Town of Fort Covington Births 1847-1849

Submitted by John Austin

Allen, Jane Ann Mar. 23, 1848 Abram Allen Polly  
Barney, Acan Mar. 10, 1847 Acan Barney Emily  
Barney, Joseph May 19, 1847 Moses Barney Mary  
Bean(?), Angeline Jul. 3, 1847 William Bean(?) Margaret "Bene" in original
Besaw, Octava Mar. 17, 1848 Peter Besaw Mary Fobare "Olivia" in church records
Blood, Norman E. Jan. 6, 1847 Sleeman E. Blood Phebe C. Herriman name taken from 1850 and 1860 census
Bushey, William Oct. 7, 1847 Joseph Bushey Angelina Corbain  
Clark, Milton Francis June 8, 1848 Robert Clark Martha  
Cotter, John Apr. 11, 1848 John Cotter Prue Nagle  
Coughlin, Marceline Dec. 16, 1848 Dennis Coughlin Mary O'Brien  
Creighton, (female) Feb., 1847 John Creighton Mary "Creedon" in original. Appears to have died by 1850
Danforth, Amanda(?) Dec. 30, 1848 Luther Danforth Jane Murphy name taken from the 1850 census
Desaw, Delphis Aug. 15, 1848 Charles Desaw (not listed) twin brother of Lena(?)
Desaw, Lena(?) Aug. 15, 1848 Charles Desaw (not listed) twin brother of Delphis
Drum, William Henry Aug. 9, 1847 William Drum Adelia  
Egan, Bridget Feb. 18, 1848 John Egan Bridget Coffee  
Ellsworth, Alice Cornelia Feb. 10, 1848 Curtis Ellsworth Mary  
Ellsworth, Blanchard Sep. 13, 1847 Orange Ellsworth Margaret  
Endicott, (?) Dec. 25, 1848 Joseph Endicott Lorinda no name or sex in the original
Flanders, Charles Nov. 4, 1847 Samuel K. Flanders Zeporah  
Galbraith, Samuel Jan. 25, 1848 Robert Galbraith Mary "Gilbreth" in original
Gleason, William Roswell Oct. 19, 1847 Simon Gleason Nancy  
Grange, Mary Malzenmeth(?) Oct. 1, 1848 Richard Grange Bridget  
Gray, George Sep. 26, 1848 Walter Gray Ann name taken from 1850 census
Herrick, Benjamin Lyon Jan. 12, 1848 Hannibal A. Herrick Charlotte Elizabeth  
Hickey, Michael June 30, 1847 Patrick Hickey Margaret Dooling baptismal record says Jul.3, 1847
Hitchcock, Moses L. Dec. 11, 1848 Lorenzo E. Hitchcock Sophia Danforth name taken from 1850 and 1860 census
Hollenbeck, Sheridan Jul. 15, 1847 Alexander Hollenbeck Margaret  
Johnson, Charles Edwin Sep. 26, 1847 Rev. Charles Johnson Submit  
Jones, Edward Jan. 20, 1848 Francis Jones Mary  
Keefe, Catherine Sep. 16, 1848 John G. Keefe Margaret Murphy(?) mother may be Mary according to church records
Keefe, Daniel May 6, 1848 John Keefe Betsey Mahoney  
Keefe, Michael Oct. 17, 1848 Michael Keefe Mary Kearney date taken from baptismal record
Kelly, Albert Dec. 8, 1847 Joseph Kelly Perthena  
LaBaff, Mary June 5, 1848 Peter LaBaff Mary Portis(?) mother may be Portier
LaBelle, Elmira June 11, 1848 Joseph LaBelle Susan Fisk  
LaClair, Angus Aug. 25, 1848 Joseph LaClair Julia Challin(?)  
Lafayette, William Jul. 11, 1847 Michael Lafayette Betsey may have died before 1850
LaFlesh, Aurelia Jul. 12, 1847 Vincent LaFlesh Mary Ann Dupuis baptism says Aug. 15. She died Aug. 15,1848
LaFlesh, Felix Sep. 1, 1848 Joseph LaFlesh Margaret LaBaff(?)  
Lincoln, Estella Adelaide Aug. 13, 1847 Otto M. Lincoln Sophia E.  
Longley, Almer Nathaniel Mar. 23, 1847 James F. Longley Fidelia  
Mahoney, Michael Sep. 25, 1847 Thomas Mahoney Margaret Sullivan  
McCabe, (male) Sep. 7, 1847 John McCabe Mary  
McCarthy, (female?) Dec. 12, 1848 James McCarthy Harriet may be Alexander, 2 yrs old in 1850 but who died before 1860. Listed as McCarter in 1850 census of Ft. Covington
McLean, Adelia Apr. 30, 1847 Allen McLean Eliza  
McMillan, (female?) 1847 David S. McMillan Harriet wife may be Margaret; child may be David
McPhee, Daniel Apr. 15, 1848 Daniel McPhee Frances died of dysentery Aug. 25, 1848
McQueen, George June 4, 1847 Patrick McQueen Betsey mother may have been Anne
Mears, Henrietta Maria Nov. 1, 1848 Thomas S. Mears Jane  
Mears, Walter I.(?) Sep. 24, 1848 Hamlet Mears Louisa M. name taken from 1860 census
Merrick, Manard(?) Dec. 27, 1847 Irvin A. Merrick Lorinda listed as Manard in 1850 census,but as Marvin in 1860
Michaud(?), William Mitchell Oct. 26, 1847 William(?) Michaud(?) Mary Ann Brown "Mishaw" in original. See marriage record
Micue, (female) Dec. 9, 1847 Aiken Micue Mary McDonald she apparently died before 1850
Micue, Aiken Nov. 25, 1848 Aiken Micue Mary McDonald  
Micue, George Sep. 20, 1848 Stiles Micue Eliza Brown(?) mother was Felicite Jeandro according to church records, but Eliza Brown is listed as the mother of a later child
Mills, Sarah Elizabeth Aug. 13, 1848 William D. Mills Marsha  
Murcheson, (male) Jul. 15, 1847 Collin Murcheson Catherine  
Myers, John Aug. 17, 1847 Nicholas Myers Jane LaFleur baptismal record says Sep. 6, 1847
Parker, Walter Sherwood Feb. 2, 1847 John S. Parker Cherill Symonds  
Parkhurst, Daniel Jobes May 1, 1847 Albon Parkhurst Charril D.  
Pecor, Benjamin Aug. 10, 1847 Antoine Pecor Margaret Stape(?)  
Portallance(?), Maria Jan. 30, 1848 Andrew Portallance(?) Sophia Doucan(?) baptismal record says Jan. 28, 1848. Last name appears as Portallos in the 1850 census of Ft. Covington. Mother may be Ducatt
Reynolds, Sarah Elizabeth Oct. 27, 1847 Alexander Reynolds Eunice  
Rich, Byron Carlos Sep. 12, 1848 David Rich Laura Town moved to Bangor by 1860
Richey, William(?) Dec. 27, 1848 Thomas Richey Betsey name taken from 1860 census. Later moved to Moira
Roselle, Rosa Oct. 16, 1848 Frances Roselle Mary mother may be Bridget
Russell, Henry Austin Feb. 20, 1848 Austin Russell Jane  
Russell, Ira Oct. 29, 1848 Abraham Russell Luthera  
Russell, James Feb. 4, 1848 William Russell Harriet  
Russell, Mary Maria Mar. 17, 1847 Humphrey Russell Susan Fisk  
Smith, Eliza Jane Mar. 1, 1847 William Smith Eliza  
Smith, Margaret Jul. 28, 1847 David Smith Margaret  
Sousia(?), Emily Nov. 18, 1848 Augustus Sousia(?) Margaret "Sosha" in original
Spooner, Sarah Alice Oct. 2, 1848 Michael Spooner Sarah  
Stanley, Mary May 25, 1848 James Stanley Mary M. A.  
Streeter, Sarah Mar. 6, 1848 William L. Streeter Elizabeth  
Sutty(?), (female) Mar., 1847 William Sutty(?) Jane may be "Sulty"
Tupa, Timothy Sep. 23, 1847 Peter Tupa Sr. Angeline Boyer may have died before 1850
Whitney, Charlotte Eliza Jul. 2, 1847 Daniel B. Whitney Lucretia Fletcher died of dysentery Aug. 28, 1848
Wilberham, Joseph Aug. 28, 1847 Joseph Wilberham Jane Maloney(?) died of dropsey of the brain Jul 2, 1848
Winslow, (male) Dec. 27, 1847 James H. Winslow Lorraine(?) appears to have died before 1860
Winslow, William Luther Mar. 20, 1847 Charles Winslow Elvira  
Wolff, John Evander Dec. 15, 1848 Parrit Wolff Jane B.  
Wright, Dianea Feb. 9, 1847 Robert C. Wright Effa