Franklin Academy Graduates 1862-1917

Source: The Malone Farmer, 24 Jun 1931, page 3 and 1 July 1931, page 3. The list is continued on page 6 of 1 July 1931, but many names are difficult to read from 1918 to 1920. The article continues to 1931, but I stopped transcribing at 1917.

Updated 5 Oct 2019: site visitor Carolyn Hyde Warfel sent in class names and photos for 1918 and 1919 which have been added to this page.

Graduates of Franklin Academy for Long Period, (Courtesy Malone Evening Telegram)

During its century of existence thousands of men and women have received valuable education at Franklin Academy and of these many have later rizen to prominence, both in Malone and other cities.

Through records at the high schoool and a list received through F. L. Turner of Westport, from Mrs. Nettie Parker, a former local resident, it has been possible to compile a list of the graduates of the school from 1862 up to the present time, the list being complete with the exception of three years - 1886, 1869 and 1871.

The record shows that six students were graduated in 1862 from the Academy. This number was never greatly exceeded in the earlier years of the school. In the year 1868 there were only two graduates. the number rose to more than twice the usual average in 1863 when a class of fourteen received diplomas. The rise from then on was steady and in 1916 a class of sixty students was graduated from the school.

Graduates of Franklin Academy.

The following is a list of the graduates of Franklin Academy from 1862 to the present time, complete with the exception of three years - 1866, 1869 and 1871.

Helen M. Bicknell, Malone
Frances S. Clark
Marion H. Martin, now Mrs. Chandler Thomas
Eleanor L. Merriam
Mary L. Smith
Sybil P. Winchester, later Mrs. Henry Merriam, Malone

F. Julia Hoit
Martha J. Hitchcock
Emily J. Merriam
Hannah E. Wells later Mrs. H. T. French, Malone
Mary Flanders later Mrs. Edwin Sawyer, Ellenburgh
Amelia Taylor, Malone
P. H. Childs, Detroit

Roxana Chandler, later Mrs. Seymour Holland, Skerry
Esther Keeler, later Mrs. Sanford Child.

James E. White
Sam A. C. Atwood
Wallace W. Williamson
Sarah M. Beebe
Ella R. Child
Williamine S. Child, Malone
Emma N. Bemiss
Alta S. Haskell
Mary D. H. Lewis

1866 - missing

T. T. Hoyt [Thomas T. Hoyt, d. 12 Sep 1867 in Ellenburgh, obit: 19 Sep 1867, page 2]
Laureston A. Merriam
Wm. McKenzie, Burke
Lucy M. Keeler
Clara E. Parmelee, Malone
Theodora H. Culver
Chas. K. Wead
Chester H. Wead
Lucius E. Felton
Helen M. McGowan
Libbie A. Andrus
Emma C. Stinson
Hattie S. Evans later Mrs. Hattie Deuel, Malone
Alice L. Greeno
Emma E. Sabin
Ada M. Beebe

Frances G. Martin, later Mrs. Joseph Wright, Malone
Josephine P. Leibermann, later Mrs. Wm. Creed

1869 - missing

Mary E. Rider, Malone
E. Vernette Haskell
Alice E. Hobbs, later Mrs. Walter Mears, Malone
Fannie A. Shepard

1871 - missing

W. C. Skinner
W. W. Gay
Miss E. M. Tully
F. N. Jewett
G. W. King

Mary E. Moses, later Mrs. N. H. Munsill, Malone
Hattie E. keeler
Lizzie Culver
Floyd G. Hadley

Ira D. Beman
Sarah Diantha Palmer
Gordon H. Main, Malone
Nellie M. Durkee
Albert A. Babcock

Emma Morse
Alice Knapp, later Mrs. Ed. Knowlton, Malone
Hattie Knapp
Fred D. Shepard, Aintab, Turkey
Nellie Webster

Willis H. Moses
Delia M. Dewey, later Mrs. E. E. Harris, Brushton
Sarah M. Brewster, Malone
Sarah H. Webster

Cora Ballard
Eva Abbott
Bessie Skinner, later Mrs. Jay Ballard, malone

Benjamin S. Harmon
Wm. P. Cantwell
John I. Southwick
Mary E. Parmelee, Malone
Jennie A. Whyte

Wm. A. Jones
Cora N. Baldwin
Fred G. Paddock
W. A. Gardiner
Fannie H. Thompson
F. C. Hastings
Minnie H. Currier
Addie L. Clark
Julia A. Dickey later Mrs. Ira Drake, Malone
Hulda Palmer, Malone

Andrew Gardiner
Delia A. Child, later Mrs. H. S. Delong, Malone
Bessie M. Gilbert
Clara ryder

Frank D. Allen
Chas. C. Arnold
Halbert D. Stevens, Malone
Wm. H. Carlin
Cyrus W. King

Wm. P. Badger, Malone
Elmer F. Botsford, Plattsburgh
Elmer G. Shepard
Wm K. Ferguson, Algona, Iowa
Burrel J. Howard
John W. Knapp

Chas. F. Fury
Geo. B. Mallon
Louis V. Hubbard
Bertha L. Paddock, Malone
Agnes L. Brand
Martha J. Field later Mrs. n. M. Sabourin, Malone
Emma C. Clark
Georgiana E. Clark
Sarah E. Cooley, Malone
Helen A. currier
Clara M. Darling
Sarah T. Meigs
Alice M. Wood, now Mrs. Wm. Wheeler, Fay
Willard D. Warner, Malone

Fred L. Allen
Wm. A. Beebe
Frank E. Badger
John M. Cantwell, Malone
Abbie J. Harlow
Henry H. Reynolds
Wallace C. Short, Malone
Gertrude F. thompson
Amander E. Beebe, McMillan, Wis.
Stephen H. Crossman
Fred M. Whyte
Thusa J. Adams
Agnes C. Haskell, Malone
Mary F. Buttoph, now Mrs. C. C. Morgan, Malone
Selina ryder
Geo. S. Crossman, Malone
Anna M. Heath
Clarence a. Hastings
Alice L. Hyde, Malone
Addie A. Livingston
Mary J. Whyte, later Mrs. C. Ellis, Malone

Michael S. Gallivan
Eldred N? James?
Edward L. Stevens
Arthur H? Stratton?
Etta M. Burnham now Mrs. S. D. P. Williams, Ogdensburg
May L. Greeno, Malone
Walter H. Merriam
Richard F. Pierce
Charles A. Sawyer
Mattie E. Soper
Helen A. Willard, now Mrs. W. H. Lillis, Malone
S. D. P. Williams, Ogdensburg
May E. Blanchard
Geo. H. Claflin
Carrie E. Orcutt, malone
Herbert H. Reynolds.

Chas. W. Tooke
Wm. P. Earle, Malone
Edw. L. Fallows
Carrie E. Fisk, later Mrs. E. S. James, Clinton, Iowa
Clara A. Hastings
Carrie E. Morgan, now Mrs. Wm. Badger, Malone
Hattie M. sawyer
Chas. M. Caldwell
Fred F. Fisk, Malone
Jessie M. Broughton, Malone
Eva M. Clark, later Mrs. Fred Hastings
May L. Cornish now Mrs. Guy C. Dewey
Minnie L. Davis, Tarrytown, N.Y.

Robert A. Ashworth, Minerva, N.Y.
Geo. P. Bryant
Burton J. Mosier
Addie C. Caldwell, Malone
Minnie J. Flanagan, Malone
Josephine P. Gilbert
Louis M. King
Jessie G. Williamson, alter Mrs. Carr, Malone
Julia M. Davis
James H. Enright
Millie M. Folsom now Mrs. Chas. Symonds, Malone
M. Gertrude French now Mrs. Herbert Hale, Malone
Hattie A. Hapgood now Mrs. Dr. Grant, malone
Ada L. Hardwood
Helen A. Hayes
Josephine L. Lawrence, malone
Alex. A. McKenzie
Agnes T. Reilly, Malone
Ida A. Ryder
Leonard C. Andrus
Carrie A. Bemis
Minnie R. Burch now Mrs. Frank Sherwin, Malone
Flora J. Hadley, now Mrs. Henry Spencer, Malone
G. Herbert Hale, Malone
Wm. H. McKenna
Lucius C. Pease
Burton L. Reynolds
Lizzie M. Sargent
May B. Stepehens [sic]

John S. Bizel, Malone
Walter J. Mallon, Malonee [sic]
Millie M. Webster
Clinton L. Ames, Malone
Andrew B. Cooney
Anna D. Huntington
Chas. R. McKenzie
Minnie E. Hinds, Malone
Hattie F. James
Carrie F. Pease
Metta A. Vaughan, later Mrs. Olney, Malone

Wm. C. Breed
Calvin H. French
Dwight D. Harmon
Robert C. Stevens
Frank W. Thomas

Ola M. LaLime, New York city
Hattie E. Carlisle
Frank E. Sawyer
S. Mae Hapgood
James E. Carroll
Maria H. James
Leslie M. Saunders, Dickinson
Herbert H. Seaver
Wallace M. Hurlburt
Anna M. McDonald later Mrs. F. Murphy, Malone
George J. Savage
Floyd G. Shufelt, Malone
May M. Badger, Malone
John D. Finnigan
Cyntia H. Hastings, later Mrs. Amander Beebe, McMillan, Wis.
Agnes M. Wilding, Malone

Nita Dustin, Malone
Chas. S. Smith
Howard D. Hadley
Georgia H. Wood
Laura Andrus
Laura E. Brennan
Harry M. Chamberlain
Marian M. Croff
Kate A. Kennedy
Theresa J. Kennedy, Malone
Emma Lawrence
Geo. M. Lincoln, malone
Veda M. Lyon, Fort Covington
Carrie Sallinger
Herbert J. Wilson

Annie E. Aubrey, later Mrs. H. P. Langdon, East Constable
Allie Kibbe
Wm. P. O. Slack, Malone
Letitia Young, Malone

Gertrude L. Chesley, Malone
Mabel Chesley, Malone
Litz Dustin, Malone
Allison G. Folsom
Lola A. Saunders
Alfred T. Sperry
Emma Jean Hawkins, Malone
Timothy P. Holland
Geo. M. Sabin
John B. Creighton
Orland W. Vaughan
Gilbert Young
Mary Clark
Agnes Plumb, later Mrs. Henry Allen
Nettie E. Parker, Flint, Mich.

Florence C. Mallon, Malone
Wm. L. Allen
Fred F. Lincoln
Lucy Child, Malone
Nellie Burnham, Ann Arbor, Mich.
Nellie G. Hutchins, Malone
Luella Andrus, Malone
Stella Ayres
Ella M. Avery, now Mrs. C. Duprey, Malone
Mattie R. Aubrey
Metta R. Chapman, Burke

Martha L. Seaver, Cynthia Van Ornum
Maud C. French
Maude E. McClary, then of Malone
Isabella J. Stark
Adelaide M. Weeks
Arthur F. Rhinehart
Moses H. Burno, Malone
Roy A. Briggs
Dennis D. Daly, Syracuse University

Martha H. Leach, Malone
Laura L. Brand
Florence C. Adams
Bertram W. Berry, Malone
Charles Briggs
Thomas C. Lynch
John E. Merriam, Malone
Bernard H. Taylor
Stacy D. Williamson, Syracuse University

John M. Tuggey, Union College
Julia M. Carroll, Plattsburgh
Lillian M. Hayes, Malone
Jessie C. Murphy
Cornelia B. Arnold, Syracuse University
Ella W. Plumb, Dresden Station, N.Y.
Mary I. Whipple, Malone
M. Etta Lahey, Malone
Josephine M. Munger, Malone
Anna C. Keeler, Malone
Mabel L. Lyon, Brushton
Margaret C. Miller, Syracuse University
Howard C. Hapgood
Florence W. McCarthy
Frank J. Robinson, Malone
Fredus H. Wilcox
Fred W. McKenzie
Wm. Philip
Aloney Rust, now of Malone.

Frank E. Fisk, Syracuse University
Mabel L. Hawley, Malone
James E. Price
Herbert D. A. Donovan, Fort Covington
Caroline A. Carpenter, Malone
Minnie C. Ross, Potsdam
Ella L. Wright, Malone
Edw. D. Creed, Malone
Parke Erwin
Wm. A. McGrath
Floy F. Whitney

Bailey Barton Burritt
Howard Wm. Taylor
Carrie Luella Burrit
Edith F. Cooney
Maude L. Eldred?
Edith M. Plumb
Grace A. Plumb
Erwin H. Learned?
Nelson F. McClary
Albert D? Spencer

James McVicker Breed
Harry Day Everett
James Berry, Kilburn
Lamont Lawrence Warren
Maud Ann Eliza Slater
Stephen Clayton Sumner
Bessie Maria Berry
Bertha Vilas Knapp
Earl Eugene Boardway
Walter Palmer Keeler
Louise Ella Kelley
Winifred McDermott
Josephine E. Warren
William Henry Gray
Lucius L. Palmer
Oeril C. Turner
Mary E. Carlisle
Alice M. Gleason

William Edward Cameron
Edna Frances Carter
Arthur Eugene McClary
Louise H. Flanders Merritt
Howard Thompson Whipple
Bessie Pearl Vaughan
Wallace King Belding
Lulu Fidelia Hadley\Mary Anna Lynch
Alice Louise Plumb
Edith Lucertia Buell

Frederick Reynolds Belding
Marica Norma Dalphin
Frederick William McSorley
Abigail maude Estabroks
Elizabeth Mabel Harwood
Nancy Alta Howe
Nettie Alice Leonard
Edward G. Whipple
Luida Moe Foote
Samuel Levy
Elsie Carlisle Smith
John Augustus Covey
Cleophas Philip Morgan
Guy Foster Whipple
Angie Weed Nokes

Florence Bessie Boyce
Jessie Delilah Child
Harriett Marian Conley
Ethel Marian Hadley
Elizabeth Furness Hawley
Harold Webster Lawrence
Alice Laure Whitney
Grace May Gibson
Frances Meigs Whipple
Clifford Adolphus Oakes
Midred Lydia Barry
Florence Palmer Kearns
Alice Melda McCarthy
Sybil Edith Sherwood
Francis Barry Cantwell
Harry Sherburne House
Ralph Burt Leonard
Elizabeth Mary Foy
Laura Marian Gregg
Grace A. MacMillan
Abbie Jennette Nokes
Florence L. Saunders
Eunice Blanche Walbridge
Jessie Gertrude Wright
Emma Alma Van Ornum
Hubert Sage Carter
William H. Degon
Edward Douglass Kilburn
James Rutherford
Joseph Frechette

Katherine S. Buttrick
Margaret J. Elliott
Mabel A. Ferris
Caroline L. French
Delia K. Thompson
Carl W. Clark
D. Alton Davis
Bonta M. Keeler
Robert C. Huntington
Claude Hutchins
Leroy M. Kellas
John C. Kelley
Leon L. Turner
Minnie J. Hogle
Beatrice S. Moore
Ella C. Paddock
Annabel L. Smallman
Hugh D. Beebee
George H. Brand
Louise Gray
Martha W. Hawley
George H. Houston
Fred E. O'Neil
Florence R. Skinner
Henry R. Stickney

William T. French
Harold G. O'Neil
Blanche E. Dickinson
Belle F. Dustin
Eva M. Elliott
Edith V. Fay
Elizabeth C. Finan
Harry J. P. Hadley
Jessie E. Harrigan
Daisy W. LaLime
Frank S. Law
Gladys R. McArthur
Mary L. Gibson
Laura E. Drake
George A. Hastings
Minnie E. Holmes
Elsie E. JOnes
Alice R. Kilburn
Martha A. Lytle
A. Inman Marshall
Saide C. Palmer
Albert E. H. Plumb
M. Erma Scanlon
Maude L. Bonin
L. Blanche Casey
Albert E. Paddock
A. Bruce Rutherford
William C. Smith
Myra I. Wood
Florence M. Hyde

Grace Gertrude Boyce
Anna Madeleine Currier
Sarah Mable Hickok
Ethel Louise Rider
Hazel May Brush
Louva Hastings Harmon
Earl C. MacArthur
Florence Anna McDermott
Annie Leonora Foy
Edward Miller Fay
Winfield Scott Gray
Kate Lucretia Humphrey
Kenneth E. Huntington
Bessie Charlotte Hyde
Florence Parker Miller
Archie S. Merrill
Stella Celestia Mott
Edith Agnes Plumb
Eva M. Berry
Marion Frances Wright
Mary Lillian Sabourin
Frances White
Benjamin Harmon Dudley
Marcia Mae Eestabroks
Albert Lyman Hyde
Helen Winifred Kelley
Winnifred Mary McGillic
Jean Marion McKenzie
Albert D. Merrill
Eugene L. Moe
George B. Norris
Maurice William Plumb
Minnie Gertrude Boyce
Bessie Mae Daggett
George H. Frechette

R. Allan Everett
Mary Emitie Hadley
Maude Edith Hyde
Clara Laura Clark
Elizabeth M. Mannix
Ray L. Merrill
Anna M. Allen
Bessie Adelaide Boardway
Vera G. A. Bonin
Humphrey T. Buttrick
Jay E. Meeker
George A. Thomas

Harold J. Aubrey
Edith M. Harwood
Gertrude B. Hickok
Darius Watts Lawrence
Helen Elizabeth Merriman
Mary Elizabeth O'Rourke
Julia M. Paddock
Gladys Erskin Thomas
Benjamin Roy Allison
Charles Richardson Whipple
Harry Monroe Bicknell
Henry J. Bigelow
Cassie Emily Cooper
Elizabeth Everett
Maude Catherine Murphy
Clarence J. Patrick
Laura A. Patrick
Alice Eudora Wood
Bessie Marie Rafferty
Ruth Elizabeth Paddock

Ruby Pearl Donahue
Rose L. finnigan
Laura Harmon Humphrey
Gertrude Martha James
Stella Agnes McCarthy
Mildred Lulie Marshall
Lucy Paddock
Gratie E. Tarbell
Frank F. Badger
Frank A. Bush
Warren H. Hinks
William Wallace King
H. Lansing Plumb
Leslie James Donohoe
Roy A. Ferris
Josiah Joseph Gero
Daisy Mae Merrill
Harry T. Northridge
Elizabeth G. Badore
H. Curtis Bliss
Ida Mae Bonin
Ruth Adele Buell
Marjorie Dustin
Mildred L. Hazen
Mary A. Henry
Edith Regina Hughes
Heyward Irving
Clark Jonathan Lawrence
Van Vechten Munger
Fredda M. Robedeau
Madge Spicer
Jeanette C. Stevens
Marion Warner
Eva Maude Willmarth

(continued on July 1, 1931)

Dorothy M. Badger
Grace N. Boardway
Lilah R. Broughton
Annie R. Cantwell
Iva A. dake
Gertrude M. Dudley
Robert C. Hastings
Mattie J. Northridge
Albert S. Robinson
Bessie M. Wheeler
Laura A. Whipple
Ernest H. berry
Wayne R. Beyerl
Frank B. Boughton
Clarence E. Harwood
Alonzo J. Avery
Edward L. Delisle
Grace O. Donahue
Miller D. Guyott
Ruth M. Reynolds
William St. Mary
Smith W. Thayer
John J. Welch
L. Frances Willson
Percy A. Laplant
Charles P. Palmer
Marshall G. Taylor

Ethel M. Allen
Hazel Vie Carrigan
Alice Marjorie Drake
Mildred Frederica Earle
S. Frances Everett
Helen Hinman Hutchins
Gladys A. Knowloton
Anna Louise Mannix
Eva A. Rhoades
Sarah Caroline Sayles
Jennie Shields
Pansie Stone
Lella Mae Turner
Florence Lucinda Williams
Harry Earl Jewell
Beatrice Reynolds
Dwight W. Warner
Benjamin H. Arnold
Isabel Jane Cameron
Felix P. Cunningham
Raymond P. Foote
Josephine V. Jones
Mildred Gertrude Lyman
Beatrice Marion McCarthy
Martha Bessie newton
Elmer T. Otis
Henry L. Phelps
Blanche Keller Redfield
Mildred Euphemia Taylor
Irene Bohnet Uber
George H. Conley
Samuel E. G. Harris
Gladys Helen Miller
Cora May Murphy
Edward L. Robarge

Anna Bickneil
Dora A. Bonin
Claribel Cantwell
Annie Elizabeth Crooks
Laura Florence Dudley
Laura Harriet French
Clare Curtiss Gamble
Myrtle A. Harwood
Ruth Elizabeth Jennison
Ralph R. Levy
Mary Mildred McCabe
Margaret Louise Moore
Mildred Anna Murphy
Laura Kempton Nichols
Helen Shields
Frances Lucia Wilson
Watts E. Barnum
Mary A. Bliss
Dwight M. Brand
Henrietta L. Bemis
Frances Mary Carlisle
Ella Elizabeth Coughlin
Gertrude M. Finan
Sadie M. Frechette
Archie William Hyde
Albert C. Hadley
Richard A. Hazen
Eva Frances Kempton
T. Cecil Lewis
Harold A. Moe
Lillian C. Monteau
Bessie Dennis Perkins
Charles A. Perkins
Howard E. Thompson
Harold A. Badger
Herbert L. Donaldson
Ernest E. Elder
Edward A. Putnam
Karl Miller Sayles

Lulu I. Cady
Sarah Ella Gibson
Katharine Lawrence King
Mabel Ada Leavitt
Vesta MacLaughlin
Gertrude H. McGarrahan
Ethel Albert Moses
Miriam Reynolds
Gladys B. Smith
Anna Lucretia Spencer
Elizabeth Florence Wright
Clarence W. Collins
Clarence Evans Kilburn
Thomas A. Rice
Elmer F. Degon
Leslie A. Degon
Charles B. Allison
Mary E. Badger
Ruth Elizabeth Barnum
Vera Katherine Bowen
Helen D. Carlisle
Walter B. Clark
Sarah S. Crooks
Elsie Lena Eddy
Margaret M. Finan
Ralph H. Hatchins
Clifton Hyde
Lois Willard Lawrence
S. Angela Mullin
Frederick Lewis Overton
Gladys Hyde Rich
Anne Pearl Turner
Marion M. Whyman

Irene Mary Aubrey
Adelaide Delong
Harold M. Davis
Marie Irene Duffin
Marjorie Mae Fletcher
Wesley Bigelow Harwood
Earl Smith Jones
Vivian Helen King
Earl Midred Lemo
Katherine A. Paddock
Pearl Bertha Stanley
Prescott R. Dickinson
Herbert Charles Kelly
George Carl McCarthy
Henry Michael Maguire
John Percy Redwood
Elizabeth P. Cantwell
Margaret Frances Flanagan
Vera Hope Fish
Florence James
Harry Allen Miller
Clare Marie Nichols
Kathleen Louise Putnam
Joseph Emmett Shannon
Helen Marguerite Tulley
Stella M. Downs
Florence Belle Hutchins
Marion Margaret Miller
Adeline V. Olney
Richard Daniel rice
Floyd Allen Thomas

Marian Estes
Edna B. Hyde
Mary Louise Green
Frances H. Humphrey
Francis C. McGarrahan
Christy M. Nichols
Mial V. Smith
Jessie Maud Taylor
Ruth B. Wilber
Arthur E. Carpenter
Hollis F. Hogle
Ross Edward MacGregor
Evertt S. Parks
John N. Pond
Arthur C. Rowley
Joseph Wilson
Rubie M. Armstrong
Pearl B. Beyerl
Arthur J. Bulger
Olive S. Cantwell
Henry Bliss Felton
Gladys P. Fitch
Florence M. Flanagan
Charles Edward Hastings
Kathryn Mills Holbrook
Beatrice b. Keeler
Anna Louise Kelley
Hazel Frances Lawrence
Cornelia Mary Mason
Lucy Northridge
Alys D. Paddock
Cecil Plumb
Beatrice M. Roys
Myrl L. Spaulding
Hannah E. Turner
Clyde C. Wakeman
Harold C. whitney
George E. Brooks
Katherine A. Carlisle
William D. McCarthy

Frances Marian Cottle
Mary E. Devlin
Marjorie L. Duby
James A. Dullea
Frances P. Dullea
Gladys Dupree
Marion Everett
Hazed McCasland
Helen M. Stockwell
Gertrude Cushman Wilson
Fred Eugene Wheeler
Lucy May bonner
Elizabeth F. Carlin
Mary Cushing
Anna I. duffin
Mildred Hinman
Elizabeth H. Moody
Dorothy Paige Smart
Pearl A. Steenberge
Helen O. Williamson
Leroy E. Brooks
Frances M. Clark
Lora Grace Lee
Lewis Edward Olney
Mildred Sarah Works

Jean Ellen Ames
Martha Harriet Bell
Janet Elizabeth Bruce
Harold Edwards Clark
Anna M. Cooney
Margaret P. Fisk
Ethel M. Fortune
Marjorie Gehring
Leona Ruth Levy
Gladys E. Marden
Julia Merriam
Lonice Lea Morgan
Carrie Northridge
Margaret H. Smart
Katherine R. Warner
Alice Elizabeth Mercer
Francis J. Duffy
Robert I. Fletcher
Clarence R. Keeler
Verne S. Montgomery
Leon F. Colton
Frances Alexander
Beulah Bernice Bennett
R. Guy Boyer
Lois M. Carlisle
Leo A. Conto
Beulah B. Cunningham
Louella M. Denesha
James H. Duffin
Olive Mae Eddy
Florence May erwin
Laurence V. Everett
Marian C. Finney
Florence F. Flynn
Mabel H. Frechette
James C. French
Royal M. Gibbo
Edmund Murphy
Geo. T. Plumb
Chester A. Raynor
Antoinette Wilson
Floyd Derochie
Ida L. Hildreth
Katherine Delisle Hoit
George Dewey Johnston
William E. McLain
Lucile A. Maneely
Vivian A. Merrill
Erwin C. Miller
irene Frances Montgomery
Sadie M. Pease
Francis H. Reynolds
Gladys Mae Russell
Ferdinand Sabourin
Raymond Santy
Martha Steenberge
Helen A. Tracy
Pauline E. Turner
Marion G. Wilbur
Wilfred Joseph Turcotte

Marion Haskell
Marie Brady
Mildred Buell
Ezra Carpenter
Gertrude Crinklaw
Arthur Dalzell
Margaret Dineen
LeRoy D. Earl
Mildred Edgar
Henry Everding
Lula Lawrence
Fred Lowell
Bessie Fern Harris
Mildred Sperry
Rose Timmons
Harry Mannis
Harold Morgan
Percival Morgan
Harold Mosier
Francis Mullarney
Mary Nolan
Ralph Plumb
Ethel Powers
Charles H. Walbridge
Donald Williamson
Lester Brooks
Hugh McGinnis
Luella Miller
Pauline Paro
Irene Vincent
Alida Baker
Helen mercer
Zelma Williams

(source goes to the year 1930 on page 6 - quite a few names are illegible for 1918 thru 1920)

The following provided by site visitor Carolyn Hyde Warfel

1918 (names from a typescipt sheet labeling people in the 1918 Class photo)

Jeannette Basford
Jessie Rowley
Franklin Gibson
Lilah Tracy
Marion Hurlburt
Jessie Elder
Marcella McGillic
Nellie St. Clair
Lucile Nimblet
Geraldine Newcomb
Bessie Davis
Oliver Menard
Florence King
Hollis Whipple
Mary Smith
Bill Johnson
Genevieve Fleury
Clifford Berry
May Shannon
Dorothy Ring
Winifred Newton
Cassie Howard
Marjorie McGregor
Genevieve McKillip
William Howard
Margaret Lynch
Amos Hinks
Marie Dawson
Eldred Hyde
John Slack
Vernita Spaulding
Robert Hale
Mary Hartnett
Mildred Duffy
Sarah Earle
Mildred Bulger
Edith Currier
Paul Hyde
Charlotte Ames
Charles Clark
Katherine Jabaut
Louise Wilson
Violet Seward
Robert Dalphin
Willard Denesha
Mabel Geddes
Paul Gaynor
Gertrude Clark

1919 (names from a typescipt sheet labeling people in the 1919 Class photo)
Elizabeth Joy
(not named)
Donald Cottle
Floy Salls
Elizabeth French
Marie Rozon
Wendell Martin
May Hughes
(not named)
(not named)
(not named)
Lucile Harmon
Harriet Hinman
Gene Whitney
Gertrude Rowley
Archie Tanner
Robert Dullea
Catherine Hyde
Elsie Hunter
Mildred Ames
Leslie Lee
(not named)
Margaret Bruce
Agnes McGowan
Alice Bowen
Grace Whitney
Mildred Maneeley
Mae Holbrook
Jessie Etder
Miles Cantwell
Marion Hockenberry
(not named)
Harold Maquire
(not named) Lyons
Bernice spencer
Helen Steenberge
Rosa Gillette
(not named)
(not named)
Harriet Cobb