Town of Franklin Births 1847-1849

Submitted by John Austin

Amidon, Albert WesleyDec. 6, 1847  Alidon and Dorothy Amidonthis boy may have been named for a brother who had died earlier in the year
Amidon, Edward FranklinOct. 30, 1848Noredon and Betsey Amidon 
Babcock, Osghan P.June 24, 1847William and Marieeta Babcock 
Bigelow, Elisha Terry(?)Nov. __, 1848Renssalaer and Abigail Bigelow 
Dunsmore, Mary LucindaMay 11, 1847William and Sarah Jane Dunsmore 
Grandy, EdaJul. 12, 1847Alonzo and Sophia Grandy 
Landon, Edwin RuthvinOct. 2, 1847Ira and Sophrona Landon 
McLeod, Walter ScottNov. 28, 1847James Madison and Mary Jane McLeod 
Merritt, Martha J.June 17, 1847John R. and Ursula Merritt 
Stearns, EugeneDec. 3, 1847John and Lucy Stearns 
Sweeney, MaryMay 1, 1848Dennis and Catherine Sweeney 
Tierney, MichaelSep. 10, 1848Martin and Catherine Tierney 
Whitcomb, Robert EdwardMar. 4, 1848Robert and Martha Whitcomb 
Williams, Frances M.Sep. 14, 1847Henry and Polly Williams 
Williams, Levi Aurelius(?)Oct. 30, 1848George and Lovina Williams