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Obituary November 1979

Adolphus Stacy Dies At age 91

Adolphus J. Stacy, 91 of 156 LeRay St., Black river died at 6:35 p.m. Friday in the House of the God Samaritan, where he had been admitted Thursday. He had been ill since July. The memorial will be 2 p.m. Monday at the Simpson-Lundy Funeral Home with Rev. William Curtis, pastor of Black river United Methodist Church officiating. Burial will be in Evans Mills Cemetery. calling hours will be 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. sunday at the funeral home. He is survived by his wife Mrs. Hazel Hotis Stacy: two step-sons. Fred Washburn, Oswego and Francis Washburn. Marcy: a step-daughter. Mrs Daniel (Ruth) Quay. Black River. Seven step-grandchildren, and two step-great-grandchildren. Born December 25, 1887, in Brushton, one of 14 children of William and Helen Batraw Stacy, he married Cora E. Lambert about 1921. She died in September 1938. He married former Hazel Hotis in Florida, February 19, 1950. He was employed 30 years at the St. Regis Paper Co. steam plant, Deferiet, retirng in at age 68. He was a member of the St. Regis Oiler and Boiler Union.

Obituary 1965 Watertown Times

Woman 73, Dies in City

Miss Margaret M. Stacy, 73, formerly of Brushton, died suddenly about 6 this morning at Leehaven nursing home, 425 Washington Street, where she had been a patient since February 19, 1959. afflicted with diabetes, she had been ill for years and was blind. Survivors include three brothers, Bert Stacy, Brushton and Lake Clear, Henry F. Stacy, 632 Burlington Street, and Aldofus J. Stacy, black River. She was born in Moira June 22, 1892, a daughter of William and Helena Bertrand Tessier. Members of the family later changed the name to Stacy. In early life she lived on a farm near Brushton. As a young woman she was married to a Mr. Hatch, but the marriage later ended in divorce and she resumed her maiden name. She lived for years at Hudson Falls where she engaged in the real estate business. She returned to Brushton to live about ten years ago. Her only child, John Hatch died years ago at Hudson Falls.

Will of Lewis Stacy

Surrogate Court
County of Franklin

In the matter of ________
the Last Will Testament

Lewis Stacy deceased

The informentioned thus herefore to will on the Twenty Third day of December in the year of our Lord, One Thousand, Eight hundred and Seventy Two. Margaret Stacy the sole executing named in the Last will and Testament of Lewis Stacy, late of the town of Bangor, in the County of Franklin, in the State of New York, deceased. appeased in leui court before the surrogate county of Franklin and made application to his? the said Last Will and Testament which relates to both _____ and pens_____ estate-_______. And as such application th Surrogate did ascetave by satisfactory evidence who were the widow heir and next of kin of the same Testator and their respective resididence, and one of their app_____ to be a minor and having no general gaurdian residing in the state of New York. A special Gaurdian was appointed in due form of the law to take care of thier intents in the matter of _______ the said Will by and order intend for that kindred by said Surrogate Leui same surrogate due thereof- in issue a citation in due form of law directed to the said widow heir and next of kin and special Gaurdian by their respective names, stating their respective places of residence thus to appear before ______ surrogate at his office in the Village of Malone on the thirteenth day of January H.D. 1873 thus __tant to attend. The probate of the same will and afterwarde to wil:- On the said thirteenth day of January H.D. 1873. Satisfactory evidence of the affidavit was produced and persecuted to same surrogate of the service of the same citation in the made prescribed by leui and on that day no one appearing to oppose of such will, such proceedings ______ ________ ______. Affirmative that the Surrogate _____ the ______ if said Will hereafter-set forth inleui the fourteenth day of January H.D. 1873 and he adfivdged the said will to be a valid will of seal and ______estate- and the Powp thing to be effective which same last Will and Testament and ______ an as followed that is to say.


In the ___________________

I Lewis Stacy of the town of Bangor, In the County of Franklin and State of New York of the age of Sixtey Years, being of sound mind and memory, and ______, the uncertainty of this Fraie and traveitory life, do therefore make ordian publish and declare this to be my Last Will and Testament that is to say.

After all my lawful debts are paid and deed _____ give and be giveth all device all my real and per_____ estate of what nature _______ _______ _______. My wife Margaret Stacy, to be _______ be joyed by her during her the time of her natural life. And from and iimmediatly after her decease I give and device the saved/same and every ______ and _______ thing ot my som William Stacy, his heirs and______ forever.

Likewise I make ________ and appoint my wife Margaret Stacy to be Executing of this, My Last Will and Testament, hereby ________ all formentioned will to be made. In witness whereof, I have heremite subscribed my name affixed my seal the 13th day of October in the year of the Lord, One Thousand - eight hundrend and Seventy One.

Albert Keobb
Rema H. Taylor
Lewis X Stacy

The above written Instrument was subscribed by the same Lewis Stacy in our presence and acknowledged by him to each of us: and he at the same time declared the above instrument so suscribed to be his Last will and Testament, and we at his request, have signed our names as witnesses, henth in his presence and in Presence of of eachother, and written opposite our names, our respective palces of residence.

Albert Keobbs, Residency in Malone, Ny
Rema H taylor, Residency in Malone, Ny