Deaths and Marriages from the 1875 NYS Census

Donated by John Austin

These are the vital records found in the 1875 New York State census of Franklin Co. Altogether, 180 marriages were recorded and 312 deaths. No births were recorded in this census.

The 1875 census microfilm is very difficult to read and this booklet consists of a compilation of the work of two different people. Ruth Obenauer abstracted some of the information, apparently in the 1970's. She left out some of the details and mis-spelled or mis-read quite a few of the names. However, she did have access to all the information from the Towns in existence at the time. Judy Mott Strong also abstracted some of the information, but was working with a very poor copy of the film and as a result, some of the names were mis-spelled and some of the Towns were missed completely.

I took both of their abstracts and combined them. Then I compared microfilm copies of some of the Towns to the abstacts in order to try to get a better version of some of the more difficult to read names. I also compared the questionable names to the 1860 census of Franklin Co., some Civil War records, and to the index to Beer's 1876 Atlas of Franklin Co.

As a result, most of the compiled information is accurately transcribed. However, many of the names are questionable and are open to interpretation. It must also be remembered that the original records were not necessarily 100% accurate. Bellmont's records were especially hard to read, and so there are likely to be more mistakes there than in most of the other Towns. Any researcher who is in doubt is invited to view the microfilm personally and see if a correction can be made. Although there are mistakes, this booklet does provide a quick overview of the marriages and deaths recorded between June 1, 1874 and May 31, 1875

The marriages were not left arranged by Towns as they are in the original. Many marriages took place in a different Town, county or state than that in which the two people lived. Therefore, they were simply listed alphabetically and it is up to the researcher to view the original to determine which Town the record was originally listed under.

However, deaths generally occur in the Town of residence so the information is arranged alphabetically on one list, and by Town on another so that the probable residence of the person is immediately apparent

John M. Austin
April, 2000

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