granted by them and for fines received during the year eighteen hundred and sixty-six (1866) the sum os sixteen hundred and ninety-five dollars.

That they have granted licenses during said year under section 2 of the act entitled an act to suppress intemperance, pauperism and crime, passed April 16th, 1857, to the following named person, keepers of hotels, for the sums set opposite their names respectively, to wit:

B. Aldrich,            Moira,          $30.00
Jonas G. Barnery,      Bangor,         $30.00
Eugene H. Bently,      Bangor,         $30.00
Elias Bowker,          Bombay,         $30.00
John Burke,            Bombay,         $30.00
James Caul,            Fort Covington, $30.00
Moses A. Dustin,       Dickinson,      $30.00
James W. Elliott,      Bombay,         $30.00
A. R. Flanagan,        Malone,         $50.00
Michael Griffin,       Moira,          $30.00
Silas W. Hatch,        Chateaugay,     $35.00
H. H. Hinman,          Dickinson,      $30.00
J. L. Hogle,           Malone,         $30.00
Cyrus Holcomb,         Chateaugay,     $30.00
Elizha Hollister,      Westville,      $30.00
Timothy Ladd,          Chateaugay,     $35.00
Jas. Lawrence,         Moira,          $30.00
Ebenezer Leonard,      Westville,      $30.00
Henry Lord,            Burke,          $30.00
Clark Mulholland,      Bangor,         $30.00
C. C. Pease,           Malone,         $40.00
William J. Russell,    Bombay,         $30.00
Wm. W. Shedd,          Fort Covington, $30.00
Frank W. Stoughton,    Fort Covington, $30.00
Cornelius P. Toby,     Constable,      $30.00
Nelson Wiley,          Westville,      $30.00
Ezra F. Williams,      Fort Covington, $30.00

They also granted store licenses to the following named persons, to wit:

J. F. Amsden,          Malone,         $40.00
Charles Burke,         Moira,          $30.00
Michael Devine,        Malone,         $40.00
Henry W. Hall,         Chateaugay,     $30.00
Heath & Breed,         Malone,         $40.00
Hughes & Fitzpatrick,  Chateaugay,     $35.00
Allen Hinman,          Bangor,         $30.00
James Law,             Malone,         $40.00
M. P. & S. Lewis,      Malone,         $40.00
H. S. Lyon,            Moira,          $30.00
J. Mahoney,            Chateaugay,     $30.00
N. J. McCaffrey,       Malone,         $40.00
C. McDermott,          Malone,         $40.00
Michael Mead,          Fort Covington, $30.00
O. V. Mitchell,        Burke,          $30.00
John Myers,            Malone,         $40.00
Paul Premo,            Malone,         $40.00
Thos. Shaughnessey,    Malone,         $40.00
F. W. Smith,           Chateaugay,     $30.00
S. Titus,              Malone,         $40.00
Phillip W. Tulley,     Malone,         $40.00
E. H. Wilcox,          Malone,         $40.00

For penalties received as follows:

J. Burke,              Bombay,         $50.00

The Commissioners further report and represent that they have paid into the County Treasurer's office the amount of money received by them for licenses and penalties, the sum of sixteen hundred and ninety-five dollars, ($1695). All of which is respectfully submitted.
D. D. Keeler,
J. W. Kimball,
William S. Douglas,