Marriages and Deaths from The Malone Palladium in 1875

Transcribed by Lisa Slaski

These marriages and deaths were all found in the same section of the newspaper, under the columns of "Married" and "Died". A short death notice was free. Any additional lines were paid for at 5 cents a line and marriage notices were 50 cents. Other sections of the newspaper were not reviewed in detail for other possible articles.

The Malone Palladium, 14 Jan 1875, page 2


GRIFFIN - in Brush's Mills, on Friday, January 1, 1875, Georgie A., youngest son of C. A. and P. L. Griffin, aged 1 year and 10 days.

EVERTS - In Salisbury, Vt., on the 9th inst., Mrs. Caroline Ford Everts, wife of Charles E. Everts, aged 48 years

Mrs. Everts, formerly Mrs. Ford, of Cornwall, Vt., was well known to many readers of this paper, who will be pained to learn of her death. She was a sister of Col. E. S. Stowell, of Cornwall.

The Malone Palladium, 14 Jan 1875, page 2


READ - In this town, at the residence of Mrs. Hannah Wilson, on the 1st inst., of pneumonia, Miss Polly Read, in the 85th year of her age.

She was the youngest daughter of Capt. Thaddeus Read, who has an honorable record as an officer in the American army of '76. Miss Read was a native of Worcester, Mass., where her remains were taken for interment. One sister - the venerable widow of the late Gilead Rider, of this town, now far advanced in the 94th year of her age, and still able to make herself useful in household affairs in general - still survives her.

Worcester, Mass., papers please copy.

RICE - In East Dickinson, on the 1st day of January inst., Jesse D. Rice, aged [93?] years.

Mr. Rice was born in Claremont, N.H., in 1782. He came to Franklin County in March, 1810, in company with his brother Jotham, and both located in the town of Dickinson. In the fall of 1810 Mr. Rice returned to New Hampshire and was


Immediately after, he came back to his new home, and with the wife commenced life in the then almost unbroken wilderness. he lived upon the farm first located until his death. Mrs. Rice died about six years ago. The brother who came iwth him is still living, and occupies a farm in the neighborhood of the first settlement by the brothers. He is the only survivor and the youngest of a family of eleven chilren. Jesse Rice was always a storn and robust man, enjoying good health from his boyhood. On the wednesday preceding his death he was about as usual, and was out at the barn amongh the threshers, where he probably took cold, resulting in congestion of the lungs, of which he


AT the time of his death and for many years past he has lived with his son, A. D. Rice, upon the old homestead. Besides this son, he leaves two other children, Goerge C. Rice, of Allendale, Mich., and Mrs. Martha M. Fish, of Massena. Mr. Rice was an honorable, upright and industrious citizen, respected througout this long life by all who knew him.

The Malone Palladium, 28 Jan 1875, page 2


STICKNEY - In Malone, on the 14th inst., after a long and painful sickness, Mrs. Lydia P., wife of Mr. Charles A. Stickney, aged 46 years.

Thus has passed from among us one of the noblest of women, one of the dearest of wives, and one of the most affectionate of mothers. Her life on earth was one long continued, cheerful sacrifce for the comfort and happiness of others. Now, with those to whom she ministered so lovingly and faithfully, she has entered upon the life where pain and care and sorrow are never known. She exercised a Christian faith, she showed that faith by Christian works, she died a Christian death, and has gon to a Christian heaven.

The Malone Palladium, 11 Feb 1875, page 2


HILDRETH - In this town, January 26th, 1875, of quick consumption, Clarissa R., wife of Walter Hildreth, aged 68 years, 10 months, and 9 days.

She died giving the most comforting evidence of a blessed hope in her Saviour.

MARCH - In Malone, at the residence of his son, J. W. March, on Wednesday, Feb. 3d, of paralysis, Charles March, in the 77th year of his age.

The Malone Palladium, 18 Feb 1875, page 2


TARBELL - In North Bangor, Feb. 8th, Madora E., wife of Elwin N. Tarbell, aged 24 years.

The Malone Palladium, 25 Feb 1875, page 2


CURTIS-BEMIS - At Moira Corners, Feb. 23, 1875, by Rev. Mr. Burnap, Mr. E. H. Curtis, of Brandon, to Miss Ruth Bemis, of Malone.

RICHARDSON-WEED - In Cambridge, Mass., on the 17th inst., by Rev. Alexander MacKenzie, Rev. Charles S. Richardson, of Malone, to Frances M. Weed, of Cambridge, Mass.


STILES - In Becker, Minn., Jan. 15th, 1875, of bronchial consumption, Ossian H. Stiles, formery of Chateaugay, aged 37 years.

SHERMAN - In Burke, Feb. 17th, 1875, at the residence of James Arnold, Chauncy Sherman, aged 66 years. Rutland papers please copy.

HOLLISTER - At Westville Center, Feb. 18, 1875, Sarah R. Hollister, wife of Elisha Hollister, in the 64th year of her aged.

MORSE - In Burke, Feb. 19th, Mrs. Sally Morse, relict of the late Dr. S. F. Morse, aged 85 years.

The Malone Palladium, 4 Mar 1875, page 2


CARPENTER-MacNASSOR - At Fort Covington, Feb. 22d, Isaac P. Carpenter to Helen J. MacNassor, adopted daughter of G. L. Sargent, all of Brandon.

ROBERTS-SABIN - In Chateaugay, February 2[4?], 1875, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. henry Sabin, by the Rev. J. B. Hammond, of Chateaugay, Mr. J. D. Roberts and Miss Minnie S. Sabin, both of Chateaugay.

BATEMAN-BOYCE - At the residence of the bride's mother, in this county, on Sunday, the 14th inst., by Rev. J. J. W. Place, Mr. S. J. Bateman to Miss Josephine Boyce.

We heartily congratulate the happy young couple for having heeded the Scriptural injunction and done wisely, inasmuch as it is not always "good for man to be alone." Selim acted his part of the programme admirably, in thus keeping the entire community (as he fancied) "in the dark," and in order to accomplish this end, he remarked to a friend a few evenings since - with the hoy of a seraphim beaming from his countenance, that he was the recipient of a beautiful valentine on the 14th - St. Valentine's Day, and we fully endorse all that Selim may have siad of his sweet little valentine, for she is justly pronounced, by her many warm friends, one of the best girls (except one) that ever graced the shores of time.

In conclusion, we extend to them our [image of a left hand with a pointing index finger] of felloship -the left hand - being the nearest to our heart, and wish them a prosperous journey during their voyage across the tempestuous sea of life, while their bark glides safely down the stream of time, from the terrestrial, to the bright, celestial shore. And to you, Miss Josie, we sincerely hope that during the quiet, refreshing fishing seasons, you may never lack for "Bate," and be ever blessed witha good "Man." - Platte Valley, (Neb.,) Independent.


HOAGLAND - In Memphis, Scotland County, Mo., on Friday, the 8th of December, after an illness of a few hours, Lucy Barnes, infant daughter of Theodore and Jane R. Hoagland, aged 7 weeks and 1 day.

AYERS - In Duane, Feb 25, after a long and painful illness of enarly two years' duration, of cerebro spinal meningitis, Herbert E., oldest child of W. J. and M. F. Ayers, aged 14 years.

The Malone Palladium, 11 Mar 1875, page 2


AMES-WILLARD - In this village, on the evening of the 4th inst., at the residence of Denison Willard, Esq., by REv. J. B. Pitman, Rector of St. Mark's Church, Mr. Wolfred N. Ames, of Franklin, Huntingdon Co., P. Q., to Miss Sarah C. Willard, of Malone.

ROOD-COBURN - In Malone, March 3d, by Rev. A. Fleming, Mr. sylvanus D. Rood to Miss Fanny E. Coburn, both of Malone.

GRAHAM-DAVIS - In Fort covington, July 4th, 1874, by Rev. T. P. Bradshaw, Mr. George Graham to Miss Katie Davis, both of Malone.

The Malone Palladium, 18 Mar 1875, page 2


BARNUM-KEMPTON - In malone, March 16th, 1875, at the residence of Mrs. H. E. Knapp, by Rev. A. M. Millar, Mr. A. H. Barnum, of Malone, to Miss Clara E. Kempton, of Duane.

ARNOLD-FERGUSON - In Malone, March 16th, 1875, by the Rev. Mr. Beck, Mr. Frank Arnold to Miss Emma C. Ferguson, all of Malone.


ALLEN - In this village, on the 14th, inst., Miss Julia Allen, aged about 65 years. Her remains were taken to Constable for interment.

ADAMS - Bangor, at the residence of her son, N. O. Adams, on the 10th inst., Lucy H. Adams, relict of Nathan Adams, aged 78 years. Brattleboro, Vt., papers please copy.

CORNELL - In this village, on the 12th inst., at the residence of his son-in-law, C. P. Tobey, Mr. John Cornell, aged 91 years.

Mr. Cornell came to the county about six years ago, from St. Albans, Vt., where he had resided for nearly sixty years previous.

St. Albans papers please copy.

JONES - In Burke, on the 7th inst., Albert Henry, youngest son of D. B. and Della Jones, aged 3 [or 2?] years and [2?] months.

Our own little Allie is dead,
The soul of our happiness fled;
No more to our sorrowing breast
Shall the dove of our bosom be pressed.

No more we'll feel the warm clasp
of the one that we loved to the last
For those lips are no silent and cold
and the form will soon mix with the mold.

But his spirit, while ages shall roll,
Shall live in the land of the soul.
Though a shadow is over us spread
We'll look to the glory ahead.

Though parted we are for a time
Again that sweet angel of mine
Will meet us and welcom us in
To a City that's free from all sin

although we are mournful and sad
we ought to rejoice and be glad
to think that the Savior above
has taken to Heaven our dove.

The Malone Palladium, 25 Mar 1875, page 2


COGGIN - In Westville, March [20?]th, 1875, Samuel Coggin, in the eightieth year of his age.

The Malone Palladium, 1 Apr 1875, page 2


HYDE - In North Bangor, at the residence of her son, H. w. Hyde, on tuesday morning, March 30th, after a brief illness, Mrs. hannah Hyde, aged 76 years.

SMALLMAN - In this village, on Tuesday morning, March 30th, Mrs. Mary Jane Smallman, wife of William E. Smallman, aged 35 years.

Funeral services at St. Mark's church at 2 o'clock this afternoon.

The Malone Palladium, 8 Apr 1875, page 2


MILLER - In this village, on Thursday morning, April 1st, of pneumonia, after a brief illness, Mrs. Mary A. Miller, wife of Philip B. Miller, in the 63d year of her age.

the death of this good woman causes mourning far beyond the family circle. She was loved by all her associated for her purity of life and rare Christian virtues - for her always generous sympathy and for her thoughtfulness for others above herself. By the deserving poor she was loved as having been
"Open as the day for melting charity."
In the hoe circle she was aleays loving, tender, kind, having a constant care and watchfulness for the comfort and welfare of those about her, and never tiring in well-doing. No loss could fall heavier upon the afflicated relatives, and we feel that to them the hearts of the whole communitey are poured out in sympathy.

The Malone Palladium, 15 Apr 1875, page 2


GRU-CLARY - At North Bangor, April 11th, 1875, at the residence of the officiating clergyman, by the Rev. W. H. Hyde, Mr. Ira J. Gru, of Fort Covington, to Miss Dora Clary, of Bombay.


FOSTER - In Bangor, March 16th, 1875, Mrs. Olive Foster, aged 100 years.

The Malone Palladium, 22 Apr 1875, page 2


ROBERTS - In Chateaugay, Tuesday, April 18th, Samuel B. Roberts, aged [86?] years.

CURRAN - In Burke, April 19, Miss Mary Curran, age 80 years.

MAGOON - In Malone, April 20, Wilber Magoon, son of Maturin B. and Malvina Magoon, aged 2 months and 22 days.

HEADING - In Bellmont, on Tuesday, April 20th, Elida?, son of Marcus L. and Roxana A. Heading, aged 10 years.

HASTINGS - In Burke, Monday, April 12, of congestion of the brain, Hermie, only child of George D. and Adeline H. Hastings, aged 2 years, 11 months and 19 days.

That angel form, like roses fair
was withered in his bloom
no more his voice salutes our ear
'tis hushed beneath the tomb

No more he smiles on us below
with Christ he lives above
there all the joys of Heaven to know
and taest a Saviour's love

Then let us wipe away our tears
Nor mourn Hermie's absence here
For hope dispels all gloomy fears,
it lifts the cloud, and brings us cheer

and let us seek that heavenly rest
and strive for purer [?]
where pain shall ne'er afflict the breast
and loved ones never die.

The Malone Palladium, 29 Apr 1875, page 2


PATTERSON - In Bangor, April 17th, L. B. Patterson, in the 66th year of his age.

The Malone Palladium, 6 May 1875, page 2

HAPGOOD - In Malone, on Sunday evening, May 2d?, 1875, Amos Hapggod, aged 7[6?], years.

PERSON - In Brandon, on the 15th ult. [last month?]., at the residence of Julius Pierce, Thomas Person, in the [80]th year of his age.

RIDER - In this town, suddenly, on the 3d inst., of pneumonia, Delia C., wife of Capt. Charles J. Rider, in the 59th year of her age.

Gifted beyond most of her sex, Mrs. R. exerted a wide influence, both in her home and the social circle, and long will her absence from our midst be mourned.

Funeral from her late residence, Thursday, 6th inst., at one o'clock P.M. Adress by Rev. H. F. Lane.

SMITH - In Grandville, Kent Co., Mich., Feb. 6th, 1875, Dr. Sheridan C. Smith, aged [27?] years.

Dr. smith was born in Burke, Franklin Co., N.Y., and had resided in the village of Grandville about two years. When he first came into this State he located at Grand Rapids, but remained only for a short time. His next ove was to Eastmanville, Ottawa county, Mich., where he opened an office, and entered upon his professional duties, and gathered around him many very warm friends. After staying there for a brief period he again removed and located in Grandville, where he at once entered upon a large and lucrative practice of medicine.

The disease of which he died was of a very marked typho-material character, which ran its course in about twelve days. The funeral services were held on the 9th inst., from the M. E. Church, of which he was a member, by Rev. W. A. Bronson. A vast crowd of weeping friends and acquaintances were present. The impressiveritual of the Masonic Fraternity was repeated over his remains; while the tears fell thick and fast "from eyes unused to weep." The multitudes standing by were wonderfully affected by the solemn scene passing before their eyes.

Dr. Smith was made a Mason about a year ago, in Jennisonville Lodge, U. D., at Jennisonville, Ottawa Co., Michigan. He became profoundly attached to the rules and regulations of the Fraternity; was a worth and exemplary member, and a noble, muc loved man and citizen. - Grand Rapids Eagle.

The Malone Palladium, 13 May 1875, page 2


MOORE - In Montgomery, Vt., on the 4th inst., Miss Zilpha C. Moore, formerly of Brandon, N.Y., aged 37 years.

The Malone Palladium, 20 May 1875, page 2

Death of Lyman Cook.

Lyman Cook, for thirty-eight years a resident of Rochester, died at Syracuse on Saturday morning, May 1st, in his seventy-first year. He was born in Franklin county, in this State. For many years be conducted a commission business at 69 Exchange street. He was also engaged in milling, and was one of the few in that occupation who passed through the panic of 1857 without a failure. He was numbered with a class of men like Thomas Kempshall, such as led the business interests of our city and represented its best character as well.

Mr. Cook removed to Syracuse in 1865. His death occurred very suddenly. He was sitting in a chair when a stroke of paralysis ended an honorable and useful life. The remains were brought to this city for interment on Saturday. - Rochester Democrat


ORCUTT-WILSON - in North Bangor, May 12th, 1875, at the residence of the officiating cleargyman, Rev. H. W. Hyde, Mr. Benjamin L. Orcutt, of Templeton, Mass., to Miss Eliza G. Wilson, of Bangor.

ANDREWS-BARLOW - In this village, at the residence of Levi Austin, Tuesday evening, May 11th, by Rev. Andrew Millar, Mr. Lewis Andrews, of Brandon, N.Y., and Mrs. Lydia R. Barlow, of Malone.


KIMBALL - In Brush's Mills, May 10th, 1875, Mrs. Sophia Kimball, wife of the late Asa Kimball and mother of S. P. Kimball, in her 79th year.

CULVER - In Malone, May 8th, 1875, Mrs. Cassendana Culver, widow of Dea. Samuel A. Culver, in her 76th year.

TAYLOR - In Bangor, on Friday, April 30th, 1875, Mrs. Emeline B., wife of Henry G. Taylor, aged 68 years.

The Malone Palladium, 27 May 1875, page 2


BOWEN-SHERMAN - At the home of the bride in Moira, on the 18th inst., by Rev. Ward W. Hunt, Mr. George N. Bowen, of Malone, and Miss Luella S. Sherman, of the former place.

HICKOK-JUTCHINS - In Malone, May 13th, 1875, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. H. F. Lane, Mr. H. DeForest Hickok, and Miss Emma L. Hutchins, both of Malone.


FIELD - In this village, on Sunday, May 23d, at the residence of her son-in-law, Luther Whitney, Mrs. Betsey M. Field, widow of the late Samuel Field, aged 71 years and three months.

GIBBS - In Bangor, at the residence of his son-in-law, John Spaulding, Mr. Cyrus Gibbs, in the 83d year of his age.

Vermont and St. Lawrence Co. papers please copy.

JONES - In Constable, May 5, Mr. William Jones, aged 92 years.

Mr. Jones was born in Windsor, Vt., in 1788, and came to this county in 1818. He was married in 1820 - fifty-five years ago. His wife survives him. He was in the war of 1812, and for several years has received a pension from the government. Mr. Jones led a consistent Christian life, and died honored and respected by all who knew him.

HOWARD - In Burke, April 5, 1875, Mr. Elbridge G. Howard, aged [?] years and 11 months.

Mr. Howard was born in Jamaica?, Vt., May 5, 181[8?], was married to Caroline Johnson, of Bridgport, Vt., in 18[38?], resided in Westport, N.Y., until [?], when he moved to Burke, where he made it his permanent home up to the time of his death. Mr. Howard was one of our best and most esteemed citizens, foremost in every benevolent enterprise that had a tendency to advance the cause of his Divine Master. But alas a kind husband, a loving father, a true friend has gone from among us, but to live again when all the shrines of our earthly dreams are shattered and turned to dust, Then

Rest in peace, [?] [?]
From all earth's sorrow's free;
Beyond the [?] storms of life
All soon shall follow thee.

The Malone Palladium, 3 Jun 1875, page 2


COURSON-PRESTON - In Malone, at the Centenary Church Parsonage, May 30, 1875, by Albert L. Smalley, Mr. C. B. Courson and Miss Libbie Preston, all of Malone.


COOLEY - In Plattsburgh, Sunday, May 30th, of Bright's disease of the kidneys, Levi Cooley, aged 82 years.

SPOONER - In Bangor, Thursday, May 27, of lung fever, George Spooner, aged 17 years.

PEAK - In Chateaugay, April 20th, 1875, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of H. S. Farnsworth, M. D., and wife of Thomas Peak.

The departure of Mrs. Peak is one of those Providences that are inscrutable to human vision. She has left a large circle of friends in deep bereavement, chief among whom are her husband, two daughters just emerging from early childhood, both her parents and a sister. By all these she was most enderly beloved.

Her last sickness - Pleuro Pneumonia - continued but a week, though it occasioned her intense suffereing. Int life she was devoted to the welfare of those dear to her, and was always ready to answer the calls of her Church and her social relations and the cry of need. Retiring in her disposition and having apparently a native shrinking from divulging her heart experiences, her religious character was not known by those who were only slightly acquainted with her. But to those to whom she expressed her feelings she declared she had no fear of death - that her trust was in the Lord Jesus. We believe that through him she looked forward to a happy immortality. Her end was peace.

"She is in heaven and we are still on earth;
"tis days, long days, since we parted here,
We still are wanderers amid grief and fear,
And she a tenant of a brighter sphere.
Yet still she seemeth near;
But yesterday it seems
Since the last clasp was given.
But her day has come, not gone;
Her sun has risen, not set;
Her life is now beyond
The reach of death or change;
Not ended, but begun;
Such shall our life be soon,
And then - the meeting day,
How full of light and joy!"

The Malone Palladium, 10 Jun 1875, page 2


PARK - In Franklin, may 30, 1875, Sally, wife of Charles Park, aged 55 years.

FLEMING - In malone, Thursday, June 3d, 1875, Rev. Archibald Fleming, aged 75 years.

McMASTER - In Constable, May 22d, 1875, Isaac mcMaster, in the 56th year of his age.

Mr. McMaster was born in Montreal Nov. 1st, 1819. He was united with Mis Mary Bassford in holy matrimony January 20th, 1840. Six children were born to them, two of whom passed on before, and greet the happy parent on the evergreen shore. In the 15th year of his age he gave his heart to God under the labors of Rev. Mr. Miller. He united with the M. E. Church, in which he lived a faithful and consistent life, filling the offices of Class Leader, Steward and Sabbath School Superintendent with great acceptablity and profit to the Church. In the year 1851 he moved to the State of New York and settled in Constable, Franklin County, where he spent the remainder of his life with the exception of nearly three years, which he spent in the army in our late rebellion, going out with Company H in the 142d regiment. A good man, a kind and tender husband, a loving father and worthy citizen has gone to the Lord and is free from pain and stomrs. He sleeps in the cemetery in Constable, waiting the resurrection of the just, when he will meet, we trust, his loved ones where parting never comes.

Who would not wish to die like those
Whom God's own spirit deigns to bless
To sink into that soft repose
Then wake to perfect happiness

G. S. Hastings, Pastor.

The Malone Palladium, 17 Jun 1875, page 2


LYMAN - In Coldwater, Mich., May 27th, 1875, of pneumonia, complicated with diseases of the heart, Clarissa D., wife of Theo. Lyman, formerly Master Mechanic in the Railroad Machine Shops in this village, aged 70 years.

JOBERT - In malone, Friday, June 11th, of paralysis, Mr. John L. Jobert, aged 85 years.

The Malone Palladium, 24 Jun 1875, page 2


GOODROW-MACK - In St. Joseph's Church, Malone, on Tuesday, June 22d, by Rev. Father Sherry John B. Goodrow, Locomotive Engineer, Central Vermont Railroad, to Miss Marcella Mack, of Malone.


GREENE - In Providence, R. I., June 20th, 1875, Harriet Fitch Greene, youngest daughter of William Greene, of this place.

CHISHOLM - In this village, at the residence of his son, Alex. Chisholm, on Friday, the 11th inst., Alexander Chisholm in the 86th year of his age.

The Malone Palladium, 1 Jul 1875, page 2


HYDE-ADAMS - At the M. E. Church in Westville, June 16th, 1875, by Rev. J. S. Hastings, Mr. Willard E. Hyde to Miss Mima Adams, both of Westville.

The Malone Palladium, 8 Jul 1875, page 2


TRACY-ESTES - At North Burke, N.Y., Oct. 14, by the Rev. O. C. Barnes, W. C. Tracy, of Burke, and A. C. Estes, of Keene, N.H.

HOGLE-BUCKLESS - At Centenary Church parsonage, Malone, July 5th, by Rev. Albert L. Smalley, Mr. Frank Hogle, of Burke, and Miss Minnie Buckless of Chateaugay.


ROBERTS - In Duane, June 24th, Elihue M. Roberts, aged 66 years.

The Malone Palladium, 22 Jul 1875, page 2


KING-BELL - In Malone, Tuesday, July 20th, by Rev. C. S. Richardson, Mr. Smith D. King, of Minneapolis, Minn., to Miss Orpha Bell, of Malone.

TOWNSEND-BARRY - At St. Mark's Chuch, Malone, N.Y., Wednesday, July 21, by the Rev. J. B. Pitman, J. E. Townsend, of Toronto, P.O. and Miss Carrie J., daughter of Francis, Barry, of Malone.


SOUTHWORTH - In Bangor, Sunday, July 18th, Francis Southworth, aged [68?] years.

DOTY - In Bangor, at the residence of her son-in-law, Marvin Berry, on Sunday, July 18, Mrs. Martha Doty, relict of the late David Doty, aged [91?] years.

The Malone Palladium, 29 Jul 1875, page 2


KILBURN-BARRY - At the M. E. Church in this village, Wednesday, July 21, by the Rev. A. L. Smalley, Fred. D. Kilburn to Miss Clara M. Barry, both of Malone.

MACOMBER-WOOD - In Malone, July 27th, 1875, at the residence of Geo. W. Hubbard, by the Rev. G. E. Bascom, of Potsdam, Mr. Thomas Macomber, of Lancaster, N.H., to Miss Alice M. Wood, of this place.

GORBUT-MILNOR - In Malone, July 27th, 1875, at the residence of J. E. Fisk, by Rev. C. E. Bascom, of Potsdam. John Gorbut to Carrie A. Milnor, both of Malone.

CORNISH-McMULLEN - In canton, july 27, 1875, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. Mr. Erwin, Mr. Oliver Cornish, of Malone, to Miss Cynthia McMullen, of Canton.

The Malone Palladium, 5 Aug 1875, page 2


DICKEY - In Constable, Saturday, July 31, of Consumption, James G. Dickey, aged 76 years.

KNAPP - In this village, Thursday, July 29, after a brief but painful illness, Wells Knapp, aged 62 years.

GIBSON - In Brush's Mills, on Sunday, Aug. 1st, 1875, of dysentery, Berta Bell, daughter of Frona E. and W. P. Gibson, aged 2 years and 10 months.

The Malone Palladium, 12 Aug 1875, page 2


AMES - In this village, at the residence of her son, Oscar P. Ames, on Sunday evening, Aug. 8th, Mrs. Mary Ames, wife of Philemon Ames, in teh 67th year of her age.

HICKOK - In Malone, Thursday, Aug. 5, Dewey W. Hickok, aged [82?] years.

The Malone Palladium, 19 Aug 1875, page 2


JOHNSON - In this village, tuesday, August 10th, of typhoid fever, Nettie F. Johnson, only daughter of W. and Mary F. Johnson, aged 19 years 9 months and 13 days.

We miss thee in our lonely home
When the morning cares are o'er
and we listen in vain for thy welcome step
alas it will come no more
for thy form is shrouded in death
thy spirit to God has flown
and while thou art tuning thy harpstrings on high
Our hearts are shrouded in gloom

DANFORTH - In Duane, on Monday, August 9th, of dropsy, Josiah Danforth, aged 76 years.

HOIT - In Chateaugay, Aug. 14th, Jonathan Hoit, Esq., in the 70th year of his age.

GOFF - In Franklin, at the residence of her son-in-law, B. G. Costlow, August 14, 1875, Mrs. Betsey Goff, in the 66th year of her age.

The Malone Palladium, 26 Aug 1875, page 2


FIELD-CHAMBERS - In Malone, at the residence of Hon. Wm. A. Wheeler, August 19th, by the Rev. Albert L. Smalley, Mr. David F. Field and miss Margaret Chambers, both of Malone.

BRAND-HASTINGS - In Burke, August 17th, at the residence of the officiating clergyman, Rev. G. N. Harmon, Mr. Warren Brand to Miss Lillian Hastings, both of Constable.

SMITH-HOBBS - In this village, Tuesday, Aug. 24, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. J. B. Pitman, Carlisle E. Smith to Miss Alice E. Hobbs, both of Malone.

LAMAY-TANNER - At North Lawrence, St. Lawrence Co., Agust 22d, 1875, by the Rev. W. H. Bury, Joseph Lamay, of Fort Covington, to Susan Tanner, of North Lawrence.


CAMERON - In this village, Thursday, Aug. 19th, Edith Agnes, infant daughter of Duncan M. and M. I. Cameron, aged 11 months.

ROUNDS - In this town, at Whippleville, on the 21st. inst. Ella R., wife of Alford A. Rounds, and eldest daughter of Henry M. Tobey, Esq., aged 21 years.

The Malone Palladium, 2 Sep 1875, page 2


WHIPPLE-THOMPSON - At Delhi, Delaware Co., N.Y., August [26?]th, 1875, at the residence of J. P. Meigs, Esq., by the Rev. F. A. M. Brown, George J. Whipple [?] and Mary Allison Thompson.

ADAMS-JOINER - In Moira, Aug. 24th, b Rev. Burnap, Frank Adams, of Bangor, and Mry A. Joiner, of Moira.

HOWARD-MULHOLLAND - In Bangor, at the resicence of the bride's parents, August 30th, 1875, by the Rev. D. B. Bradford, Marshall E. Howard, of the firm of Howard, Williamson & Co., of Malone, to Miss Louise A. Mulholland, only daughter of Thos. F. Mulholland, Esq., of Bangor.

MILLER-KERR - In Potsdam, N.Y., August 25th, at the residence of J. W. Parker, by the Rev. C. E. Bascom, George [E?]. Miller, of Malone. to Mary I. Kerr, of Potsdam.

LANGDON-STEWART - In the town of Eagle, August 19th, 1875, by the Rev. A. Pinkerton, at his residence, Mr. George W. Langdon to Miss Emma L. Stewart, both of Orion, Richland Co., Wis.


Gibson - In Brush's Mills, Aug. 17, of dysentery, Curtis W., only child of W. P. and Frona E. Gibson, aged 10 months.

CAMERON - At Huntingdon, P. Q., August 2[3?]d, Hugh Frederick, son of Duncan Cameron, of this village, aged 5 months.

The Malone Palladium, 9 Sep 1875, page 2


BEAMAN - In Gates, Monroe Co., N.Y., August 27th, 1875, George Frederick Beaman, infant son of Cassius C. and Julia M. Beaman.

KIMBALL - In Brush's Mills, Sept. 1st, the wife of E. B. Kimball, one of the first settlers of Brush's Mills, in the 66th year of her age.

WHIPPLE - At Morley, St. Lawrence Co., N.Y., Aug. 27th, Matthew Whipple, in the 64th year of his age.

Mr. Whipple was a son of Mr. Nahum Whipple, and was born in Malone, where he lived for more than half his life. About 27 years since he thought best to remove and went to Morely, where he resided at the day of this death. By the death of Mr. W. the community has lost a good citizen, and teh Church a devoted Christian member. Few are those whose lives have been so marked by noble qualities as was his. In things the most trfling, as well as those of great importance, he set forth to the world an example in every way worthy of imitation. Mr. W. was a man of sterling integrity and genial disposition; as a neighbor, kind and obliging -in prosperity or adversity the same. A kind brother, an affectionate father and loving husband in his home circle, the wounded hearts will not soon cease to mourn; yet, as they look back upon his past life, how can they but feel that "their loss must be his great gain?" Truly, another good man has passed away, willing and ready to meet his Maker, and we fully believe is now singing songs of praise in God's paradise above. All that we could say of his noble traits of character while among us, can fully be repeated of him at the place of his death.

Malone, N.Y., Sept. 7th, 1875.

The Malone Palladium, 16 Sep 1875, page 2


WHITTON-PEASE - In Moira, on the 15th of August last, by Rev. R. E. King, at his residence, Mr. Eli S. Whitton, of Essex, N.Y., to Miss Nancy M. Pease, of Lawrenceville, N.Y.

ALDRICH-CLARK - In Dicknson, on the 8th inst., at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. R. E. King, Mr. George W. Aldrich to Miss Gertrude Clark, all of Dickinson.


BROMLEY - In Burke, on Thursday, the 9th inst., Mrs. Delia M., wife of E. W. Bromley, and daughter of Reuben and Laura Pike, of Burke, aged 24 years and 7 months.

CORNISH - In Malone, on the 5th inst., Agnes A., daughter of Edward M. and Eliza L. Cornish, aged 6 months.

The Malone Palladium, 23 Sep 1875, page 2


COOLEY-KEMPTER - In Plattsburgh, at Trinity Church, by the Rev. Dr. J. H. Hopkins, on Tuesday, Sept. 14th, William L. Cooley, of Malone, to Miss Emlie C. Kempter, of Plattsburgh.


HOLMES - In Malone, Sept. 14th, 1875, of cholera infantum, Frederick Demorest, infant son of William and Sarah C. Holmes, aged 1 year and 18 days.

The Malone Palladium, 30 Sep 1875, page 2


WYMAN-BRISTOL - In Fort Covington, on the 26th inst., by Rev. C. N. Thomas, Mr. Sheridan L. Wyman and Miss Ella M. Bristol, both of Constable.


BARNUM - In North Bangor, Sept. 13th, after an illness of two weeks, Nettie L., daughter of Carlos W. and Lucy L. Barnum, aged 18 years.

In Memoriam

O golden sun in Autumn's sky
How can you thus be shining?
How can you gaze with eye so dry
On or anguish and repining?

Do you not know what she is dead
Our household pet, our treasure
The fairest flower that ever shed
sweet perfume without measure?

Our Nettie dear, our singing bird
Our hearts' sweet rose of roses
O golden sun, have you not heard
That she in death reposes?

Yes, she is dead! the dear eye closed
In sleep that knows no waking;
The heart wherein all good reposed
is stilled - and ours are breaking

Her bright young head is lying low
Beneath the whistling grasses
and many a footstep passing slow
That sacred spot now passes

And many a tear for her is shed,
and many bitter token
Reminds us of the loved one dead,
The dear home circle broken!

Her little hands grew never tired
of any round of duty;
her merry voice-how we admired
its music and its beauty.

Ah, never more that voice we'll hear,
with ours, in happy singing;
'Twill never more our household cheer
With laughter sweetly ringing.

We never dreamed that she would die,
She was so young and strong;
We might have guessed that from the sky
she would not tarry long.

The Father saw that she was fair,
this beautiful bud of ours
So willed that she should blossom where
There's naught but perfect flowers.

thank God that this sweet truth we know
It lessens much our pain
Despite our tears - despite our woe
Our loss is all her gain!

Then shine away, O golden sun!
Forget our recent chiding.
Some happy day we'll see the one
The dark grave now is hiding.

The Malone Palladium, 7 Oct 1875, page 2


DUDLEY-MARTIN - In Malone, September 29th, by Rev. Albert L. Smalley, Mr. A. W. Dudley and Miss M. L. Martin, both of Saranac Lake.

EDWARDS-BLANCHARD - In Malone, September 29th, by Rev. Albert L. Smalley, Mr. George Edwards and Miss Lucy Blanchard, both of Saranac.

MCNEELY-SIGNOR - At Centenary Parsonage, September 29th, by the Rev. Albert L. Smalley, Mr. Samuel McNeely and Miss Sarah E. Signor, both of Chateaugay Lake.

ROOT-KEELER - In Malone, tuesday, Oct. 5, by Rev. C. S. Richardson, at the residence of the bride's father, Andrew Keeler, Esq., Mr. Clayton F. Root, of Sharon, Ohio, to Miss Hattie Keeler, of Malone.


HASKELL - In this village, at the residence of her mother, Mrs. S. H. Whipple, on Wednesday, Sept., 29th, Miss Ella Vernette Haskell, aged 24 years and 10 months.

The Malone Palladium, 14 Oct 1875, page 2


LOWE-MILLER - In Malone, at the residence of Herbert wood, Esq., on Thursday, Oct. 7th, by Rev. A. M. Millar, Mr. Leslie W. Lowe to Miss Hattie C. Miller, both of Malone.

GRIFFIN-BATES - In North Lawrence, at the residence of P. Melotte, on Tuesday, Oct. 5, by Rev. r. E. King, assisted by Rev. W. H. Bury, Mr. John S. Griffin, of Brush's Mills, to Mrs. Amelia Bates of North Lawrence.

SEARLE-SALLS - In Burke, at the Presbyterian Church, Oct. 10th, by Rev. a. M. Miller, Mr. Edson J. Searle to Miss Cora Jean Salls, both of Burke.

The Malone Palladium, 21 Oct 1875, page 2


REMINGTON-STEVENS - In malone, at the residence of the bride's father, Geo. H. Stevens, Esq., October 13th, 1875, by Rev. Albert L. Smalley, Mr. Lamartine Z. Remington, of Albany, and Miss Florence C. Stevens, of Malone.

The young couple have our best wishes for their happiness and welfare, and we trust they will find the coming years the happiest of their lives.

THOMAS-MORE - In the Congregational Church, Salisbury, Vt., Oct. 6th, by Rev. F. H. Seeley, assisted by Rev. W. H. Utley, Mrs. E. H. Thomas and Miss Cora E. More, both of Salisbury.


HOUGH - In Bloomingdale, Essex Co., N.Y., October 10th, 1875, of paralysis, Daniel S. Hough, in the 57th year of his age.

PERKINS - In this village, after a very brief illness, Mr. Hiram Perkins, aged 68 years and 6 months.

Mr. Perkins removed to this place from St. Albans, Vt., a few years ago, and was universally respected as a neighbor, a citizen, and a kind-hearted, honest Christian man.

WEAD - In this village, on Monday, Oct. 18th, Ezbon Wead, in the 84th year of his age.

Mr. Wead was born in Hinesburgh, Vt., where he resided up to 1815, when he came to this town, and in connection with the late Hon. Benjamin Clark, purchased the store on the corner where Judge Clark resided so long. He remained here but a few months, returning to Vermont, where he was for many years engaged in mercantile business. He returned to this county some forty years since, and has resided mostly in the town of Bangor for the last few years.

The Malone Palladium, 28 Oct 1875, page 2


THOMAS-MORE - In the Congregational Church, Salisbury, Vt., Oct. 6th, by Rev. F. H. Seeley, assisted by Rev. W. H. Utley, Mr. E. H. Thomas and Miss Cora E. More, both of Salisbury.

GOLDSMITH-HILL - In Holyoke, Mass., Oct. 13, by R. N. Richardson, Mr. Charles B. Goldsmith, of Springfield, Mass., to Miss Carrie E. Hill, of Burke.


MILLER - In this village, at the residence of her son, Walter Miller, on Sunday, Sept. 26th, after a brief illness, Mrs. Lorane Miller, in the 84th year of her age.

Vermont papers please copy.

The Malone Palladium, 4 Nov 1875, page 2


BEEDY-HENRY - At Malone, Oct. 23, by rev. A. M. Millar, Charles M. Beedy to Miss Lydia Henry, both of Bellmont.

PHILLIPS-BELLOWS - At Malone, Oct. 30, by Rev. A. M. Millar, George W. Phillips to Emily S. Bellows, both of Bellmont.


PANGBORN - In New York, October 31, Harriet Wood, wife of Hon. Z. K. Pangborn, of Jersey City, and daughter of the late Arunah H. Wood, of Malone, aged 45 years and 5 months.

The Malone Palladium, 11 Nov 1875, page 2


MILLER-WILLIAMSON - In Bellmont, at the Presbyterian church, Nov. 4th, by Rev. A. M. Millar, Mr. John S. Miller, of Malone, to Miss Amelia S. Williamson, of Bellmont.

The Malone Palladium, 18 Nov 1875, page 2


WENTWORTH-WYMAN - At Malone, Nov. 10th, by Rev. A. M. Millar, Mr. woodbury Wentworth to Miss Julia L. Wyman, both of Constable.

TAYLOR-DURANT - At Yonkers, N.Y., Nov. 12, at the residence of Allen Taylor, Esq., by Rev. T. Ralston Smith, D. D., H. H. Taylor, of Yonkers, N.Y., to Margaret A. Durant, daughter of Preston Durant, Esq. of Bethel, Conn.


MAGOON - In Malone, Nov. 13th, 1875, of croup, Willie Almon Magoon, son of William and Elsey A. Magoon, aged 7 years and 6 and 1/2 months.

Dear Willie! thou hast left us in season
To escape the chilling blasts of nature and time,
to mourn thy early flight we've no reason,
Believing our loss thy gain in a fairer clime.

The Malone Palladium, 25 Nov 1875, page 2


CARPENTER-LANSING - At Wood's Falls, N.Y., Nov 15th, by Rev. J. J. Nos, Mr. Henry Carpenter, of East Constable, n.Y., to Miss Libbie F. Lansing, of Rouses Point, N.Y.

HILDRETH-FORD - In Moira, Nov. 15th, by the Rev. H. N. Pierce, Mr. Walter Hildreth, of Malone, and Mrs. Sarah Ford, of the former place.

FOOTE-BAKER - Charlotte, Vt., the 22d inst., by Rev. C. C. Turrey, Henry M. Foote, of Cornwall, Vt., and Miss Ettie L. Baker, of the former place.


COBURN - In Malone, Nov. 18th, inst., Sophronia Coburn, wife of Lorenzo Coburn, and daughter of the late Rev. A. Parmelee, D. D., aged 63 years.

The Malone Palladium, 2 Dec 1875, page 2


CLARY-BRAYTON - At North Bangor, Nov. 25th, 1875, by the Rev. H. W. Hyde, at his residence, Mr. Moses Clary, of North Bangor, to Miss Elizabeth Brayton, of Bombay, N.Y.

VINING-MARVIN - In Bangor, Nov. 30th, at the residence of A. B. Marvin, Esq., the bride's father, by Rev. Rufus E. King, Mr. A. L. Vining, of Manchester, N.H., and Miss Amelia E. Marvin, of Bangor. No Cards.


STOCKWELL - In Westville, Nov. 22d, 1875, after an illness of nearly seven years with hip disease, Isaac N., son of W. W. and A. M. Stockwell, aged 15 years.

JONES - In Burke, Nov. 25, 1875, of scarlet fever. James, son of Nelson and Wealthy Jones, aged 7 years.

The Malone Palladium, 9 Dec 1875, page 2


BOARDMAN-DENNIS - In Constable, Nov. 28th, by Rev. A. M. Millar, Mr. Alonzo Boardman, of Salisbury, Vt., to Mrs. Caroline E. Dennis, of Constable.


WHITE - In Bellmont, Nov. 28, 1875, after suffering with leprosy eleven months and twenty-five days, H. C. White, son of E. E. S. White, aged 28 years and 25 days.

Blessed are they that die in the Lord.

WILSON - In rockton, Ill., on Tuesday, Nov. 23d, of cancer, Mrs. Ella E. Wilson, wife of W. R. Wilson and daughter of Albert Rounds of this village, aged [31?] years.

For some weeks previous to her death she was a great sufferer, being afflicted with a malignant tumor, which originated in the parotid gland and extended to other glands in the immediate vicinity, as well as invlving the cheek bone and the upper and lower jaw - the latter being badly diseased - the whole bearing or pressing so much on the throat as to prevent food being taken into the stomach for four or five weeks - nothing but liquids being taken to sustain life during that time. It also prevented respiration to a great extent.

CAVE - In Freeport, Cal., Nov. 3, 1875, Effie, wife of [Yuba?] Cave and daughter of Charles and Amanda Buell, aged 20 years.

OSGOOD - In East Constable, Nov. 28d, 1875, of scarlet fever, Charles N., son of Chester and Emma Osgood, aged seven years and nine months.

The Malone Palladium, 16 Dec 1875, page 2


HOLCOMB - In Chateaugay, Dec. 7th, of scarlet fever, Morey E. Holcomb, aged 3 years 9 months and 7 days. Also December 11th, Mertie F., aged 2 weeks and 5 days, children of James and Angie Holcomb.

We miss thee, darling children
O how much our God alone can tell;
He took thee from our loving arms
He doeth all things well.

The Malone Palladium, 23 Dec 1875, page 2

SPERRY-GILLETT - At St. Mark's Church in this village, on Wednesday, Dec. 22d, 1875, by Rev. J. B. Pitman, Mr. G. F. Sperry to Miss Ella V. Gillett, all of Malone.

CLARK-RIDER - In Malone, at the residence of the bride's father, Capt. C. J. Rider, on Thanksgiving day, by Rev. Mr. Bradford, Ezra W. Clark, Esq., of Monticello, Iowa, and Miss Nettie C. Rider.

The Malone Palladium, 30 Dec 1875, page 2

WILLETT-LEONARD - In Malone, December 23, Rev. Albert L. Smalley, Mr. Samuel E. Willett, of [Par?]sons, Kan., to Miss Addie M. Leonard, of Malone.

CAMPBELL-MOORE - In Brandon, on Thursday, Dec 23, 175, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. Charles E. Dorr, Frank Campbell to [Lor?]etta M., daughter of J. H. Moore, Esq.

BOYTON-BUTTRICK - At Osage, iowa, on Monday, November 15th, 1875, at the residence of the bride's father, by G. S. Smith, Charles H. Boynton and Miss Clara Buttrick.

TAYLOR-ROBB - In malone, Dec. 8th, 1875, by Rev. C. S. Richardson, Mr. B. K. Taylor, of Albany, to Miss Lenora Robb, daughter of William Robb, of this village.


COLLINS - In Chateaugay, Dec. 27, Gideon Collins, aged [37] years.

DICKEY - In this village, on Thursday morning, [?]d inst., Minnie A. Dickey, daughter of George F. and Mattie C. Dickey, aged 14 years 1 month and 28 days.

MEIGS - In Chicago, Saturday, Dec. 25th, 1875, of pneumonia, John G. Meigs, eldest son of the late [?] L. Meigs, aged 26 years.

His remains were brought here Tuesday afternoon and laid beside those of his father in our village cemetery.