Marriages and Deaths from The Malone Palladium in 1863

Transcribed by Lisa Slaski

These marriages and deaths were mostly found in the same section of the newspaper, under the columns of "Married" and "Died". Other sections of the newspaper were not reviewed in detail for other possible articles, though a few were found and transcribed. Note that issues prior to 30 Jul 1863 were not available.

The Malone Palladium, 30 Jul 1863, page 2


In this Village, on the 29th inst., by the Rev. J. R. Herrick, Mr. OLIVER B. HALE, of Chicopee, Mass., to Miss EMMA S. BELL, of Malone.

Mr. Hale is one of the "drafted," but means to be true to both wife and country.


In Stockton, California, of Dropsy, May 28th, Mrs. LUCRETIA M. DAGGETT, wife of E. R. Daggett, Jr., formerly of this place.

In this town, Thursday morning, July 28d, of Diptheria, WINNAFRED JANE, daughter of Adin and Lucy Williams, aged 7 years and 6 months. [includes a poem not transcribed here].

The Malone Palladium, 6 Aug 1863, page 3


At the house of Dea. J. Berry, Aug. 1st, by Rev. J. R. Herrick, J. L. HART, Esq., of Goshen, Conn., to Mrs. HATTIE C. WATSON, of Bradford, Iowa.

At the M. E. Church, in this village, July 23d, 1863, by Rev. F. F. Jewell, Mr. H. H. MARTIN, of St. Albans, Vt., to Miss SARAH A. MELVIN, of Bloomingdale, N.Y.

At the M. E. Parsonage, Aug. 1st, Inst., by the same, Mr. DAVID A. BEMIS, of Malone, and Miss MARY ANN GIBSON, of Bangor.

The Malone Palladium, 13 Aug 1863, page 3


At the residence of her brother-in-law, S. Green, August 3d, Mrs. SARAH MOOERS [sic], aged 47 years.

The Malone Palladium, 20 Aug 1863, page 2


In New Hampton, Iowa, July 25th, by the Rev. A. b. Arnold, Dr. M. M. WALKER, of Buffalo, N.Y., to Miss MARY S. HATHAWAY, of Eden, Iowa, daughter of Russell Hathaway, formerly of Malone.


At Burke, August 15th, at the residence of Benjamin B. Childs, Mrs. AMANDA CLARK, relict of the late Frederick Clark, in the 70th year of her age. [Burlington Free Press please copy.]

At Mount Pleasant Hospital, Washignton, D. C., of Typhoid Neumonia, ELIJAH SOUTHWORTH, aged 48 years.

He thought it his duty to go to the rescue of his country and thus has his active life passed calmly away, no more to meet loved ones here.

The Malone Palladium, 27 Aug 1863, page 2

[difficult to read]


At the residence of the bride's father, August 20?, by Rev. Dr. Gradley?, Rev. THOMAS CULL of Malone and Miss SARAH A. FULLER of Poultney, Vt.


In North Bangor, Aug. 20th, ANN CAMILLA HIDE, wife of C.? W. Barnum, in the ??th year of her age.

In Washington, at quartermaster's Hospital, Aug. 14?th of Typhoid Fever, Mr. THOM. J. LOOKER, of Burke, aged 38? years.

The Malone Palladium, 3 Sep 1863, page 3


In Ellenburgh, at the residence of R. Morgan, on the 20th inst., by Rev. M. A. Wicker, Mr. O. W. BOND, late of Franklin Academy in this village, to Miss E. L. MORGAN, of the former place.


In Fort Covington, Aug. 28th, HATTIE MABEL, youngest daughter of Dr. E. W. and M. P. Crary, aged 11 months and 7 days.

On Merchant street, in the town of Lawrence, August 30, 1863, of typhoid fever, CELESTIA S. BROWNELL, daughter of ALVAH and SARAH BROWNELL, in the 17th year of her age. At the time when the fatal disease laid its blighting hand upon her, she was a member of the Lawrenceville Academy. [an epathy follows]

The Malone Palladium, 10 Sep 1863, page 3


Died in this village, Sept. 2d, 1863, CHARLES McGIFFIN, aged 22 years.

Mr. McGiffin had been in Malone only two years, but had endeared himself to many friends. He was of a modest, retiring disposition, and therefore never made himself very prominent. He was a young man of sterling worth and integrity of character, and his loss will be deeply felt. He had been a member of the Baptist Church in Fort Covington for some years, and a few months ago, joined the Baptist Church in Malone. In both places he lived a consistent Christian life, and was respected by all.

The young men of Malone, feeling that they have lost one of the noblest and best of their number, have, in a meeting convened for the purpose, passed the following resoulty:

Resolved, That we, the young men of Malone, deeply regret the loss of our friend, Charels McGiffin, that we esteemed him as a young mon of the purset morality and highest integrity; that his example among us was worthy of all praise and that we hope his death may be made a blessing to this town, in stimulating all of our young men to emulate, his virtues and follow in his footsteps. J. A. BURT, Chairman.


In Hebron, Washington Co., on Thursday, the 3rd inst., by the Rev. Simeon Gilbert, of Hopkinton, Capt. S. C. F. THORNDIKE, of this village and Miss SARAH N. GILBERT, of Granville, formerly Precaptress of Franklin Academy.

On Sunday evening, the 6th inst., by the Rev. J. R. Herrick, Mr. JOHN T. WHITE to Miss MINERVA R. PARKS.

The Malone Palladium, 17 Sep 1863, page 3


Died in Brandon, of chronic diarrhea, Sept. 11, Isaac Bradley, aged 39 years.

Mr. Bradley formerly resided in Plattsburgh, N.Y., but came to this town about ten years since where he has been engaged in the quiet pursuit of agriculture until the last call of the President fo 300,000 men when he left the plow for the sabre, and rushed to his country's aid. - He volunteered into Capt. Potter's Co., 142d Reg't, N.Y.S.V. He remained with his Reg't until about six months ago doing well the soldier's duty, when sickness compelled him to remain behind.

After a partial recovery, his ambition and patriotism prompted him to rejoin his comrades in arms. About four weeks previous to his decease he was again compelled to return to the hospital where his persevering and affectionate wife joined him; and through her untiring efforts obtained a furlough for forty days; and started for home where they arrived after six days. He lingered about two weeks, enduring every pain with a christian's resignation - entertaining to the last moment, hopes of his final recovery, and that he should rejoin his Reg't, when he was called by his great captain to his final rest. He was a man of a reserved and retiring disposition of sterling worth and integrity whose examples were worthy of imitation by all.

In his death, the army has lost a brave and faithful soldier - community an exemplary and honest citizen - and his wife a fond and effectionate husband.

Plattsburgh papers please copy.

The Malone Palladium, 24 Sep 1863, page 2


In this Village, on the 21st inst., by Rev. J. R. Herrick, Mr. HENRY V. FOOTE to Miss HENRIETTA A. HUBBARD, both of this Village.

In East Claremont, N.H., on the 10th inst., by the Rev. Aaron Foster, Mr. JAMES T. LEAVITT, of New York, to Miss SARAH B. FOSTER, daughter of the officiating Pastor.

The Malone Palladium, 1 Oct 1863, page 2


At the Presbyterian Church, in Constable, on the 28th inst., by the Rev. A. Fleming, Dr. GEORGE W. MILES, of Lyndon, VT., to Miss SARAH A. CHAMBERLIN, of the former place. No cards.

The Malone Palladium, 8 Oct 1863, page 3


In Lynchburgh, Va., June 22d, Mrs. MARY ALIDA LAW, of Plattsburgh.

In Bangor, on Sunday, Sept. 20th, after a short and painful illness, MARIAM, wife of Harvey Moody, aged 67 years.

The Malone Palladium, 15 Oct 1863, page 3


In Cornwall, Vt., Sept. 30th, MARY E., Relict of T. D. Peck; and Daughter of Mrs. Margaret Wood, of Bellmont, aged 24 years.

In Bangor, on Sunday, Sept. 20th, after a short and painful illness, MARIAH, wife of Harvey Moody, aged 67 years. [poem provided, not transcribed]

The Malone Palladium, 22 Oct 1863, page 3


In Charlestown, Mass., Oct. 14th, at Winthrop Church, by Rev. Abbott E. Kittridge, C.? H. CLEMONS, of Ogdnesburgh [sic], to MARY A. BAILEY, of Charlestown.

The Malone Palladium, 29 Oct 1863, page 2


In Centralia, Wis., on the 5th alt., at the residence of Thomas Harris by the Rev. E. D. Hall, Mr. ORVIL HARRIS, of Sandy Hill, to Miss CORNELIA SHIPMAN, of Malone.

At the residence of the bride's father, on the 22nd inst. by Rev. J. R. Herrick, Mr. WALLACE HILL, of Chateaugay, to Miss MARY ANN WHITE, of Burke.


In Potsdam, October, 1863, Mrs. ELMINA DAVISON, aged fifty-eight years.

The subject of the above notice was the wife of Jesse Davison, Esq., of Potsdam, (and sister of Capt. S. C. F. Thorndike, of this place,) one of the earlier settlers of St. Lawrence County. Mrs. Davison was a woman well known to a large circle of friends, to whom she was endeared by every [?] that renders life pleasant and happy. The teachers of teh Sabbath School, in Potsdam, with whom she had acted for a period of sixteen years, at their usual monthly meeting passed the following preamble and resolutions: - [not transcribed here]

The Malone Palladium, 5 Nov 1863, page 3


In Fort Covington, Tuesday, Oct. 20th, MARY AGNES, infant daughter of M. E. G. & H. A. Paddock, aged four months and three days. [poem not transcribed]


Died, in Beardstown, Ill., Sept. 17, 1863, of typhoid fever, Mr. DARLING CLARK MEIGS, aged nearly 40 years.

Mr. Meigs was born in Malone, N.Y., where his youth was mostly spent, and where he is still remembered and loved. The prominent features of his life among us, were faithfulness and hope. He was eminently prompt, efficient and honest, in the discharge of his duty, in all things. As a christian, ever at his post to act and testify for his Lord. We all felt him a good and faithful brother, and we miss him in the prayer meeting, the sabbath school, and the choir.

He was a true and ardent patriot, loving his country as a christian should because it is Christ's and consecrated to the promotion of truth, justice and humanity.

[there is more, not transcribed here]

The Malone Palladium, 12 Nov 1863, page 3


In Chicago, Ill., on the 21st ult., at the residence of Samuel Greene, Esq., by Rev. W. W. Patton, D. D. Lieut. HENRY HOOVER, of the 35th Reg't Iowa I., and Miss SARAH F. HUBBARD, of Portland, Me., No cards.

The Malone Palladium, 19 Nov 1863, page 2


In Potsdam, at Trinity Church, on the 4th inst., by Rev. Jas. A. M. LaTourrette, Mr. E. H. WILCOX, Druggist of this village, to Miss MARY FRANCES, daughter of the late Rev. A. K. Putnam, of Potsdam.

In Ogdensburgh, at the Parsonage, on the 12th inst., by Rev. T. Richey, Mr. HIRAM C. HASTINGS, of this Village, to Miss MATILDA H. McKANNON, of Canton.

In Keesville, on the 22d ult., by Rev. Thos. A. Griffin, Dr. E. A. HUTCHINS, of North Larence, to Miss MYRA M. ARTHUR, of Keesville. No Cards.

In Chandlersville, Ill., at the residence of the bride's mother, on the 29th ult., by Rev. O. C. Dickinson, Mr. L. S. COTTON, formerly of this place, to Miss SARAH W. RICHARD, of Chandlersville.


At Post McClellan, Davenport, Iowa, on the 2d inst., Serg't SHUBEL SIMONS, aged 24 years.

The remains of the deceased were brought here for interment, arriving on the 16th inst.

The Malone Palladium, 26 Nov 1863, page 3


In Dickinson, on the 8th inst., by D. Briggs, Esq., Mr. SAMUEL G. BRUCE, of Dickinson, to Mrs. LUCY A. BURDICK, of Hopkinton.

In this village, on the 25th inst., by Rev. J. R. Herrick, Rev. ANDREW M. MILLAR, of Fort Covington, to Mrs. MARY L. SMITH, of Malone.

In this village, on the 19th inst., by Rev. J. R. Herrick, BAILEY HASCALL, Purser in the U.S. Navy, and son of the late Hon. Asa Hascall of this place, to Miss ELLEN M. MAN, daughter of Dr. Ebenezer Man, of Malone.

The Malone Palladium, 3 Dec 1863, page 3


In Chateaugay, at the residence of the bride's father, on the 26th ult., by Rev. Lester Brown, Mr. HOLL SMITH, to Miss ASENATH HALL, both of Chatequgay.

In Westville, on the 26th ult., by Rev. J. Quay, Mr. WINFIELD S. SHERWIN, to Miss ADELINE E. BUELL, both of Westville.

In this Village, at the M. E. Parsonage, on the 1st inst., by Rev. F. F. Jewell, Mr. ROBERT CLARK, of Westville, to Miss MARIETTE HARWOOD, of Bangor.


In this Town, on the 20th ult., HARRIET N. WILCOX, daughter of Norman Wilcox, aged 19 years and 6 months.

The Malone Palladium, 10 Dec 1863, page 3


In this village, Nov. 23th, FREDERICK R., son of Phineas and S. F. Peck, aged three years and seven months.

The Malone Palladium, 10 Dec 1863, page 2

Death of Hon. Benjamin Clark.

The Hon. Benjamin Clark, for many years a resident of this place, died at the residence of his son-in-law, Rev. Robert Lawrence, on Monday last, in the 87th year of his age.

Mr. Clark was born in Canaan, Conn., in 1775. He removed to Vermont in 1786. In 1815 he came to this place, where he has since resided. he was for many years a judge of the old Common Pleas of this County, and held many minor offices during his long and active life. - Many years since he retired from business, and has resided with his children. Some three or four months ago, while stopping with his son Charles J. Clark, he fell and fractured a hip, from which time he has been gradually sinking. Soon after the accident, he desired to be taken to the "old Home" that he might die in the house where he had lived so long. His wish was gratified, and a life of active usefulness in subduing a new country, crowned with a ripe old age, went quietly out, surrounded by a large family of children - grand children and great grand children.

His funeral will take place to-day at 10 A. M., from the residence of Mr. Lawrence.

The Malone Palladium, 17 Dec 1863, page 3


In this village, Tuesday afternoon, Mr. NATHANIEL [?]SK, aged 54 years.

At his residence west of this village, Dec 3d, of congestion of the lungs, Mr. FREDERICK BARNARD, aged 75 years.

Mr. B. was born in Chittenden Vt., and removed to this [place?] in 1812. Here he married Maria, daughter of Nathan [?]od, Esq., - one of the first settlers of the town - by whom he had severn children, four of whom died young, and three of them survive, as well as their mother, to mourn the loss of a husband and father.

Mr. BARNARD was a man, upright, virtuous, esteemed by his neighbors and loved by his friends. Though before a []nd and advocate of religion, he did not make a public profession of his faith in Christ till the year 1842, when he [?]ed with the Congregational Church in Malone, of which he has since been a consisten member, and in faith and [?]e of the gospel he died.

The Malone Palladium, 24 Dec 1863, page 3


Oct. 8, by the Rev. J. A. Smith, Chateaugay, Mr. ALANSON, CHAMBERLAIN, of Burke, to Miss HARRIET WOOD, of Potsdam.

Also by the same, Dec. 10, Mr. ALBERT BROMHOUR, of Clinton, Cllinton county, to Miss MARIA KNIGHTS, of Chateeaugay.

The Malone Palladium, 31 Dec 1863, page 3


At the residence of Isaac Marin, in Burke, Dec. 24th, by Rev. J. Quay, Mr. SAMUEL RIDGEWAY, of Hartford, Conn., and Miss MARGARET E. SMITH, of Burke.

In Westville, on the 22d day of December 1863, by M. N. Hoadley, Esq., Mr. WILLIAM BARLOW, to Miss JULIET FAIRCHILD, both of Westville.

Accompanying the above was a cash fee, which we acknowledge - wishing the twain a happy New Year.

In Constable, by Rev. A. Fleming, Mr. MALVIN MARTIN, of Constable, to Miss MARGARET FORD, of Huntington, C. [T?].


In this village, Dec. 30, Mrs. SARAH E. PARKER, wife of Isaac Parker, aged 66 years. Funeral at the house on Saturday, Jan. 2d, at 11 o'clock, A. M.