Vital Records Database

Donated by John Austin

This is a database of all the vital record information that John Austin has provided to this site, as well as many other vital records from sources that will not be posted (newspaper records, etc.).

It does not include other vital records that have been, or will be, posted by other donors/contributors.

This database contains over 4500 names!

Please note that these records represent a huge amount of time on the part of the donor, John Austin, of researching and compiling! He did this for his own private research many years ago and has provided this for posting online in order to help other individual researchers. If you find this resource useful, please give him credit in your work by using a citation! This work may not be copied, in part, or in full, for commercial use, without the permission of the author/donor.

Sources used in this database, some of which can be found individually on this site:

     Abbreviations used:

    b1 = baptisms 1843-1852 St. Patrick's Church Hogansburg
    b2 = baptisms pre-1843 St. Patrick's Church Hogansburg
    b3 = baptisms St. John Chrysostome, St. Chrysostome, PQ
    b4 = baptisms St. Patrick's Church, Hinchinbrook, PQ
    b5 = baptisms St. Malchi's Church , Ormstown PQ
    d2 = deaths pre-1843 St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
    d4 = deaths St. Patrick's Church, Hinchinbrook, PQ
    Doug. = marriages of Theron L. Douglas, JP in Chateaugay
    f = Ft. Cov. VR 1847-1849 births, marriages, deaths
    Hurd = Duane Hamilton Hurd's 1880 "History of Clinton and Franklin Counties New York with Illustrations".
    m1 = marriages 1843-1855 St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
    m2 = pre-1843 marriages St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
    m3 = marriages St. John Chrysostome, St. Chrysostome, PQ
    m4 = marriages St. Patrick's Church, Hinchinbrook, PQ misc. = miscellaneous records (source listed in table)
    News. A = St. Lawrence American Ogdensburg
    News. B = Boys Daily Jounal in Ogdensburg
    News. C = Plattsburgh Republican newspaper
    News Cornwall = a Newspaper from Cornwall, Ontario (not sure exactly which one)
    News. D = Daily Journal (Ogdensburg)
    News. F = Potsdam Courier and Freeman
    News. G = St. Lawrence Gazette newspaper, Ogdensburg
    News. H = St. Lawrence Herald newspaper
    News. L = The Northern Light newspaper, Ogdensburg
    News. M = St. Lawrence Mercury newspaper
    News. P = the Malone Palladium newspaper
    News. R = the St. Law. Republican Newspaper, Ogdensburg
    News. S = Ogdensburg Sentinel newspaper
    News. T = the Franklin Telegraph newspaper
    News. W = New York Reformer in Watertown
    Parm. = marriages of Rev. Ashbel Parmelee of Malone

     Other sources listed:

    Civil War record (coming soon)
    Dickinson VR births, marriages, deaths
    Franklin VR births, marriages, deaths (coming soon)
    Ft. Cov. VR births, marriages, deaths (also simply listed as "f", in some cases)
    Malone VR births, marriages, deaths
    1875 census marriages, deaths
    1812 (coming soon)
    Brasher VR marriages (1849) (not on this site: St. Lawrence Co.)
    Hopkin VR marriages (not on this site: St. Lawrence Co.)
    Lawrence VR marriages (not on this site: St. Lawrence Co.)
    Lisbon VR 1847 (not on this site: St. Lawrence Co.)
    Massena VR 1848 (not on this site: St. Lawrence Co.)
    Pierrepont VR 1849 (not on this site: St. Lawrence Co.)

Please note that some of the newspapers may now be available online, through the NYS Historic Newspapers and/or the Fulton History website

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